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Bad Look Barry: Wisconsin AD Shows Little Love For Spring Sports

Barry Alvarez runs Wisconsin athletes. That is a literal and figurative statement. He is the Athletic Director of the university so he oversees everything. Alvarez also is the voice of Wisconsin athletics, and local media does not criticize him often. It is more of a

Cry Me a River, Canada! Let U.S. Soccer Celebrate.

There is a term ‘They hate us because they ain’t us.’ Barstool Sports has a shirt for New England Patriots fans has that as its direct saying. Truth be told, I’m jealous of the shirt. They really should make one for the United States Women’s

Aaron Rodgers Featured in ‘Me, Danica’ with Amazing Stache

You knew Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers would have some type of involvement with the ESPYs yesterday. Rodgers’ girlfriend Danica Patrick hosted the ESPYs. Between you and me, I didn’t watch much of it. I don’t think she was a trainwreck considering there were

UWM’s Home Run Celly is an A+

Having a celebratory item waiting for the person who made a big play is a new thing across college sports. We saw with the Turnover Chain at Miami, and countless other try-hard attempts. I’m scared for college football this Fall when we’re going to see

MIRCURL ON ICE! U.S. Curling Gets the Gold

After the U.S. Women’s Hockey team won their gold medal, the men’s curling team shocked Canada to advance to the finals. It was a whirlwind of surprises for the United States. While hockey could have been expected, curling definitely was not. They met Sweden in


Holy fucking shit, what a sporting event. We are going to have some great sports moments in 2018, but there might not be many better than United States versus Canada in Women’s Hockey for the Gold Medal. This is a real rivalry with a juggernaut

Johnny Weir Hates AC/DC & Twitter Isn’t Pleased

There are times where I plan to write something then it goes in a completely different direction. I was going to write about how Johnny Weir basically went in on Hungarian Ivett Toth for using AC/DC during her figure skating short routine. But then as

Nathan Chen Deserves All The Criticism From Weir & Lipinski

Nathan Chen had visions of being one of the major headliners for the 2018 Olympics for the United States. If you read his Twitter profile, he tags all of his sponsors, and it’s a stacked list from Bridgestone to Coca-Cola. Chen collapsed on Thursday night

Lady Liberty Stays on Hockey Masks After IOC Backs Down

USA! USA! USA! U.S. Women’s Hockey will have their second game against Russia happening pretty soon, and we nearly had our first ‘American’ controversy in the Winter Olympics. IOC mentioned to the United States’ team that they needed to remove Lady Liberty from the goalie

Chloe Kim Wins Gold & Captures American Hearts

Thank goodness for the Olympics because if we did not have them, it might be absolute ghost town for blog posts. There was a ton of hype around Chloe Kim before the games started as this dynamic Korean-American who was 17 years old. She appears