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Golf Purists Need To Shut Their Mouth

In 2017, it’s extremely trendy to blame millennials for killing things. ‘Millennials are killing bar soap’ or ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ Erin Hills might be a millennial course, but golf purists are clamoring for the old U.S. Open. It’s embarrassing to watch these grown men lose

Blimps & E Coli: Erin Hills’ Rough Start

In any sport, a rookie season can be quite an up and down experience. Not everyone is going to have a Cody Belliger and Ezekiel Elliot-type start to their career. Erin Hills, as a golf course, is going through some rookie bumps. In the middle

Crybaby Golfers Get Their Way At Erin Hills

I’m a big golf fan. You wouldn’t tell it by my writing of it, but I am. I come out of hiding every now and again to drop a hot take yet it’s not often. The greater Milwaukee area is hosting its first major in

Phil Mickelson’s Absence Doesn’t Dampen U.S. Open

News came out yesterday that major winner and fan favorite Phil Mickelson will not be heading to Erin Hills in a couple weeks due to his daughter’s high school graduation. This is a big blow for golf fans. Mickelson is one of the more notable

PODCAST: Base-Brawl & Finals Trilogy

I’m not kidding you when I say this one of the best podcasts we’ve done in 2017. Please share with your friends who might enjoy two guys shooting the breeze about the sports topics of the week. Our main focus on today’s show features talking

Tiger Woods Get DUI & Mugshot Is Not Great

Memorial Day Weekend and any other holiday weekend usually sees an uptick in DUI’s. This happens despite the cops telling everyone that they will be on high alert for drivers who may be intoxicated, people don’t seem to listen. World class golfer Tiger Woods is

John Daly Winning Again Makes Me Happy

John Daly is one of the most electric sports figures of our generation. Big John has went through some definite ups and downs throughout his professional career. That said, Daly has been riding high for awhile after quitting alcohol and just enjoying copious amounts of

Winners and Losers at The Masters

The Masters is officially in the books for another year. Golf’s biggest major has come and gone with Sergio Garcia taking home his first major and first Green Jacket. Garcia has 10 PGA Tour wins, the most by a Spainiard, and the oldest player to

Haters Guide To Watching Sergio Win The Masters

Let me set the scene… I went over to my parents house to watch the final round of The Masters. While I got settled in, Sergio Garcia led the tournament with Justin Rose a few strokes behind with Rickie Fowler, Thomas Pieters and others in

You’re The Only Ones Left, Vikings & Lions.

These last few years have been tough on your boy. I’ve lost a lot of things I enjoy from sports in the past few years. When I say enjoy, it’s cheering against a team to lose and see the reaction after it. Let’s just call