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Braun Strowman & Big Show Collapse WWE Ring

We don’t blog about WWE. Probably should because I know people like to read it, and hey, if you’re a fan and want to write about wrestling, let’s talk. That said, there are some must-see moments that have to be blogged no matter what. One

LaMelo Ball Can Kick Rocks

LaMelo Ball is a sophomore… in high school. 🔥 🔥 🔥 (via @BallIsLife) — Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) December 27, 2016 Okay, I know this kid is 14, but seriously, he can fuck right off. I’m not going to sound like a crusty suburban white

Planet’s Earth Chase Set to NFL Primetime Music = Greatness

Set the Planet Earth iguana chase to the NFL Primetime music. Feel great about it. — Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) November 7, 2016 THIS IS AMAZING. Everyone on the Internet was captivated with the iguana getting chased by a pack of snakes in the brand

What We Learned Today: Jarryd Hayne’s Phone is Full of Porn

Y’all remember Jarryd Hayne, right? The former rugby star who played for San Francisco 49ers last season for a cup of coffee. He gave a speech to some teenagers about safe-guarding your phones, and as an example, he let the Norton hack his phone. Sadly

Vine Is Dead

Rest In Peace to Vine app. It goes down as one of the biggest social media apps to go down. They have seen steady decline in the past couple of years due to the rise of Snapchat and Instagram. Twitter is always trying to cut

Scottie Pippen Files For Divorce Due To Future

Scottie Pippen filed for divorce after it became apparent — at least to him — that his wife Larsa was hooking up with Future … TMZ Sports has learned. There’s certainly lots of smoke. Sources on both Scottie and Larsa’s side tell us … she’s

Recommend Watch of the Week: Westworld

Yes, I know there are many great television shows on at this day and age, but they keep churning out new ones. Westworld has my full attention on HBO. Sure, the critics were all over the map with this first episode. Me personally, I liked

Stacey King Should Retire Trying To Say ‘Antetokounmpo’

Stacey fakin' it RT @CauldronICYMI Stacey King absolutely destroys Giannis Antetokounmpo's name — CJ Fogler (@cjzero) October 4, 2016 Stacey King is a favorite NBA color man with all of his different catch phrases and such. He tried to pronounced Milwaukee Bucks point forward

SnoTap’s Old Movie Reviews: Spy, About Alex, Wall Street & The Place Beyond The Pines

Everyone reads movie reviews of movies that are out in theaters. We read about movies we want to see, and movies we don’t want to see. Well, are there ever movies that slip through the cracks? Like ones you have intended to see but never

Note To Men: Stop Proposing at Ballparks

ANYONE SEE THE BOTCHED AND RECOVERED PROPOSAL AT THE YANKEES GAME RN — Kahla Emonson (@KahlaTheSailor) September 28, 2016 We had a some clown at the Yankees game today propose to his girlfriend. A tale as old as time, but he lost the ring