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SnoTap Gaming: Murph’s Mock Draft 3.0

Do you have a fantasy football draft this weekend? Do you feel underprepared? Or you want an edge? Let Nolan Murphy help you out. SnoTap Gaming provides you with a cheat sheet that gets updated regularly that you can take with you or have as

SnoTap Gaming: Murph’s Big Board RB Analysis

Murph’s Big Board had an update with breaking down the running back position. He gives information on who he likes, who he doesn’t like and why. The same thing you can find with the QB. The WR/TE portion is coming soon, but those are ranked

Fantasy Fast Five: Don’t Fret About David Johnson

SnoTap Gaming is helping you wade through all of the Training Camp news. You see a lot. Some is worth reading, others is just… well overboard. Let’s help you here. Remember, we’re giving you a taste of this article each day this week but the