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PODCAST: No, Giannis Doesn’t Have Fatigue Issues

Daily Tap is ready to start your Wisconsin sports week! Hope everyone is doing well. Charlie is talking about the Bucks, Brewers and NFL Draft to start this week. First with the Bucks, Charlie explains why any thought about Giannis and fatigue is overblown. He

PODCAST: Bust Out The Bucks Brooms

A special Sunday edition of the Daily Tap! When the Bucks win their third straight playoff game on a Saturday night, you have to podcast the next day right? Milwaukee Bucks get it done with another dominating win without Giannis playing very well. Charlie talks

PODCAST: Bucks Second Half KO

Daily Tap is back for another edition as Charlie reacts to the Bucks Game 2 victory over the Detroit Pistons. Bucks get it done with a big second half. Charlie highlights some concerns, some positives and looks ahead to Game 3. Podcast talks about Corbin

PODCAST: Are Bucks Best Team in the NBA Playoffs?

Charlie and Mitch return for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. The boys chat about Bucks being the best team in the Eastern Conference, Western Conference and the whole NBA. Charlie is convinced, and Mitch… not so much. They discuss other playoff news

PODCAST: Dealing With the Hauser Brothers Drama

Daily Tap returns for the Tuesday edition where Charlie discusses the current state of Marquette basketball. Sam Hauser and Joey Hauser decide to leave Marquette after Markus Howard announces that he is returning to school. Why Charlie comes down hard on Steve Wojciechowski and staff

PODCAST: Bucks Domination + Tiger’s Big Win

Daily Tap is back, jack. Charlie brings you the Monday edition of the Daily Tap after an amazing Sunday of sports and entertainment. Podcast begins with a little bit of a life chat from the host explaining why he is officially washed up, and not

PODCAST: Bucks & NBA Playoff Preview

NBA Playoffs, are you ready? Charlie and Mitch are. The boys talk about the upcoming NBA Playoffs. Why they’re confident in the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie talks about the best path and the worst path for the Bucks in the playoffs. They discuss all you need

PODCAST: Bucks Playoff Fever Hits Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a fever, playoff fever that is. Welcome to another edition of Daily Tap with your host Charlie talking about the Bucks playoff fever as the season ended on Wednesday. Bucks will be playing the Pistons, and the marketing team for the Bucks is

PODCAST: SnoTapWI’s Sickness Meter

Daily Tap is ready to roll for a Wednesday edition. Charlie talks about his sickness meter at the end of the show where he discusses all of the people in sports that are currently making him sick. Right now, the list includes Craig Kimbrel, Dwyane

PODCAST: Playing Packers Blame Game

Instead of doing the Weekend Watchlist, Charlie pivots to The Daily Tap because the Packers news from yesterday was too explosive not to do a full show on it. Tyler Dunne writes the definitive piece of the Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers’ breakup. Charlie plays