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Chris McIntosh Looks Like Barry Alvarez’s Successor

A bit of news came out of Madison yesterday that former Badger football great Chris McIntosh would be getting a promotion to deputy Athletic Director this Fall. If you connect the dots, Barry Alvarez appears ready to name his successor at Wisconsin, and it appears

Badgers Throwback Ticket Designs Are Fantastic

Wisconsin Badgers are celebrating their 100th year anniversary at Camp Randall Stadium. My guess we’re going to see a lot of cool stuff come through this Fall with special appearances and events. The first cool thing is Wisconsin announced yesterday that they will be throwing

Badgers Kicker’s Graduation Tweet Is Truly Perfect

Over the weekend, University of Wisconsin-Madison graduated their class of 2017. That’s an exciting time for those kids. They had a perfect day to do it with a ton of sun and not too hot. Unlike me who had to sit cramped, hungover in a

Jamaal Williams Broke Sacred BYU Honor Code (Gasp)

News came out yesterday from ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky about Green Bay lack of concern for Jamaal Williams’ honor code violation at BYU. If you followed me for awhile, you know I use to clown the honor code more than most people. So when I

Vandy Football’s Sorority Video Is An A+

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen a sorority video roll out around Fall getting people to pledge to their sorority. At this point, we’ve seen them all, but I get how they are fun for the girls to do. Vandy Football decided to flip

Who Would Packers Rather Have? – T.J. Watt or Vince Biegel

Would you rather is a game that is played in basements all over the country. It’s fun, and sometimes, you find answers about your friends that you didn’t know about. Green Bay needs some help with their linebackers. Three of their four main edge rushers

Mike Gundy Wearing Singlet Is An A-Plus Look

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy is one of the best characters in college football and sports. Some thought he might be just be a beer commercial with ‘I’m a man, I’m 40’ in 2007, but he’s been more than that. Gundy has been one

No, Chip Kelly Shouldn’t Be Alabama’s OC

The news of the day was Atlanta Falcons announced they are hiring Steve Sarkasian to replace Kyle Shanahan who took the San Francisco 49ers gig. Sarkasian had employment with Alabama Crimson Tide to be their new offensive coordinator, but Sark bounced to take an NFL

Former Badgers RB James White Is Super Bowl Hero

Even if you don’t like New England Patriots, Wisconsin Badgers fans were graced with a cool moment watching James White have an all-time performance out there with 14 catches for 110 yards, six rushes for 29 yards and three total touchdowns including the game-winner. Funny

Badgers Jim Leonhard Hire Comes With Risk

Wisconsin Badgers football have seen their defensive coordinator change like a flavor of the day at a custard place. Badgers hope their next coordinator will be there for awhile as Wisconsin hires one of its own with Jim Leonhard to coach the defense. There were