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Five Reasons To Be Excited For the Orange Bowl

As I drove on Sunday afternoon, I heard a Milwaukee radio personality dejected about Wisconsin playing in the Orange Bowl. He called it the ‘NIT’ and said ‘I won’t watch the game.’ I found this a little silly. Sure, it’s not the College Football Playoff,

Badger Musings: Wisconsin Gets Gut Punched In Indy Again

Wisconsin Badgers might not want to come back to Lucas Oil Stadium. Indy is proving to be a house of horrors for this athletic department. First, the multiple Big Ten championship losses which is now at three straight, and second, the place of the NCAA

SnoTap Badgers Preview: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin arrives at the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis. A place that’s familiar with the players and fans alike. Wisconsin is making its record fifth appearance at the Big Ten Championship game. The first three went pretty well for the Badgers, and the last two

Badgers Fan Rooting Guide For Championship Saturday

Wisconsin Badgers will take part in what people are hyping up to be the best Championship Saturday of all time. Never before have we seen four matchups with teams all in the top 10 this last in the season. It’s beautiful. This is exactly what

Badgers Breakthrough to the Top Four

Wisconsin Badgers waited patiently as the new College Football Playoff rankings were announced on Tuesday night. Could the committee really find another way to screw the Badgers or would this finally be the time where Wisconsin saw their name in the top four. The latter

Badger Musings: Unbeaten Wisconsin Pulverises Gophers

Wisconsin Badgers found themselves with a great opportunity on Saturday afternoon. Miami fell to Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon opening the door for Wisconsin to finally have their day in the College Football Playoff. Wisconsin took care of business with a dominating performance of the Minnesota

Barry Switzer Delivers the Best Baker Mayfield Take

Barry Switzer is an American legend. That man is the epitome of college football in the 1980’s. He led the ‘fast and loose’ culture of that generation, and what college football was during that time. Switzer also had quite the amount of coaching swagger throughout

Badgers Going Full Lumberjack For Axe Game

Wisconsin Badgers are getting ready for another version of the Paul Bunyan Axe game versus Minnesota this afternoon in Minneapolis. Badgers are trying to add another element to their look by looking lumberjacks out there. Wisconsin Badgers are busting out the buffalo print for their

Badgers Fans Are Enjoying Bret Bielema’s Firing

Bret Bielema received notice after Arkansas’ loss to Missouri that he would not be continuing on as their head coach. Badgers fans rushed to their computers, phones and tablets to tweet out #Karma or something to that effect. They relished in the fact Bielema is

Hurricanes Slip Up To Pitt & Opens Door for Badgers

Black Friday college football has been known in the past for some crazy upsets. I recall years ago, Colorado stunning second-ranked Nebraska years ago. Today, we had another one with 4-7 Pitt knocking off the second-ranked Miami Hurricanes, 24-14, prying the door wide open for