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Predicting A Plan For Sports in 2020 is Simply Unpredictable

Do you ever get into a news story? A news story that might carry a little weight to it. Or something crazy that you read an article about. COVID-19 and the outcomes around have fascinated me. What I typically apply my knowledge to with sports,

Explaining Lincoln Riley’s ‘Packer’ Tweet

Last night, Oklahoma Sooners head coach tweeted out Packer with a Winky face emoji then hit #future. People could get irrational about this. Packers have interest in Kenneth Murray at inside linebacker, although, he will be long gone by the time Green Bay drafts at

SnoTapWI Top Five: Most Hateable Teams For a Wisconsin Sports Fan

SnoTapWI Top Five can be positive, sometimes. And other times, we can write a one-way ticket to negativeville USA. This is one of those moments. This is a very hard list to put together. The top five teams that I, as a Wisconsin sports fan,

Let’s Put The Watt Quarantine Olympics on TV

All of us are missing sports. We are curing our sports’ needs in different ways. For me, I’m trying to watch a sports movie a week. To me, that is better than watching an old game. Last week, I watched ‘Miracle’ and could not have

Stop Treating Badgers Like Farm System For The Packers

There is an almost annual tradition with the Green Bay Packers during draft season. Media people find a way to make a case for a high-profile Wisconsin Badgers player to come to Green Bay. Why do people insist on doing something like this? Well, the

Jonathan Taylor Blazes His 40 & Pushes His Way Up Draft Boards

Jonathan Taylor is a special athlete. If you watched him with the Wisconsin Badgers, you know that. There was a bit of hype around him in the NFL Draft, but there were some running backs considered before him. Things might change after last night’s NFL

Expectations Are High For 2020 Badgers Football

LSU is the national champion for the 2019-2020 season. They had an amazing season. LSU deserved everything they got this season. Joe Burrow had one of the best seasons ever as a quarterback. I haven’t liked a quarterback and a team more than the 2004

Issues With Badger Football Friday Nights Only Affect Few

Yesterday, it was announced that Wisconsin will begin their season on Friday night against Indiana. Big Ten added a few Friday night games throughout their calendar year and told each program they would have to play in those games. We have yet to see Michigan

Cupboard Isn’t Bare After Cephus & Taylor’s Departure

Wisconsin Badgers’ offense is going to look different next year. Over the weekend, Jonathan Taylor went to the NFL. On Monday morning, Quintez Cephus left Wisconsin for the NFL. Wisconsin loses its top receiver and running back from last season for the 2020 season. It

BuckyCap: Badgers Falter at Rose Bowl Yet Again

Wisconsin Badgers fans used to have so many happy memories of the Rose Bowl. In the ’90s, Wisconsin won three Rose Bowls and did not lose one. Since then, it has been a living hell for Wisconsin in the most beautiful place on earth. Even