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Wisconsin-Northwestern Gets Canceled at Wrigley; Is Lambeau Next?

Wisconsin Badgers are preparing for a unique season in 2020. Obviously, we know about the COVID-19 concerns, but there were a few games that are not typically on the schedule. Wisconsin-Notre Dame were set to happen at Lambeau Field, and Wisconsin faced off against Northwestern

Would Drink The Wisconsin O-Line Weight-Gain Smoothie?

The offensive line is a position in football I know well. I played it for 10 years. Never once was asked to gain weight. You might be able to figure out why that is. I did get asked to lose weight, but it wasn’t until

College Coaches’ Impossible Task This Fall & Winter

Paul Chryst has one of the biggest challenges of his career. Chryst needs to keep his players safe from COVID-19. Wisconsin had two cases out of the 117 people that were tested. It is unlikely that Wisconsin will only have two tests all Fall with

Wisconsin Has To Play in the Mayo Bowl, No Questions Asked

Bowl sponsors are the best. Seriously, they’re great. I love the idea that anyone can sponsor a bowl for the right price. Sources close to me tell me that Snotapwi could have some investment in the Boca Raton Bowl if I have the funds but

If Badger Football Could Be a Chip, What Would They Be?

you may look at this headline and ask how much weed did I smoke before starting this blog. That’s a fair question. But Patrick Norton from Student Union Sports put together a thread of different college teams and their corresponding chips. Wisconsin deserved some representation

Wisconsin’s Student Athletes Return Next Week, Will The Fans Join Them This Fall?

Wisconsin Badgers’ athletes are going back to their teams next week. The players will be back with the teammates and all those teams will get ready for the fall season. There is a good amount of excitement around the football team this season as there

Badgers Continue to Dominate Recruiting Trail By Adding Top Linebacker

The quarantine has not stopped the Wisconsin Badgers football program. They’ve continued to recruit like madmen and pitch the beauty of Wisconsin. They added another top player yesterday. Wisconsin gets its 12th commitment of the 2021 class by adding a top outside linebacker/edge Darryl Peterson.

Badgers Add Yet Another Four-Star Recruit To 2021 Class

Wisconsin Badgers football is changing the way they’re doing recruiting. For years, Wisconsin had the tradition of walk-ons becoming somebodies, and Badgers making lemons out of their three or two-star recruit lemonade. While they’re still having walk-ons make an impact, the idea of two or

Sports Reporter Nails What Big Ten Zoom Meeting Would Look Like

TikTok is sweeping the nation. You know that. I know that. People want in on TikTok. There are good TikToks that come around now and again. Annie Agar, a sports reporter in Michigan, delivered a great one yesterday. She created a TikTok showcasing what would

College Football & Basketball Should Have a Commissioner

When President Donald Trump talked with commissioners of all sports a month ago, college football and college basketball were left out of the equation. College basketball is not surprising. Their season wrapped up and would not start again until November. But to not have a