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Paul Chryst Explaining How He Selects His Gameday Crewneck Is Perfect

Wisconsin Badgers are under a month to go before they’re playing football again. It is crazy to think where things went in the last few months. There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout it. When Wisconsin kicks off against Illinois in a

Quick Takes on Badgers Revised Football Schedule

Wisconsin Badgers will be playing a different schedule than the one back in July. This will feature only eight games and be played straight through. No week off to catch your breath. It will be Badgers football from October 24th until December 19th. By the

Big Ten Made The Right Call Bringing College Football Back

Big Ten will be playing football this fall. Yes, we will get Big Ten action for eight weeks then a ninth for the championship game. Big Ten reversed course after a month ago they said ‘There is no way we’re coming back and this decision

Big Ten Tries to Save Themselves With Public Statement

Big Ten is standing firm on their commentary that they will not play this season. After rumors swirled for multiple days, Kevin Warren came out and said that fall sports are not happening despite new developments. Warren dunked on all of those things murmuring across

Kevin Warren Decided to Cancel Football, Not Big Ten Leadership

While everyone thought that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred would win the award for the worst commissioner during the pandemic, Kevin Warren said hold my beer. The new Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren is making a mockery of the league. After all the news this weekend

Big Ten Needs to Swallow Its Pride and Reverse Their Decision on Fall Sports

Big Ten endured a week from hell. Kevin Warren decided to suspend fall sports early in the week. The news shocked many people, but most people understood if there was a good reason why it occurred. Things have fallen apart for the Big Ten from

Jeff Brohm’s Spring Football Idea Makes Sense But Problems Still Remain

When the Big Ten canceled their season earlier this week, the Big Ten coaches said ‘We need to have an idea for spring football for these kids.’ The cynics including myself feel like spring football is a carrot to dangle for the fans, players, and

Big Ten Coaches & Players Put Conference in Tough Spot

Social media can be powerful if used the right way. It is the devil too much like everything that Bobby Boucher’s mama dealt with in The Waterboy. We saw the good side of social media on Monday. After the Big Ten players led by Justin

College Football Is Choosing To Protect Amateurism Over Anything Else

Big Ten football will likely not be a thing by Monday at 9:00 AM. If you’re reading this and the Big Ten is already canceled, it is a fucking shame. Those who always caveat with ‘Well if they play’ are right. The fact is that

Sign Me Up For Lambeau Hosting the Big Ten Championship Game

On Thursday, it was revealed that Lambeau Field applied for multiple things in the future. They want to host the NFL Draft, a long-time goal of Mark Murphy. But they also want to have the Big Ten Championship there. The game has been played strictly