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Badger Musings: Wisconsin Sends a Message to Big Ten

When I checked my phone to see if Wisconsin had beat BYU on Saturday, it was to my surprise that the Badgers won 40-6 in crushing fashion. Watching the game back over the past day or so, I could not be more impressed with what

Badgers Preview: Wisconsin at BYU

Wisconsin Badgers head to West for their first road trip of the season before they start the Big Ten season in two weeks against Northwestern. This game stuck out to fans like a sore thumb because it was a road trip out west against a

Badger Musings: A Star Is Born With Jonathan Taylor

Early last week I wrote about Wisconsin and what they were going to do with Jonathan Taylor. This was figuring in that Bradrick Shaw would be playing in this football game on Saturday against Florida Atlantic. He did not, therefore, Taylor had the bright lights

Badgers Preview: FAU vs. Wisconsin

When this game was on the calendar in the summer, we all looked towards Lane Kiffin going up against the Badgers. That’s still a storyline to see what Lane has in store for Wisconsin, but all minds are on the FAU players and community who

Did Jonathan Taylor Take the UW Running Back Lead?

Wisconsin Badgers delivered quite a second half statement against Utah State by putting up 59 unanswered points up after trailing 10-0 in the first half. Jonathan Taylor, the freshman running back, made his case to be a starter rushing for 87 yards with only nine

Badgers Preview: Utah State vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin Badgers begin their season at Camp Randall Stadium for the first time since 2013. For some Badgers fans, it must feel refreshing to not begin the year with a treacherous start against a high-level SEC team. The first-ever Friday night home game for the

Four Key Questions About Badgers Football

Wisconsin Badgers begin their season on Friday night. For us, it’s been a light college football month for content. I personally enjoy college football greatly, but it’s been hard to get all of the content out that we usually do. Badgers football comes in with

Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame Makes so Much Sense

On Monday, news came out from Chicago Tribune then confirmed by Green Bay Packers chairman Mark Murphy that Wisconsin and Notre Dame are looking to play each other in two games on two neutral locations. The first game would be played at Soldier Field, and

Chris McIntosh Looks Like Barry Alvarez’s Successor

A bit of news came out of Madison yesterday that former Badger football great Chris McIntosh would be getting a promotion to deputy Athletic Director this Fall. If you connect the dots, Barry Alvarez appears ready to name his successor at Wisconsin, and it appears

Badgers Throwback Ticket Designs Are Fantastic

Wisconsin Badgers are celebrating their 100th year anniversary at Camp Randall Stadium. My guess we’re going to see a lot of cool stuff come through this Fall with special appearances and events. The first cool thing is Wisconsin announced yesterday that they will be throwing