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Four Things to Watch: Illinois-Wisconsin

Wisconsin must feel like a free football team. They’re finally through a gauntlet of tough games, and the path is clear for Badgers to play in the Big Ten Championship game. That being said, nothing is given. We learned on Tuesday night that huge upsets

Nigel Hayes Calls Out Racial Discrimination at Wisconsin

At the last Wisconsin home game, an image shocked the university with a man wearing a Barack Obama mask with a noose tied around its neck while the other man wore a Donald Trump mask. It was disgusting and appalling. Wisconsin took swift action releasing

Badgers Musings: Wisconsin Exorcises Nightmares at Ryan Field

What a win for Wisconsin Badgers as they now move into the top spot in the Big Ten West after Nebraska got blown out at Ohio State last Saturday. Wisconsin’s defense showed their teeth again holding Northwestern to only seven points. This is the second

Four Things to Watch: Wisconsin v. Northwestern

In the State of Illinois, it’s curse-breaking season fresh off the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. A team from up north hopes to do the same thing at Ryan Field on Saturday morning when Wisconsin takes on Northwestern. It’s not a 108-year curse, rather,

First College Football Playoff Rankings Yield Surprising Results

It’s almost like you need breathing exercises for college football fans across America. ‘Don’t overreact to the first week of rankings.’ ‘Don’t overreact.’ But there were some surprises as one should expect there to be with college football and rankings. Texas A&M, a team we

How High Will Wisconsin Be In College Football Playoffs?

Wisconsin Badgers will be featured in the top ten of the College Football Playoff. This is uncharted territory for the Badgers. There will be some debate as to if Wisconsin can crack the top seven in the rankings. It’s widely assumed the top four will

Badgers Musings: Wisconsin Guts and Grinds Out Cornhusker Victory

Wisconsin and Nebraska played a Madison night game classic on Saturday resulting in a 23-17 overtime win for Wisconsin. They survived so much in this game from special teams errors, quarterback mediocrity and playing with more backups than usual. Badgers put themselves back in the

Jared Abbrederis is Cut; A Nation Weeps

Green Bay Packers announced yesterday they reached an injury settlement with former Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Jared Abbrederis. Green Bay had put the young wideout on Injury Reserve with a tight contusion. This is an injury that Abby thought would take about one month to

Four Things To Watch: Nebraska-Wisconsin

Do people consider Wisconsin and Nebraska to be football rivals? I’m not there yet. Some people like to make the connection given Barry Alvarez being a former Cornhusker as he played linebacker for the team in the mid-60’s. They do play for a Freedom Trophy,