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J.R Smith or Kyle Korver? Seems Like One Will Be On Bucks

It appears the Milwaukee Bucks will be getting a veteran wing at some point soon. It might happen this weekend, it might happen early next week, but it appears that Kyle Korver or J.R. Smith will join the Milwaukee Bucks. The question is which one

Giannis’ Coming To America Zoom Freaks are a Ten

The Nike marketing push of Giannis Antetokounmpo continues this summer. Yesterday, Nike added another Zoom Freak edition to the mix starting on August 2nd called the ‘Coming America’ edition in homage to 1988 classic ‘Coming to America’, one of the best comedies of all-time. Giannis

We Are No Longer Allowed to Call Giannis, ‘MVP’

Giannis Antetokounmpo hosted a party at the Deer District to celebrate him winning the MVP. That sounds very self-centered and unlike Giannis. That’s true. He did not actually host it, rather, it was Nike who put on the event. Nike continues to parade Giannis all

Pat Connaughton Dunks Over Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo is having more fun this offseason than I think he ever had before. Giannis’ buddies have joined him Greece and all over the country for different types of activities. Yesterday, Giannis was at a community event with Pat Connaughton. Planet Pat, who is

Wish Russell Westbrook Found His Way East

As the day winded down on Thursday early evening, a Woj Bomb suddenly erupted out of nowhere. Russell Westbrook would be headed to Houston for Chris Paul plus a lot of picks as Oklahoma City continues to build a war chest. It was a stunning

James Ennis Thinks Philly Will ‘Walk’ to the Finals

James Ennis is a role player in the NBA. He is never going to be a star and a useful bench guy. He re-signed with the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this week. Ennis put it out in the media for the world to see that Philadelphia

Malcolm Brogdon Needs to Look in a Mirror

Do you know that person who blames others for their misfortunes? I’m sure you do. We all know that person. They’re usually the worst. I do not think any of us that are Bucks fans would put Malcolm Brogdon into that category. He is one

Bucks Begin Season as Best Team in Eastern Conference

On early Saturday morning, Kawhi Leonard went to the Los Angeles Clippers. It was a stunning move that included Paul George going to the Clippers in a mega-trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Leonard leaving the Eastern Conference means that the Toronto Raptors fell from

Robin Lopez’s Twitter Account is Pure Flames

Robin Lopez is one of the quirkest guys in the league. There is no question about it. He has a long-standing feud with mascots in the league. He hates them. Most notably, Lopez has current feuds going with Bennie The Bull, The Raptor and Rocky

Wes Matthews Is Exactly What the Bucks Needed

Milwaukee Bucks were not done on Sunday with adding new players to their roster for the 2019-2020 season. Milwaukee added Wes Matthews on a veteran minimum deal to give Milwaukee a veteran shooting guard and more three-point shooting. Milwaukee needed a shooting guard after Malcolm