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Three Things to Know About the Bucks Demolishing the Magic

Milwaukee Bucks found themselves on another losing streak. For Milwaukee, this has been more common than in other years. They were on a five-game one earlier this season. A three-game one on the start of their West Coast swing, and another three-game one. Two of

Three Things to Know About Bucks Disappointing End to Their Road Trip

Milwaukee Bucks were without Giannis Antetokounmpo for the third straight game. The shorthanded version of the Bucks feels like a theme all season. They’ve had games without Jrue Holiday, Bobby Portis, and now Giannis. When Milwaukee is a full unit, they’ve only lost nine games.

Three Things to Know About Bucks’ Golden State Collapse

Milwaukee Bucks should be on a four-game winning streak. They should be flying high and be on their way to Dallas with a winning road trip. Instead, Milwaukee has to win against Dallas. to ensure a winning trip. All Milwaukee had to do was close

Five Things To Know About Bucks Taking Command on the West Coast

Milwaukee Bucks are still hanging out on the West Coast. They’ve played four games thus far, and Milwaukee is 3-1 on their trip. They’ve won the last three in a row, and they’re playing well in all of the games. The Bucks should have won

Three Things to Know About the Bucks Bouncing Back Against the Lakers

Milwaukee Bucks did not start off their road trip the right way. They were crushed by the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. Milwaukee stayed in Los Angeles for two additional nights as they played the Lakers on Wednesday evening. At first, Milwaukee looked like

Three Things to Know About Bucks’ Bad, Bad Loss in LA

Milwaukee Bucks started hot and fresh in the first quarter. They were up 12 when the quarter ended. For the remainder of the game, Milwaukee trailed 104-67. That is bad. Like falling asleep drunk on your floor when you’re 30 years old bad. The Bucks

Austin Rivers Helps Fill a Gap for the Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks are going back to the buyout market again. Last year, Milwaukee used the buyout market to bring in Marvin Williams from the Charlotte Hornets. Williams did not have that much of an impact as Bucks fans hoped he would. But that’s the case

Five Things to Know About the Bucks’ Losing Weekend

Milwaukee Bucks have lost back-to-back games for the first time since their losing streak in February. Everyone lost their minds back then, so, I hope we’re okay with two losses. They’ll try to avoid the third one tonight against Los Angeles. There were some things

Andre Drummond Is Everything Wrong With The Current Buyout Market

Andre Drummond got bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers yesterday. The buyout happened right before the trade deadline. Cleveland could not pull off a deal for Drummond. Many would likely say that is because teams knew Cleveland would buy him out if he wasn’t traded.

Three Things to Know About the Bucks Surviving a Late Celtics’ Scare

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