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Guys, Remember When Giannis Dunked on Aron Baynes?

Giannis finally did it! He finally dunked all over Aron Baynes. It’s absolutely incredible by him. Giannis Antetokounmpo gave him a full facial in the third quarter with an extended arm slam. Giannis tried this dunk multiple times throughout the season and always came up

Aaron Rodgers Invests in the State of Wisconsin

Milwaukee Bucks announced during Game 3 that Aaron Rodgers would become a limited owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He joins the ownership team, and he becomes the first NFL player to take a minority stake in another professional sports franchise. Many people thought Golden State

Bucks Are Broken and Coming Apart at the Seams

Mostly in baskeball and hockey, you sometimes see teams who may not have belonged in the playoffs. With having 16 teams, you have a couple teams that may get in there that don’t belong or run out of gas in the playoffs. You also have

Eric Bledsoe Shouldn’t Be Running His Mouth

Eric Bledsoe is having a bad return to the NBA Playoffs. He’s been abysmal in his first two starts on both offense and defense. Bledose has become a liability for the Milwaukee Bucks, and many Bucks fans are wondering what he brings to the roster

Bucks-Celtics Two-Minute Report Doesn’t Matter

Milwaukee Bucks-Boston Celtics two minute report came out today from the NBA. For those unfamiliar, it’s a report from the officials who review the final two minute of the fourth and overtime period. What is drawing anger from Bucks fans is there were two fouls

Congrats on the Sex, Dwyane Wade

It’s good to be Dwyane Wade. He returned to Miami from quick stops in Chicago and Cleveland midseason, and he’s been his best self in the last 2.5 years. Wade dialed it back to 2005 version on Monday night with a 28 point performance where

Joel Embiid Lashes Out on Instagram

Joel Embiid is the fun-loving big man for the Philadelphia 76ers, but he posted a message on Instagram after the game that he is ‘sick and fucking tired of being babied.’ Embiid cleared concussion protocol, but it appears that the Sixers want to be cautious

Jayson Tatum Causally Kicked Giannis in Overtime

I’m not one to complain too much about officials. Do they make me mad? Yes. Do I vocalize my frustration with them over Twitter or with friends? Yes I do, bu. But I very rarely blame refs for the outcome of a game. I will

Daily Tap: Sh**ty Wisconsin Sports Sunday

Not the best Sunday for Wisconsinites. First, we have a bunch of snow in mid-April crippling parts of the state. Second, we had the Bucks and Brewers both lose heartbreakers. Milwaukee goes down in Game 1 with a tough overtime loss to Boston. We unpack

Daily Tap: SnoTapWI NBA Playoffs Preview

NBA Playoff preview: We talk all about the NBA Playoffs and get you ready for what promises to be a crazy playoffs. We start with the Bucks-Celtics then go in this order… Rockets-TWolves, Pacers-Cavaliers, Jazz-Thunder, Pelicans-Blazers, Heat-Sixers, Warriors-Spurs, Wizards-Raptors. Cannot wait for this thing to