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Bucks Start Prunty Era Off On Right Foot

Milwaukee Bucks started their first week without Jason Kidd on Monday night as they took on Phoenix in a game without Giannis Antetokounmpo. A sudden wave of excitement went over Bucks fans to know they didn’t have to deal with Kidd on Monday night. People

How the #FireKidd Movement Affected the Organization

All of the sudden, a weird Twitter avatar started to appear when people were talking about the Milwaukee Bucks. It looked like a bald man with some writing, and sure enough, they read ‘Fire Kidd.’ People started a movement out of nowhere with ‘Fire Kidd’

Kidd Burns Bucks’ Bridge By Leaking Giannis Convo

Jason Kidd is not someone who knows how to leave on peaceful terms. Kidd does not believe in keeping relationship afloat, rather, he likes to burn bridges down more often than not. Kidd left things at New Jersey, Dallas, Phoenix and Brooklyn in hasty situations.

Jason Kidd Being Stuck in his Ways Cost Him His Job

Milwaukee Bucks fired Jason Kidd in the middle of the afternoon on Monday. It’s something that was unexpected but beloved by most Bucks fans. After the season of #FireKidd, it actually happened. I wrote last week about how these three games could define Kidd’s season,

National Media Sours on Bucks Coach Jason Kidd

A funny thing happened yesterday, the national media decided they were also on the #FireKidd bandwagon. Jason Kidd got taken to the proverbial woodshed yesterday by so many different people that weren’t related to the Milwaukee Bucks. The quote that may have stung the most

Joel Embiid Has No Time For Rihanna

Where do you guys stand on Joel Embiid? From an online and media presence, he is perfect to me. He is a content creator’s dream. But as a basketball player, he can kick rocks. Philly’s fans are delusional, and somehow think he’s on the same

Jalen Rose Calls Paul Pierce ‘Petty’ to his FACE

Obviously, ESPN can never really compete with Inside the NBA. We saw its greatness the other night with Shaq and Charles Barkley laughing about LAPD, but on Wednesday night, we saw a great moment. They were discussing the whole drama that sparked over Isaiah Thomas

Starters Playing Too Many Minutes Cost Bucks Again

Milwaukee Bucks cannot seem to win two games in a row anymore. Milwaukee continues to flip wins and losses in the month of January as the Bucks dropped 106-101 to the Miami Heat as the fourth quarter went south. This is becoming a theme for

Fight Night in Orlando: T’Wolves & Magic Go At It

For the last several years, people have said their problem with the NBA is it’s ‘too buddy-buddy’, and that ‘all of these guys are friends.’ Well, that’s changed in the last two years. These guys are more petty and chippy than ever. I said on

Bucks Grind Out a Gritty Road Win

Gritty is a term that gets overused and made fun of yet it can be the perfect way to describe a sports situation. That’s what we saw on Monday afternoon. It was a gritty performance by Milwaukee as they dropped two straight and even though,