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Neutral Court Location Shouldn’t Scare Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks appear to be ready to get back to work. The NBA is likely going to announce their plans for their return by the end of the week. Bucks will likely head down to Orlando sometime in July. We’ll talk about the details of

Why the NHL Became The First Sport To Officially Return

In business, people use football analogies to equate where they are with making a deal. The MLB right now is still on their side of the field. No side is moving the ball, and they’re arguing about the spot. NBA is almost in the red

Giannis Sounds Like Someone That Isn’t Leaving Milwaukee

Giannis Antetokounmpo does not do many interviews. He is rarely seen doing radio shows with the local stations. Nor is he on ESPN or FOX promoting something. Giannis wants to play basketball, and while marketing is important to him like any other star player, it

Throwback Thursday: Sidney Moncrief Kicking Danny Ainge’s Ass

With everyone watching The Last Dance over the past five weeks, there is a lot of basketball nostalgia. There are classic games left and right to keep people occupied. Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo had a great suggestion about how there should be a show

Yelich, Giannis, Rodgers All to Appear on ESPN Wisconsin’s Radiothon

ESPN Milwaukee is teaming with Milwaukee Bucks forward Pat Connaughton on Thursday. Connaughton will be doing 11 hours of radio with the ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison crew. During the eleven hours, there are going to be wall-to-wall great guests. Further, every dollar donated to

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Wisconsin Sports Jerseys

The middle of the week is always the slowest for sports content. This seems to be a theme. We get this roller coaster right. Lots of content Monday and Tuesday then nothing Wednesday and Thursday then a tick up on Friday and Saturday. But you

Would The Last Dance Have Same Impact If Things Were Normal?

The Last Dance was a cultural phenomenon. For the last five weeks, we learned about Michael Jordan’s career and his final year with the Chicago Bulls. For someone that has vague memories of Jordan, it makes you wish that you were five or six years

Enes Kanter Praises Giannis & Takes a Shot at Harden

Enes Kanter is a WWE fan. I would not be surprised if he is a fan of the heels more so than the babyfaces. Kanter might be the greatest heel in the NBA. Calling him a troll feels almost disrespectful. A troll is someone that

John Stockton Says Giannis is His Current Player Comparison

John Stockton is featured heavily in the last few episodes of The Last Dance. Stockton led the Utah Jazz to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances. They could not take down the Michael Jordan-led Bulls teams though. Before the last two episodes of The Last Dance,

Giannis, LeBron & Other NBA Stars Try To Bring Back The League

On Friday, things did not sound good for the NBA. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made it seem like things were not moving in the right direction for the NBA to have a season. It bummed me out. NBA didn’t feel like they had a plan