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Bucks Buzz: Deer in Headlights – Bucks Blown Out

If you ask a Bucks fan heading into Game 4, what they expected to happen, I am willing to bet you that no fan said ‘They’re going to get blown out and the series will be tied at 2.’ Even the most pessimistic fan would

Drake – Annoying Superfan or Passionate Fan?

Milwaukee Bucks lost their second straight game to the Toronto Raptors. It was not a fun game. In fact, I would rather stick needles in my dick than watch that game again. One of the more annoying parts of the evening was Drake, the world

Game 4 Bucks Raptors

Game 4 Isn’t a Must-Win For Milwaukee

Bucks fans are not good about losing in the year 2019. I get it. They didn’t lose often in the regular season, therefore, when they’re faced with a little adversity, things get tight for them. That’s why some including occasional contributor Nolan Murphy believe that

Warriors’ Sweep Puts Pressure on the East

Golden State Warriors completed a sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night. They did it without Kevin Durant who is battling a calf strain, and the other guys stepped up in a major way. Kevon Looney, Alonzo McKinnie, both with Wisconsin ties, had

Rory McIlroy Joins the Bucks Bandwagon

This bandwagon keeps getting fuller. After adding Gucci Mane last night, Milwaukee Bucks add a new addition to their bandwagon. Golfer Rory McIlroy decided to jump on board. McIlroy is an Orlando Magic season ticket holder has decided to join up with the Bucks. He

The Giannis-Kidd-Lakers Rumor is Laughable At Best

Jason Kidd was the first coach to unlock the potential of Giannis Antetokounmpo. He sadly gets brought up too much when talking about this Bucks team. Kidd likes to take credit for molding this roster, but in reality, he did not do anything of the

Bucks Buzz: Bucks’ Hard Fight Ends in Disappointment

Milwaukee Bucks did not quit tonight. They could have easily got blown out by 20 points, and all of us would have been watching Game of Thrones at the normal 8 pm hour. Instead, the Bucks somehow took the Toronto Raptors to two overtimes and

Welcome Gucci Mane to the Bucks Bandwagon

Milwaukee Bucks faced off against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday night. They finally received a celebrity fan who was not a member of the Green Bay Packers or Milwaukee Brewers. The person who decided they were a Bucks fan on Sunday evening in Toronto was

Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee Ends Toronto’s Night Early

Milwaukee Bucks are a wagon. You know that I know that. But it is worth saying again for the people. Milwaukee Bucks were up 64-39 at halftime of their Game 2 against the Toronto Raptors. We said after Game 1 that if the Raptors could

Ernie Johnson is Having a Homecoming to Remember

Ernie Johnson is one part of the Inside The NBA family with Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith. Being the host and not the personality types like Shaq and Chuck, Ernie stays in the background. But what’s cool about the Bucks-Raptors series is Johnson