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This Country Singer Covering DMX at Bucks-Nets Is An All-Time Cringeworthy Performance

Milwaukee Bucks blew a 17 point lead in the second half. It was ugly. It was gross. You also had Kevin Durant had one of the best performances of all-time on the other side. Durant completely dominated in a way where every time he touched

Charles Barkley Tears Into Bucks Repeatedly Calling Them ‘Dumb’

Inside The NBA is the best pregame and postgame show in all of sports. They do a great job giving it to the viewers straight and give them honest opinions. They do not sugarcoat at all. Another thing to love about this crew is that

Jrue Holiday & Giannis Antetokounmpo Are Worthy NBA All-Defensive First Teamers

Milwaukee Bucks do not get enough credit for their individual defense. Sometimes, the team defense can be shaky due to the amount of threes that Milwaukee can give up regularly. That said, they have three guys that could easily be part of the all-defensive teams.

People Thinking Giannis Intentionally Hurt Kyrie Need to Get Their Brain Checked

There were a few takeaways after Game 4. One of them was that Giannis Antetokounmpo might have intentionally slid his foot underneath Kyrie Irving’s body which led to the Nets’ guard’s terrible ankle sprain. This is a cause of replay and seeing something so many

Big Baby Davis Saying Kyrie’s Ankle Got Cursed By The Celtics Mascot is Hilarious

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis hasn’t been around much in the last few years. He shows up now and again. I think he’s done some TV and played in the Big 3. He is a little bit of a loose cannon. Therefore, it is no surprise

Steve Nash’s Compliants About P.J. Tucker’s Defense Are Ridiculous

After the Brooklyn Nets had a 2-0 lead against the Milwaukee Bucks, everyone started to crown Steve Nash as this next great coach. That Nash deserved the credit just as much as the super team did. Look, there were times in the first two games

Giannis Flexing on Blake Griffin Was My Favorite Part of the Game 4 Win

The Milwaukee Bucks had a pivotal Game 4 with the Brooklyn Nets. If the Bucks won, they would force at least a Game 6, and it would be a brand new series. Kyrie Irving went down in the second quarter and didn’t return. Milwaukee got

Giannis’ Explanation on His Three-Point Shooting Makes Sense But Falls Short

Giannis Antetokounmpo had a solid night from the field. He scored 33 points, he grabbed 14 rebounds. It’s tough to be mad at a performance like this one. That said, there were still some criticisms that came out of the Game 3 victory. Most notably,

Giannis & Khris Put Their Team On Their Back to Give Milwaukee a Game 3 Win

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton are the original leaders of this Milwaukee Bucks team. Jrue Holiday and P.J. Tucker are both leaders in their own right. But Giannis and Khris both started from the bottom and now are here. They refused to let the Bucks

Don’t Care if Jay Williams’ Story Is Fake, Giannis Should Use It As Motiviation

Get Up had a chance to be ugly for Wisconsin sports on Tuesday morning. We had the Aaron Rodgers news coupled with the Milwaukee Bucks getting embarrassed in Game 2. The national media was ready to rain 1000 suns down on the Bucks and probably