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Bucks Are Having a Helluva Time in Paris

Milwaukee Bucks are enjoying their time in Paris. This does not surprise me. They deserve it. Part of these international trips is pleasure and fun plus being out in the international community. The game isn’t exactly secondary, but the bigger thing for the league is

BucksCap: Bucks Overcome Sloppy Play to Win Seven Straight

It is weird to watch the Milwaukee Bucks out of sorts. It does not happen often. Bucks are a team that plays rather crisp and clean. They did neither in the first half against the Chicago Bulls. Milwaukee held on to a one-point lead at

Noted Bucks Fan Neymar Welcomes Team to Paris

There is a small collection of known Bucks fans in the sports world. We have Aaron Rodgers, David Bakhtiari, Za’Darius Smith, and a few other Packers players. I’d call Craig Counsell a fan. Same with Christian Yelich. Outside of the Wisconsin sports world, they are

Giannis & Bud Attending Wesley Matthews’ Night Warms My Heart

Giannis Antetokounmpo does the little things. The little things that make you love him even more as a person and an athlete. The guy is a genuinely good person, therefore, I’m not surprised when he does nice things. For example, he spent his off night

The Push Is On To Make Middleton & Bledsoe All-Stars

With the NBA All-Star Game, it is all about campaigning sometimes. You want to campaign to make sure it is known that your guy deserves to be there. Giannis Antetokounmpo and a few others in the media are making it known that Bucks need more

BucksCap: Milwaukee Embarrasses Knicks Yet Again

Look, I get the idea of any given night one team can beat another team. But for the New York Knicks, how do you think they deal with heading to play Milwaukee. ‘Oh man, I guess we’re going to get beat by 20 again.’ Bucks

Giannis Breaks All-Time NBA Record 42 Games Into Season

There are things that surprise you then there are things that make you pop the eyes out of the back of your head. Giannis Antetokounmpo did something today that no one else has done for a full season in the NBA. He had his seventh

How Packers Can Bring Anthony Davis to Milwaukee

Anthony Davis is a noted Packers fan like Lil Wayne. I would not say his fandom is at the same level, but Davis is still a Packers fan nonetheless. He decided on his off day to kick it up at Lambeau Field for the Packers-Seahawks

BucksCap: Bucks Channel Their Inner Packers For Win

Milwaukee Bucks pulled a 2019 Green Bay Packers. Now, I hate cross-sports comparisons with a fiery passion but hear me out on this one. The Packers are known this year for winning ugly. It is not the prettiest game, but they still got the job

BucksCap: Spurs Get Revenge & Blow Out Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks faced the San Antonio Spurs for the second straight game on Monday night. Spurs-Bucks met in San Antonio after the Bucks beat them on Saturday night at the Fiserv Forum. These games are never easy to sweep no matter the team. I believe