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The Time For Khris Middleton To Become a Star is Now

Khris Middleton is a great number two for the Milwaukee Bucks. He is a great Robin to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Batman. Middleton was a .01 away from having a 50/40/90 season before the world shut down on March 11th. That club is a small and very

Eric Bledsoe’s Positive COVID Test Isn’t A Concern

Reporters told us what Bucks Twitter knew a few weeks ago. Eric Bledsoe tested positive for COVID-19. I talked about it on my podcast yesterday how the sleuths of Bucks Twitter, notably my guy Shaffty, figured this out. I also said that Bledsoe didn’t need

Giannis’ Bubble Thoughts Should End Any NBA Negativity

For the first week of the NBA Bubble, people acted like it was the worst thing ever for players. Rajon Rondo complained about his room. Serge Ibaka looked like he was doing the most disappointing episode of MTV Cribs. Troy Daniels showcased the food that

Robin Lopez Leading The Charge for Disney Mascots to Replace NBA Mascots

Robin Lopez and mascots are one of the best rivalries in sports. Lopez has many different battles with many different mascots. Yesterday, Lopez was asked about not having the mascots in Orlando. Side note, this is news to me. I get mascots aren’t important with

Which Bucks Player Would Be The Best To Shotgun a Beer?

On the first couple of nights, people wondered if the NBA could keep their players’ interest. The bubble food didn’t look good. Rajon Rondo called the hotel, a ‘Motel 6.’ But after the first few hiccups, it appears that the players are adapting to the

Rate Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Zoom Freak 2 Shoes

Giannis Antetokounmpo hit a home run with his first shoe. The Zoom Freak 1’s were a massive success. The number of colorways available lets people’s creativity run well with them. The ‘Coming to America’ editions were awesome too. Then which helped draw even more awareness

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Kid Already Loves The Ladies

We mentioned before on this blog that Giannis Antetokounmpo has to be one of the few that I have loved quarantine the most. He got to spend valuable time with his newborn, Liam that he would not have been able to during the NBA regular

Bucks & NBA Struggle Through First Step Back to Basketball

Milwaukee Bucks will not be having any more practices at their facility. A positive test sprung up in a round of testing this weekend. Someone on the team or the coaching staff has COVID. This is a theme across the NBA. 7 of the 22

Why the Bucks Team Chemistry is The Secret Ingredient in Orlando

Giannis Antetokounmpo knows it is tough to win a championship. Giannis knows it is even tougher when you do not get home court throughout the playoffs. Instead, you’re playing in Orlando, Florida for three months. Antetokounmpo said yesterday that the Orlando visit would be ‘harder

Headline Predictions For Bucks’ Eight Games in Orlando

Milwaukee Bucks are headed to Orlando in the coming weeks. They’re going to self-isolate and begin the process of the new normal down in Florida. Bucks’ schedule came out on Friday. The schedule itself features a lot of premier games that shouldn’t surprise anyone. All