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PODCAST: My Playoff Experience at Fiserv Forum

Thursday’s edition of Daily Tap features Charlie breaking down Game 1 from all angles. Discussing why this is a terrible loss for the Raptors, Brook Lopez’s big night, Giannis’s adjustments and why he’s not worried about Bledsoe or Middleton. The second part of the podcast

Bucks Buzz: Lopez Leads Bucks to Game 1 Victory

Some could say the Milwaukee Bucks didn’t exactly deserve Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I would say that’s a fair point honestly. Bucks did not have their best effort from three and other shots were not falling for them. But one player who

Malcolm Brogdon Declared War on Canada

Malcolm Brogdon is working his way back from a foot injury. He did not start for the Bucks for the second straight game, and instead, he came off the bench. Brogdon delivered for Milwaukee in his second game back. He had 15 points in 27

NBA Draft Lottery Results Do Not Truly Impact Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks could have seen some big names in the Central Division if the NBA Draft Lottery broke in a certain way. There would have been something cool about seeing Zion Williamson four times a year or playing against Ja Morant on a regular basis.

Milwaukee Radio Station takes a break from Drake

Milwaukee Radio Station Takes Break From Drake

There are countless examples of Bucks fever springing up all over the City of Milwaukee. I absolutely love it. Some people are doing it poorly like the lame ‘Buck up’ billboard I saw driving home from the podcast. Others did it in the perfect way

Giannis vs. Kawhi Personal Matchup is Overblown

National media loves itself a storyline. Look, I get it. They have to get people to care about the sport or the event that’s happening especially when they need an angle to drive attention to it. Case in point, the national media’s desire to make

Kawhi Leonard’s Buzzer-Beater Sends Toronto to ECF

Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs came to a close on Sunday night. Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers played a hard-fought, low-scoring classic Game 7 that will be remembered for some time. With no time left, Kawhi Leonard hit a buzzer-beater that bounced five times

Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee Knocks Celtics Out & Advances

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Milwaukee Bucks would be in the Eastern Conference Finals after Wednesday’s game. Why? Well, it looked like the Boston Celtics had quit on their team to end Game 4, and no one thought they could ring the

Two MVP Finally Meet: Yelich and Antetokounmpo

Christian Yelich won the National League MVP in 2018. Giannis Antetokounmpo could very well be the MVP of the NBA in a month or so. They had never met despite living in the same city. Obviously, they both have busy schedules, and it is hard

David Bakhtiari is Bucks’ Beer-Chugging Mascot & I Love It

Offensive linemen are the best. I am biased because I am a lineman at heart and some of my best friends are also former lineman. We stick together, and we do things that no one else would do. Last series, David Bakhtiari chugged a beer