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Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee Holds Off Hawks Final Push

While many people are crying in their beer last night when Wisconsin fell to Florida, people can shift their attention to Milwaukee Bucks who are the hottest team in basketball. Milwaukee won nine of their last 11, and they are 11-3 for the month of

Tyreke Evans Believes He’s Just Like Giannis

Sometimes, you wonder how people come up with things that make absolutely no sense. They say it, and you give the awkward laugh/smile saying ‘Yeah, cool.’ And either leave immediately or switch the topic so you don’t have to go in on how stupid they

Bucks Buzz: Winning West Coast Road Trip Is Real & Spectacular

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how this West Coast trip was a do-or-die two weeks for Milwaukee Bucks. I reserved myself to being okay with Bucks going .500 on the trip and coming back for a huge weekend at Bradley Center. That didn’t

Bucks Are Leaders in PB&J Game

A story came out yesterday from ESPN about how the NBA is turning to a Peanut Butter and Jelly first league. All over the NBA teams have specific spreads for sandwiches as it works for a snack before the game, or one afterwards. As someone

Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee Stops Portland In Their Tracks

Milwaukee Bucks are still on the West Coast. They’ll be there until tomorrow when they finish it off versus Sacramento Kings. Milwaukee can have a winning West Coast road trip for the first time in forever. Their win tonight versus Portland had much to do

PODCAST: Happy ‘Pretend You’re A Badgers Fan’ Week

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast. Wisconsin Badgers are in Sweet 16 for the fourth straight year. We talk about two things with Badgers fandom – One is how people all expect the other Wisconsinites to be Badgers fans during this

Luke Walton Whines About Bucks Touching His Players

Last night after the NCAA Tournament, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers got into a scuffle right before the end of the third quarter. Nick Young went at Malcolm Brogdon over a hard foul. Greg Monroe came in and bullied Young. Then the young Lakers

Bucks Buzz Vol. 65: The Los Angeles Survival Guide

Milwaukee Bucks-Los Angeles Clippers met for the second time this month. Bucks knew that given the chippy nature of the first game that Los Angeles would be out for blood. Bucks responded to everything that was thrown their way throughout this game. Even with some

Brandon Jennings Brings Back Bucks In 6

Every now and again, we get a tweet of a year nominee. It can come out nowhere, and tonight, it came from Washington Wizards and former Milwaukee Buck Brandon Jennings. The artist formerly known as Young Buck had some fun with the #LaVarBallSays hashtag which

Tapping The Keg Podcast: The Bracket Busters

Tapping The Keg Podcast returns for another edition. This time, we are talking NCAA bracket and what to make of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. One thing to note, we had to tape this podcast over Skype due to bad Wisconsin weather so you need to