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Bucks Buzz Vol. 47: Big Boston Comeback Falls Short

Milwaukee Bucks finished off their January on a disastrous note losing their eighth game in their last nine games. Bucks fell to Boston Celtics in overtime, 112-108, where once again, they struggled in one quarter and played well in the other three. If Milwaukee showed

Jason Kidd’s Time In Milwaukee Should Be Over

In mid-November, I remember sitting on my couch writing with the same kind of anger that Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy should be fired. That turned out to be one of my worst takes of 2016. It happens, and I find myself feeling

Bucks Buzz Vol. 46: Gutless & Heartless in Toronto

This is late, but it’s worth talking about Milwaukee Bucks. Last night was not a good one in Toronto. Bucks didn’t show up in the first quarter and that set the tone for the rest of game. There were a few good signs, but not

As Expected, Jabari Parker Isn’t An All-Star

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker will be on the honorable mention of All-Star possiblities, but he didn’t make the actual team this evening. People thought it might too greedy for Bucks to get two All-Stars when Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected starter a couple weeks ago

PODCAST Ep. 222: Packers Exit Interview

Tapping The Keg podcast features an exit interview of sorts debriefing on Packers as they exit from our lives for awhile. We look at the game on Sunday then talk about which free agents hold the most value on this team. We head into basketball

Bucks Buzz Vol. 45: Another Late Game Disaster

We’re at the scene where Lloyd telling Harry ‘OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!’ Bucks have lost five of their last six. Milwaukee is 5-8 for the month of January. Worst part about tonight is Bucks had a spirited comeback only to fall apart in

Inside The NBA Tackles Bucks Locker Room Drama

There aren’t too many sports takes where almost everyone comes to an agreement. But one is Inside The NBA is one of the best sports pregame and postgame show that will ever exist in all of sports. They have so much fun but Inside The

Bucks Buzz Vol. 44: Giannis & Jabari Carry The Load

It’s fair to say, Milwaukee Bucks were on the brink. They’ve lost four straight and face three playoff teams this week with a surging Sixers team sans The Process to add into the mix. Milwaukee got off on the right foot with a great closing

All-Star Starter Giannis Antetokounmpo… Sounds Nice

Milwaukee Bucks haven’t had an All-Star since 2004 season when Michael Redd played for the team as a reserve. The 12-year drought ended on Thursday night when Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected to be an All-Star starter for the Eastern Conference. It’s a great honor, and

Bucks Buzz Vol. 40: The Great Philly Flub

What a bad loss. There’s no way around it. Philly came into Bradley Center on Monday afternoon and took Bucks lunch money in the fourth quarter. There’s not much more to say about this one. If you listen to Mitch and I, we talk about