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Bucks Buzz Vol. 30: Parker Pulverizes Detroit

There were multiple reasons for me to be giddy at Marquette game. For one, Golden Eagles were winning, and the other was Jabari Parker and your Milwaukee Bucks were dominating Detroit Pistons. I couldn’t wait to watch the highlights from this game, and see what

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Do Or Die For NFC North

While everyone else is taking the week off, the Tapping The Keg boys are back for the final episode in 2016. Here’s what we have for the week. 6:00-19:00 – NFC North Championship Game preview. We look at all the different angles with some thoughts

Bucks Should Be Playing on Christmas

This is a special year for television viewing when it comes to Christmas Day. Not only do we get five NBA games, we also get two NFL games. That’s fantastic. Even better, Cleveland Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors start before football gets going in the afternoon. That

Bucks Buzz Vol. 28: Career-High Christmas Cheer

Milwaukee Bucks headed home for their last game at Bradley Center for 2016 to play Washington Wizards. Bucks had lost two straight to Cleveland and wanted to have a good holiday weekend before meeting Washington again on Monday night. They made damn sure of it.

Bucks Buzz Vol. 26: Milwaukee Shows They Belong

So close. Milwaukee Bucks fell to Cleveland Cavaliers in a tough overtime defeat, 114-108. Bucks battled back from being down 18 points in the first half to force overtime, and they had a lead in the extra period, yet they couldn’t hold on. Milwaukee did

Bucks Lost But Brogdon Dunked On LeBron

MALCOLM BROGDON MIGHT HAVE THE DUNK OF THE YEAR! #NBAVine — NBA (@NBA) December 21, 2016 The PREZ. We’ll have a Bucks Buzz cooked up here in a second, but first, we need to talk about Malcolm Brogdon. He had a reverse slam over

Tapping The Keg Podcast: No Lucky Wins in December

Lucky win? Not with the Packers. Maybe Tapping The Keg is lucky to have you as a loyal listener. We unpack Packers big win against Chicago, and what are the takeaways from the game plus why lucky wins aren’t a thing in December. We look

Does Bucks Sweep Of Bulls Mean Anything?

This might shock you, but I’m a big fan of complaining about little things when the opportunity presents itself. I complained on the podcast this week about Milwaukee Bucks playing three straight back-to-back affairs with three teams. So far, they’re proving me wrong it’s a

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Pack Attack is Back, Jack

Podcast returns for another week where we get way too excited about Packers chances after throttling Seattle Seahawks. We look at Aaron Rodgers’ MVP chances, Packers playoff hopes and what we’ve seen recently. We also look at Bucks struggles, and what can be done. Charlie

Bucks Fans, It’s Time To Protest Jägermeister

News came out over the weekend that Jägermeister is currently suing Milwaukee Bucks for their new logo. This is fresh off the heels of NHL’s Las Vegas Knights getting sued over their new logo. Apparently, Milwaukee and Jägermeister are working out a deal here in