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Bucks Buzz Vol. 55: Bucks Head Into Break On High Note

Milwaukee Bucks are hot again. They head into All-Star Break with a three-game winning streak. They’re 25-30, and one game out of the playoffs. Additionally, they’re playing good basketball. Tonight, the fourth quarter was a near hiccup, but Bucks preserved with a great win as

Bucks Buzz Vol. 54: Twice As Nice For Milwaukee

Milwaukee Bucks have won two straight games. My friend Lou Brown once said, ‘Win another one, and it’s a winning streak.’ Bucks could win three straight games and be 25-30 at the All-Star Break. While that’s not ideal, people would have seen that as realistic

Giannis Throws Down A Space Jam Dunk

Milwaukee Bucks point forward Giannis Antetokounmpo is known for his highlight reel plays, and we saw another one on Saturday night when Bucks took on Indiana Pacers. Giannis had the highlight of the night with a Space Jam dunk that makes me think they cast

What’s Next For Bucks and Jabari Parker?

News broke on Friday afternoon that Jabari Parker would not be playing for the rest of the season, and probably, 2018 as well with a torn ACL. The second ACL tear in the same knee where he suffered an ACL tear in 2014. For the

PODCAST: Best Sports Year Ever + Bucks’ Fox Valley Move

Welcome to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. This is a shorter than usual podcast, but it’s worth your time I promise. We talk about the Super Bowl after a few days of digesting it and look at how this game changed so quickly.

The End is Near With Bucks and Jason Kidd

Last night after Bucks fell for the 10th time in 12 games, Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd did not meet with the media. Instead, John Hammond, Bucks General Manager, field the questions and said him and Kidd were having a ‘Basketball discussion.’ It’s become

Jabari Parker Suffers A Non-Contact Knee Injury

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this tonight. Usually, I let things play out a little bit but coming home tonight, I flipped back and forth with Bucks. Soon to find out that Jabari Parker, Bucks star, went down in a heap with a non-contact

Bucks’ Chance to Expand State Footprint Starts in Oshkosh

Today, Milwaukee Bucks will announce they are having their D-League team play in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Many people have been submitting different names for Bucks D-League team, and I’m curious to see how they go about picking the nickname. But this is a big step for

Do Milwaukee Bucks Making Playoffs Matter?

While watching overtime of the thrilling Cleveland Cavaliers-Washington Wizards game, it hit me that these two teams are head and shoulders above what Milwaukee Bucks are right now. It wasn’t that way the whole season, but the way it’s shaped out in last month, Milwaukee

Can Khris Middleton Save Bucks Season?

On Friday’s Bucks broadcast Milwaukee Bucks guard Khris Middleton announced that he will be coming back on Wednesday night versus Miami. This is exciting news for fans as some thought he might miss the season with this injury or if he came back, it wouldn’t