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Can the Milwaukee Bucks Live Up To the Hype?

Milwaukee Bucks season starts this evening at Boston then on Friday night, they open the Bradley Center schedule up with a showdown against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe it’s naive of me, but I’m expecting the LeBron fanboys to only be present when Milwaukee’s digital team

Bucks & Parker Made Right Move Not Signing Extension

On Monday, Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker did not reach an agreement with the team when it came to a potential extension that would have kept him with the team for multiple years to come. Many did not know what would come of the chance

Giannis Finished Preseason With a Block Party

If you wanted to get excited about the Milwaukee Bucks season, look no further than Friday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons. Sure, they struggled to close it out, but I can’t really think that’s worth passing judgement considering the lineup in there. Bucks made

ESPN Floats a Boogie for Jabari Swap

In ESPN’s preview article for the Milwaukee Bucks season, there were a ton of ideas, predictions and thoughts about the 2017-2018. One of those thoughts was for the New Orleans Pelicans to trade DeMarcus Cousins to Milwaukee for Jabari Parker and John Henson. That’s a

WSW: The Great, The Average & The Heartbreak

This was not a weekend to be quiet on the blog posts. I apologize for that, but I took myself a trip up north with the lady friend and was away from the action for the whole weekend. I did my best to keep myself

Will the Bucks Version of the Process Pay Off?

My podcast partner Mitch hates the term, ‘Trust the Process.’ He told me this at the bar last Saturday. It bothers him because it’s a Sixers thing, first and foremost, who have become a pseudo-rival, and it’s something we see overused by people in all

Did Bucks Make A Serious Play At Kyrie?

Milwaukee Bucks were a team discussed when the Kyrie Irving sweepstakes happened at the end of summer. People thought Milwaukee had enough pieces to make a deal happen, and a report came out saying how Giannis Antetokounmpo was ‘untouchable’ (Uhh ya think?). After the Celtics

How Does Kyrie-IT Trade Affect Bucks This Season?

When Milwaukee Bucks open up the season against Boston and Cleveland, there will be some new faces on each team. Milwaukee will be there for the debut of Kyrie Irving in Boston while Isaiah Thomas will be suited for Cleveland for Bucks home opener. In

It’s Hard To Find Remorse For O.J. Mayo

I’m sure you will find me to be a dick with this title. That’s fine. With the Monday I had, I can be called anything on this Tuesday morning. O.J. Mayo opened up to Sports Illustrated about being suspended by the league until 2018 and

Weak-Minded Sixers Fans To Invade Milwaukee

According to some people, Philadelphia 76ers are the future of basketball. I get it with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric and others, they have a bright future ahead of them. Yet Sixers fans developed a beef with Milwaukee Bucks over a host of things.