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What’s Bucks Fans’ Expectations In NBA Playoffs?

Milwaukee Bucks clinched a playoff berth over the weekend. It’s incredible to think Milwaukee will be playing playoff basketball after how this season looked like one for the draft lottery after Jabari Parker went down with an injury. Things changed in March, and that’s the

Michael Beasley Snapchat Takeover Was Electric

Michael Beasley is in the upper echelon for me when it comes to favorite Milwaukee Bucks players on this roster. Beasley is such a breath of fresh air, and he seems like one of the guys that holds the team together with his loose personality.

PODCAST: Baseball Player >>> 9-to-5 Job

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast where we have a much shorter than usual podcast due to things out of control. Even though this is a quick podcast, there’s a lot of information here that you can chew on. The biggest

Bucks Buzz: Oklahoma Where The Blowouts Happen

Milwaukee Bucks were due for a bad loss. I mean it had to happen, right? They went on a crazy hot streak where they won 14 games, and they had one stinker against a red-hot Golden State team middle of March. Even in that one,

Bucks Buzz: Sundays Continue To Not Be For Bucks

Heading into Sunday’s game against Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks were one game away from guaranteeing a .500 season. Dallas Mavericks had been elimination from the playoffs last night, and they only had 10 wins away from their home arena. That didn’t stop Dallas at all

Bucks Buzz: The Thon Maker Breakout Game

Milwaukee Bucks looked like on their way to the first bad loss in quite some time on Friday night. They were dead in the water halfway through the fourth quarter. All of the sudden Milwaukee crept back into this game and started chipping away at

Giannis Chats With Fans Through MKE Bus Stop

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a one of, if not the best, young star in the National Basketball Association. He has an infectious personality that knows no bounds. Not surprising when you combine the two together that Giannis is going to start seeing the endorsements roll in,

Bucks Watch: TNT Bulls Take Center Stage

This is the third edition of the ever popular Bucks Watch. For the first time, this is a quiet night when it comes to worry about the playoff hunt so Bucks fans can take the night off if they want from the NBA. Last two

Bucks Buzz: The Prez Makes His Campaign Pitch

“This is starting to feel real.” Mitch, my podcast partner, texted that to me. I couldn’t help but agree with him. Milwaukee Bucks swept their back-to-back, and they’ve won 12 of their last 15 games. They’re 17-6 since early February. No one expected them to

Bucks Watch: Who Survives The Back-to-Back?

Milwaukee Bucks found themselves in the six seed after last night’s 118-108 win against Charlotte Hornets. Bucks received some breathing room too as Indiana fell to Minnesota putting them one game behind. Atlanta Hawks broke their losing streak to keep pace with Milwaukee. Now, many