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Not Much Changes if Marc Lasry Leaves Milwaukee

Election Day is a big one for the Milwaukee Bucks organization. Marc Lasry is a very close friend to Hilary Clinton. Lasry and his son, Alex, have gone to great lengths from a money perspective to get Clinton elected as President of the United States.

Bucks Buzz Weekend Wrap Up: Flash and Crash Offense

This is your Bucks Buzz wrap-up giving you a look at what’s happening with Milwaukee’s professional basketball team. Bucks split a weekend again in the exact same fashion as last weekend winning on Saturday at home versus Sacramento and losing on the road in Dallas.

Bucks Buzz Vol. 5: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Milwaukee Bucks headed into tonight with a 2-2 record in hopes of going over .500 for the first time this season. They faced a new-look Indiana team who many peg as a playoff team. Bucks steamrolled Pacers in a rousing 125-107 victory. It’s the second

MCW Says Milwaukee Wasn’t Good For Him

File this under the least shocking news on the face of the planet. Former Milwaukee Bucks player Michael Carter-Williams took some time to rip Milwaukee’s ‘situation’ as he calls saying it wasn’t the best thing for him. Here’s what Carter-Williams said to the Chicago media

Bucks Buzz Vol. 4: Giannis & Jabari Steal The Show

Bucks Buzz is your daily recap on what happened in tonight’s Bucks game. The goal is to get to the fine Tappers by the night of, but sometimes, it comes the next day or in weekend recap form. Players of the Game: Giannis Antetokounmpo and

Bucks Buzz Vol. 2 & 3: Milwaukee is Still a Work In Progess

Bucks Buzz is SnoTapWI’s daily recap on what happened in last night’s Bucks game. In the best of times for this blog, I’ll have the buzz hot and ready for you the next day. Sometimes, we do this dance where we wrap up the weekend

KG Possibly a New Bucks Coach?

This isn’t really a Woj Bomb, but news came out late last night that Kevin Garnett talked with Milwaukee Bucks about a coaching consultant role. He also talked with Cleveland about a similar role. Sources: Beyond joining TNT's studio show, Kevin Garnett still talking w/

Bucks Buzz Vol. 1: Hornets Spoil Home Opener Party

This is Bucks Buzz. It’s the daily recap of Milwaukee Bucks. We hope to do this every night after the game or right away the next morning pending on timing, viewability all that stuff. We’ll look at a player of the game for both teams,

Tapping The Keg 2016-2017 NBA Preview

Welcome to NBA season. While we don’t have a Warriors hot take since we tape this on a Monday night, we do have some thoughts about how the league will shape up this season. The first half of this pod focuses around Milwaukee Bucks and

Quick NBA Predictions For 2016-2017 Season

Our real NBA preview will come out tomorrow in podcast form where we will talk about Milwaukee Bucks then the two conferences so look for that, it was a lot of fun. Here are some quick predictions for the division and the playoffs. My biggest