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Bucks Buzz Vol. 44: Giannis & Jabari Carry The Load

It’s fair to say, Milwaukee Bucks were on the brink. They’ve lost four straight and face three playoff teams this week with a surging Sixers team sans The Process to add into the mix. Milwaukee got off on the right foot with a great closing

All-Star Starter Giannis Antetokounmpo… Sounds Nice

Milwaukee Bucks haven’t had an All-Star since 2004 season when Michael Redd played for the team as a reserve. The 12-year drought ended on Thursday night when Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected to be an All-Star starter for the Eastern Conference. It’s a great honor, and

Bucks Buzz Vol. 40: The Great Philly Flub

What a bad loss. There’s no way around it. Philly came into Bradley Center on Monday afternoon and took Bucks lunch money in the fourth quarter. There’s not much more to say about this one. If you listen to Mitch and I, we talk about

Joel Embiid Calls Bradley Center a ‘Shithole’

Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid likes to gives locations to all of his Instagram posts. They are usually pretty entertaining and witty. Embiid called Bradley Center or Milwaukee a ‘shithole’ in his Instagram location today. It’s since been deleted because that’s what happens in

Bucks Buzz Vol. 39: Hawks Have Bucks Number Again

Some might say playoff tiebreaker talk in mid-January is meaningless, but to me, it’s important. Milwaukee Bucks have one tiebreaker secured with the Chicago Bulls. Two teams have now have tiebreakers over Bucks – Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks as it’s apparent the NBA Southeast

Bucks Buzz Vol. 38: Milwaukee Douse The Heat

Sorry, this is a little late, folks. Milwaukee Bucks could have let down against a bad Heat team on Friday night. Milwaukee had their best win of the year versus San Antonio, and they played a lowly Miami team. Now, Heat finished up a 10-day,

PODCAST EP. 220: Big Week for Internet Crybabies

Let’s do this damn thing for another week with the podcast boys. This week, we discuss Internet crybabies in all sorts of forms. We had people who were crying about Randall Cobb pushing off during that Hail Mary. We had people crying about how long

Bucks Buzz Vol. 37: Milwaukee Stuns Spurs

“It would be so like our podcast for Bucks to beat Spurs while we tape.” – Mitch Ross. That’s what exactly happened. What a world to watch Bucks beat San Antonio for the first time since 2008. That’s an actual thing. Bucks seem to find

ESPN Puts Bucks-Rockets On National TV & It Begins

ESPN announced they are putting the Wednesday January 18th matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets on their network. This isn’t surprising at all. The combination of Bucks recent success with Giannis’ growing national brand makes them the new TV darling, and ESPN/TNT are

Giannis With All His Greek Fans Was Awesome

Sure, we’ll stop talking about Giannis after this blog post, but the more Giannis, the better in my book after what he’s doing this week. Giannis Antetokounmpo spent time after the game signing autographs for his New York Greek fan base who came out to