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How Does Kawhi in Toronto Affect the Bucks?

Overnight, the Woj Bomb of Woj bombs happened as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Kawhi Leonard will become a member of the Toronto Raptors. The deal is not yet completely announced but the centerpiece going back to San Antonio is DeMar DeRozan. Kawhi is already

Ariana Grande & NBA Twitter Are Currently Feuding

Well this isn’t a headline I expected to write when I woke up this morning. Apparently, a dude called ou Ariana Grande on Twitter by saying she had the third worst group of Twitter besides the ‘LBGTQ Twitter’ and ‘Feminist Twitter.’ He did not tag

Time to Say Goodbye to Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is no longer a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. He’ll be joining the Chicago Bulls, his hometown team and a rival of the Bucks. News came out over the weekend that Parker received a 2-year deal for 40 million dollars with a team

Budenholzer’s ‘Jabari Snub’ Isn’t a Sign

Mike Budenholzer appeared on Woj’s podcast yesterday talking about his new job. The interview was great. Budenholzer gave a lot of open and clear answers about what this Milwaukee Bucks team might look like this season. If you’ve listen to Jason Kidd over the last

Five Food Choices We’d Like to See in Bucks New Digs

An announcement came down over the weekend that the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena will have Chick-fil-A inside the arena. Yes, you heard that right. We will be able to enjoy chicken sandwiches during sporting events. Yes, it will be closed on Sundays, and that will

Bucks Smartly Add Brook Lopez to the Squad

Milwaukee Bucks’ front office did not receive high marks for how they handled the offseason thus far. When we did our SnoTap Summer Jam, Murph failed the Bucks for how they’ve done the offseason so far while Mitch gave them a D. People were not

All Is Quiet on the Jabari Parker Front

The NBA Free Agency madness quieted down over the last two days. Not much has happened in the free agency world, and it makes you wonder why these teams can’t be more patient. Jabari Parker is still a restricted free agent. If Parker was looking

Story Time with Doobie: My Favorite Time at CVS

The NBA is a complete mess. I’m unhappy, so on this day, instead of thinking about the dark cloud looming over my NBA Utopia, I choose to think about a time where my outstanding knowledge of the NBA and all things basketball, put me in

NBA Dystopia: Why the League is in Real Trouble

I want to start this out as an apology. An apology to all my friends I turned onto following the NBA. About all the conversations I had throughout the years about the “league’s deeper meaning” and the historical competitiveness of Earth’s greatest athletes. I want

Eastern Conference Is Better Than You Think

After LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, people began to say ‘What’s left in the Eastern Conference?’ Yes, there are multiple superstars in the Western Conference, and I do think there should be 16-team tournament versus East-West. It’s going to be a thing in