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Giannis is the New King of the Eastern Conference

LeBron James is going to Los Angeles to be a Laker. He’s doing the thing that so many others have done in the past. With James leaving the Eastern Conference, there are not many superstars available on the Eastern and Central time zone. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Ersan Ilyasova Returns to Milwaukee

Milwaukee Bucks were not expected to make a move when NBA Free Agency began overnight on Saturday. But the news came across the wire to read that the Milwaukee Bucks inked Ersan Ilyasova to a three-year deal for 21 million dollars. The third year is

Will the Bucks Announce Their Arena Sponsor in August?

Milwaukee Bucks are having their block party in late August. They’re calling it the Grand Opening for the Wisconsin Sports and Entertainment Center. The question is will there be an arena sponsor by then? Or are the Bucks waiting to seal the deal until the

Enes Kanter Tweets & Deletes Deer Emoji

Well here we go. New York Knicks Center Enes Kanter tweeted then deleted a deer emoji late last night. The deer emoji is typically used for the Milwaukee Bucks, so, this leads some Bucks fans to think we might see some noise with Knater on

The End of Eric Bledsoe in Milwaukee

Eric Bledsoe will probably not be a Milwaukee Bucks player in October. It leaked out over the last couple of days that the Bucks looked to trade Bledsoe and Matthew Dellavedova on the day of the NBA Draft. Bledsoe is a logical player to get

Giannis Leaked as the NBA 2K Cover Athlete

Giannis Antetokounmpo will be adding another highlight to his career this coming Fall… Video game coverboy. Giannis will be on the cover of NBA2k for the 2018-2019 season. It makes sense that Giannis would get that honor for next season. I’m sure 2k is pissed

Bucks Continue To ‘Own’ New Arena

I’ve noticed something pretty cool in the last couple of weeks for the new Wisconsin Sports and Entertainment Arena. The Milwaukee Bucks own the entire thing. They want people to know that this is a Bucks arena first and everything else second. We first saw

Jabari Parker & Ray Allen Together Hits Me in the Feels

It’s great to see the young and old come together when sports involved. We love to see when alumni Packers players return to Lambeau Field, or when they’re talking to some of the star players of the team. Same goes for the Brewers with Robin

The Bucks New Arena Roof Makes Me Upset

I am here to tell you that the Bucks new arena has a bad roof. Yes, you heard me right, the roof stinks out loud. I’m not pleased about it, but what are you going to do? People say there are worse things in life

BREAKING: Giannis’ New Food Love: Corn Dogs

One of the first things that made Giannis Antetokounmpo an internet star was his love of smoothies. He talked about them a bit on Twitter, and it became a cliche thing for while to talk about with Giannis before he became really good at basketball.