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Giannis is Feeling 22

Giannis Antetokounmpo captured the attention of America in the last week. Every game has become a ‘Oh shit, what’s Giannis is going to this game. Jack Maloney created an A-plus video for Giannis’ 22nd birthday which was today. He put a full highlight video with

Bucks Buzz Vol. 19: San Antonio Breaks Bucks’ Hearts

They had it. Milwaukee could have gave San Antonio their first road loss of the season. Instead, they fell in heartbreaking fashion, 97-96. Milwaukee played the three of the best four teams in basketball, and they are 1-2 with those losses being by four and

Klay Thompson Scores 60 Points in 29 Minutes

K lay Thompson would like to have a word with the people who thought he would be the odd man out in Golden State. Thompson scored 60 points in 29 minutes in a complete drubbing of Indiana as Warriors roll 142-90. Golden State wins their

Bucks Buzz Vol. 18: Milwaukee Completes Brooklyn Sweep

I’m always curious what players think of playing the same team in consecutive games. They always give PC answers about it which is understandable but I wonder if it annoys them. Milwaukee Bucks probably would like to play Brooklyn all season. They completed a two-game

Tapping The Keg Episode 214: Badgers Unlikely CFB Playoff Hopes

Tapping The Keg podcast takes you into the weekend with the usual weekly greatness. We start talking about what Packers have to do to beat Texans along with thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and the new ‘folk hero’ Aaron Ripkowski. We look at the College Football

Bucks Buzz Vol. 17: No Letdown In Brooklyn

Milwaukee Bucks could have easily let down tonight playing lowly Brooklyn Nets. Some might have expected it. The ‘classic Bucks’ would have dropped this game. A part of me wants to believe this isn’t your older Bucks team. Nights like this are making me want

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Breaks Brogdon’s Ankles

Rondae Hollis Jefferson put Malcolm Brogdon on SKATES — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) December 2, 2016 OH NOOOOOO. Milwaukee Bucks won with a thrilling second half, but sadly, Milwaukee Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon got his ankles broken by Rondae Hollis-Jefferson at the tail end of

Bucks Getting Into Brewery Business?

Pictures came out yesterday depicting new images of Milwaukee Bucks entertainment district. The big thing that stood out to everyone was the image of brew tanks in the middle of it giving the look of a brewery. Everyone’s mind is wondering what could be going

Bucks Buzz Vol. 16: Giannis & Bucks Put League On Notice

On Tuesday night in the NBA, things got weird like that Workaholics GIF as Brooklyn Nets took down Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic beat San Antonio on the road and Milwaukee Bucks blew out Cleveland Cavaliers. The last one might not be that weird. Giannis

Thon Maker Puts Birdman on Endangered Species List

The LEGEND of Thon Maker continues… #OwnTheFuture — Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) November 30, 2016 Yes, this is a shitty joke made by everyone on Twitter, but let’s roll here. Thon Maker, Bucks rookie, showed off his moves on Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen as he crossed