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Giannis’ Extension is The Beginning of Bucks New Future

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the star of the Milwaukee Bucks. The second half of last season was an eye-opening experience for all Bucks fans. He looked like Magic Johnson on steroids and sent out a warning shot to the rest of the league. He’s completely unguardable

Darrelle Revis Shoved J.R. Smith in a Locker

We all know Darrelle Revis has been straight trash to begin the year. He looks washed and not the same football player. Revis is still one of the best corners of the last 10 years though. NBA Free Agent and champion J.R. Smith hopped on

Tapping The Keg Podcast Episode 203: Packers, Protests and Split Pants

Mitch and I recap a wedding we were both at this weekend. We also look at what the Packers did, what’s ahead for them plus how does David Bakhtiari’s deal shape the future of this offensive line. We also talk about Bob Nightengale’s confidence about

Jabari Parker Defends Colin Kaepernick

Save Your Jabari Parker Hot Takes

Jabari Parker donned a Colin Kaepernick jersey on Instagram today showing support for the 49ers quarterback. Parker spoke out this summer regarding the gun violence in Chicago, and how he wanted to solve the problem of keeping young kids off the street. Additionally, he said

What We Missed In Last Three Months

Cleveland Cavaliers taking the NBA Championship. During my three-month hiatus, I thought a lot about ‘How would I write about this?’ I don’t know if I could have put into words what I watched happened in the final three games. NBA Playoffs were crazy good