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Jon Horst Comes out Strong Against Bucks Rumors

The rumor mill is hot for the Milwaukee Bucks. We discussed this yesterday when looking at the long-term future with Jabari Parker and the head coaching search. After a Twitter fight broke out between Gery Woeffel and Alex Lasry, Horst shows some leadership skills and

Bucks Rumors Run Rampant on Parker & New Head Coach

Milwaukee Bucks do not shy themselves away from rumors. They’re unlike the Packers in a way where they seem to have people connected to the organization. Some are player guys, other are organization guys and some just throw shit to the wall. Bucks Senior Vice

Once Again, LeBron Proves Too Tough For Milwaukee

At some point in his career, Giannis Antetokounmpo will take the throne from LeBron James. It’s not happening any time soon though. James is still playing at an incredible level for his 15th year in the league and doing things we haven’t seen from a

Giannis ‘Likes’ Bayless’ Tweet Criticism of Him

You ever tape a podcast and everything happens in those 20 minutes you’re behind the mic? Probably not. This is very much a me problem. Giannis Antetokounmpo had 35 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists in a losing effort against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Giannis couldn’t

Still Can’t Get Over LeBron’s Poster Dunk

Yes, Cleveland lost again last night. Yes, LeBron got into with Ty Lue on the bench. This is easily LeBron’s worst team since the 2007 team he willed to the NBA Finals. The Eastern Conference is much harder this season, and it appears that it

Milwaukee Bucks Avoid the Memphis’ Blues

Milwaukee Bucks played in Memphis on Monday night. It’s a place that hasn’t been friendly for Milwaukee in the past as they haven’t won there since 2009. Yes, it’s been almost 10 years since the last Bucks win on the road against the Grizzlies. This

THE RETURN OF YOUNG BUCK: Jennings Crushes Debut

When Brandon Jennings took the floor in Memphis, no one really knew what to expect out of him. He had a 10-day contract beginning tonight that would run into middle of next week. Jennings did not play basketball in the United States for an NBA

Darren Rovell vs. Hot Sauce Went Exactly How You’d Expect

What started as admiration led to participation on Sunday afternoon. ESPN’s Darren Rovell loved the idea about the Atlanta Hawks brining former AND1 player Hot Sauce back who schools kids on the court in 50 seconds. After some Twitter pressure, Rovell got offered by the

Rockets Keep it Rolling Against the Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks faced an uphill climb on Wednesday night. They took on the best team in basketball, the Houston Rockets. This squad led by James Harden and Chris Paul are also the hottest team in basketball. Milwaukee has been known to end streaks before like

A Loss to Houston Does Not Matter, Bucks Fans

Milwaukee Bucks take on the Houston Rockets tonight at the Bradley Center. It might be seen from an outsider’s perspective as a ‘big game.’ Houston is a known team with James Harden, Chris Paul and others leading the way, and they’ve been unstoppable of late