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Headlines From Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

We are underaway with the NBA Playoffs after a thrilling weekend of hoops. For the most part, the games were pretty good. After a rough start last season, it appears we have a few series going long already with the results in the Toronto-Milwaukee, Los

Bucks Fans Need To Welcome The Bandwagon

After Milwaukee Bucks amazing Game 1 victory over Toronto Raptors, I started to see some Facebook statuses pop up like ‘You’re not a real diehard fan if you just started watching now, Bucks fans know!’ There were a few variations of this on Sunday. I

Charles Barkley’s Bizarre Comments About Isaiah Thomas

Charles Barkely is the head provocateur for the National Basketball Association. The last couple years have been an interesting twist with him because he went from a guy that everyone loved to an old-timer who gets mad about how the kids play these days. I

Bucks Buzz: Giannis & Defense Take Game 1

Playoff jitters were alive and well in Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon. People didn’t know what to think of the potential of Milwaukee-Toronto series. Everyone knew Bucks were very bad against Raptors the last two years losing 13 of their last 15 against them. Everyone also

SnoTap’s Official NBA Playoffs Predictions

Happy NBA Playoffs Day. It feels wrong that there is not a game going on right now. We will have to wait a couple hours before the first tip-off between LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers face off against Indiana Pacers who get the most face time

PODCAST: Giannis Breakout Party + NBA Playoffs Preview

NBA Playoffs are here! And so is Tapping The Keg podcast with our way of talking about them with you. Mitch and Charlie break down all of the series starting with the most important series of them all with Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. We

Bucks Buzz: Bench Mob Runs Out of Gas in Boston

Milwaukee Bucks did the traditional NBA thing and rested most of their players for the final game of the season. Milwaukee wanted them to gear up for the playoffs so the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Tony Snell and Matthew Dellavedova did not make

Mark Your Calendars: Bucks First Round Schedule Is Here

Milwaukee Bucks’ matchup with Toronto Raptors begins at 4:30 pm on Saturday afternoon on ESPN. Sadly for all of us, Bucks-Raptors are the annual NBATV series. I believe this has something to do with Canada, more so than the opponents because TNT or ESPN cannot

Giannis’ Jersey Sales Indicates Bucks Are A Growing Public Team

Milwaukee isn’t known for having public teams. They’re neighbors to the north in Green Bay are probably one of the most public teams in football. Brewers and Bucks really have never grasped a nation even when Brew Crew went on their run in 2011 or

Timberwolves Unveil A Dope New Logo

Minnesota Timberwolves are heading to the lottery for another year. T-Pups haven’t seen the playoffs since 2003-2004 season. Yet this has been their most exciting year in a long time with the development of future MVP Karl-Anthony Towns, Ricky Rubio finding his role, Andrew Wiggins