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Manu Ginobili Turns Back Time & Spurs Take Game 5

If you remember, I wrote a post about the NBA Playoffs being boring on Monday then loyal reader Charles Barkley followed that up with saying ‘These are the worst playoffs ever’ and ‘he would rather watch hockey.’ Everyone went down on the NBA, and they

Lowry and Paul Do Not Make Sense For Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks and their fans know this is a big offseason for the team. There are many moves that need to be made along with others that could possibly happen. But what we are seeing recently on social media are Bucks fans rushing to say

Lonzo Ball’s Rap Game Defines Big Baller

Another week, another story about the Ball family. This time it’s involving Lonzo, and a freestyle rap song leaked out yesterday featuring Ball rapping over the ‘Free Smoke’ beat from Drake’s ‘More Life.’ And let’s all be honest with ourselves here, it’s complete fire. Lonzo

Kevin Garnett & Former Celtics Explain Icy Ray Allen Relationship.

On TNT tonight in the popular KG’s Area 21, Kevin Garnett reunited his old Boston Celtics team with Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins. Doc Rivers even showed up for a little bit early on. There was one obvious missing

NBA’s Second Round Reeks of Boredom

You tell yourself ‘No, don’t be one of those guys!’ ‘Don’t do it, don’t rip the NBA for their bad product currently.’ But alas, I can’t help myself. NBA continues to see their second round games finish in blowout fashion. The last down-to-wire game featured

What Does This Week Bring For Jason Kidd?

Milwaukee Bucks are in and out of the news since their playoff lost to Toronto Raptors. We’ve heard talk about their intentions to ink Jabari Parker to a long-term deal, and the desire to re-sign Tony Snell along with some unknown about what Greg Monroe

Fight Night in DC: Celtics & Wizards Rivalry Grows

For awhile, crusty old NBA purists would say how ‘NBA doesn’t have any rivalries. All of these guys like each other because of AAU.’ That type in the NBA has come and gone. I feel like there’s more hate than ever from teams and players.

Big Baller Brand Screams Bust For Ball Family

I told myself that I wouldn’t talk about LaVar Ball too much. I meant that. He hasn’t been featured on the site very often since I made that declaration. But he released Lonzo Ball’s first shoe this afternoon to the sweet tune of $495. Yes,

Tapping The Keg Podcast: SnoTap Wrap Party

Consider this is the wrap-up podcasts to end all wrap-up podcasts. Mitch and Charlie talk about Charlie’s return to the podcasting studio after a week in paradise. He recaps his vacation and how his phone got him in trouble. The wrap up show continues by

McGinn & Gardner Leave Milwaukee Media Scene

A sad day happened in local Milwaukee media as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will no longer have the writings of Bob McGinn and Charles F. Gardner. Both are extremely well-respected journalists in the Milwaukee. For Gardner, it’s a retirement, and for McGinn, it’s not a