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Bucks Buzz Vol. 48: Offense Goes Quiet in Altitude

Milwaukee Bucks started the altitude road trip with a meeting versus Utah Jazz. Bucks haven’t won in the Salt Lake City altitude since Glenn Robinson hit a game-winning shot in 2001. Bucks were in desperate need of a victory, and they didn’t come close to

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Stick to Sports Super Bowl

Mitch and Charlie return for another strong episode of Tapping The Keg podcast, your favorite sports program. We talk about the not ‘Sticking to Sports’ on social media from sports media types. It’s a good, healthy discussion about where we’re at in this world. That

Sam Dekker Joined Barstool Radio This Afternoon

Houston Rockets forward and former Wisconsin Badger Sam Dekker joined the Barstool Radio program on Sirius XM radio show this afternoon. A little known fact about Dekker is he’s probably my favorite Badger player as a non-Badger guy. Reason? I love his college game and

Stephen Jackson’s Pregame Weed Ritual Surprises No One

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson shared a story on Monday about how he enjoyed to smoke weed before games after he passed the four mandatory drug tests of the season. To me, this is the least surprising thing ever. I don’t know where I stand

Bucks Buzz Vol. 47: Big Boston Comeback Falls Short

Milwaukee Bucks finished off their January on a disastrous note losing their eighth game in their last nine games. Bucks fell to Boston Celtics in overtime, 112-108, where once again, they struggled in one quarter and played well in the other three. If Milwaukee showed

Jason Kidd’s Time In Milwaukee Should Be Over

In mid-November, I remember sitting on my couch writing with the same kind of anger that Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy should be fired. That turned out to be one of my worst takes of 2016. It happens, and I find myself feeling

Bucks Buzz Vol. 46: Gutless & Heartless in Toronto

This is late, but it’s worth talking about Milwaukee Bucks. Last night was not a good one in Toronto. Bucks didn’t show up in the first quarter and that set the tone for the rest of game. There were a few good signs, but not

Enes Kanter Breaks Forearm In Temper Tantrum

We haven’t seen a dumb sports injury in awhile until Enes Kanter broke his forearm tonight. The Oklahoma City center threw a fit in the second quarter in a primetime game against Dallas Mavericks, and when Kanter slammed his arm down, he broke it as

Chicago Bulls: Dumpster Fire Of The Year

NBA is going through a really weird week. Chicago Bulls might be the leader in the clubhouse with watching their team split at the seams with Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade against the rest of the team. Yet not far behind is LeBron James throwing

As Expected, Jabari Parker Isn’t An All-Star

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker will be on the honorable mention of All-Star possiblities, but he didn’t make the actual team this evening. People thought it might too greedy for Bucks to get two All-Stars when Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected starter a couple weeks ago