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Bucks Buzz Vol. 57: Sloppy Sunday Still Results In W

Milwaukee Bucks and Sunday’s haven’t been great this season. Before today’s game, Bucks had not won a Sunday game either at home or on the road. That changed with Phoenix today where Milwaukee won their first game after All-Star Break with a 100-96 victory. Bucks

Dellavedova Looks Like Another Bad Bucks Contract

Last night, I took in Utah Jazz and Milwaukee Bucks game from 13th row in section 226. My seats were great, and you’re really able to see things on the court that you might miss at home or farther away from the court. One thing

Golden State Warriors Continue To Be The Clippers’ Daddies

Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers kicked off the second half of the NBA season. These two teams are considered ‘rivals’, but it’s not a rivalry at all. Golden State won their nine straight meeting with Los Angeles and found another way to put

Tapping The Keg PODCAST: NBA Trade Deadline Edition

Podcast returns after a week hiatus as the boys needed to refresh battery. Most of this podcast features talk about the NBA Trade Deadline which happened this afternoon. Some said it was uneventful, but I beg to differ on that with a lot of things

The Wild Lillard Rumor That Drove Bucks Twitter Nuts

NBA Trade Deadline is filled with rumors. We see all types of them. We see different players getting the ‘They’re going to get traded before the week is over’ or ‘We’re taking calls on this guy.’ Yesterday afternoon, Frank Isola of the New York Daily

NBA Trades: Hawks Add Size; Wizards Add Depth

Happy NBA Trade Deadline Day. I hope you’re able to be at your computer at work this afternoon because it’s typically a wild day. There are many questions with what might take place today. But before, let’s start with what happened yesterday as Atlanta Hawks

Bucks Trading For Ricky Rubio Makes Sense

Yesterday, we told you reports were Bucks looked to shed money and be sellers for the NBA Trade Deadline. Also, reports came out that Milwaukee Bucks were interested Ricky Rubio and tried to send Matthew Dellavedova back with no interest from Minnesota Timberwolves. This is

Don’t Miss John Calipari’s Nice Words About Giannis

This is a little bit old. I should have blogged this earlier today, but shit happens where you miss things. Dan Patrick had Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari on Monday’s show. Coach Cal is in the news with two of his prized recruits –

Lakers Clear House & Put Magic Johnson In Charge

The biggest news of the day was Los Angeles Lakers firing nearly everybody including Jimmie Buss, the west coast’s James Dolan and longtime Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak. Jennie Buss, the owner of the Lakers, announced Magic Johnson will be taking over. This is a

Boogie Cousins Goodbye To Sacramento Is Heartbreaking

DeMarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins had a going-away party tonight in Sacramento where he said goodbye to his close friends, and he was moved to tears. This isn’t surprising. He’s an emotional dude who genuinely loved the city that drafted him. Sure, the NBA is business like