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ChallengeCap: Wes & Johnny Become The New Super Powers

Welcome to The ChallengeCap. This is a recap on Thursday mornings of what happened on The Challenge last night. The Challenge Total Madness started off with a bang. It is a different type of season, to say the least. They’re in Prague, Czech Republic. They’re

The Challenge ‘Total Madness’ Preseason Power Rankings

Welcome back. After a long hiatus, The Challenge Power Rankings have returned for this season of Total Madness. Why? Well, we do not have sports currently. This is our sport for the foreseeable future. It is on MTV at 9:00 pm CST. My goal is

Should I Stream This?! The Talented Mr. Ripley

When I started doing TV and movie recaps, I wondered if I should do something that is dated. Part of me thinks that there is a group of you who have already seen this movie. But there is another part of me that thinks there

Should I Binge This?! Tiger King on Netflix

I know that I’m late on a Tiger King review. But hear me out why I’m writing out. There are people out there who are wondering if they should watch Tiger King or not. A friend or two have told them about it, but they’re

Should I Stream This?!: A Simple Favor

If you missed out newest blog post series, it made a debut earlier this week. I talked about Little Fires Everywhere and gave it an endorse to watch during the quarantine. I will try to do the same with movies that either got lost in

Should I Binge This?! – Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere

Welcome to a brand new SnoTapWI blog post that are probably going to come up hot and heavy over the next few days and weeks. Television and movie reviews from yours truly. Why are we doing this? Well, sports content is sparse on some days

Kanye West Not Being Involved In NBA All-Star Bums Me Out

This is veering a little bit off our Wisconsin sports stance. But hear me out. There will be Wisconsin sports athletes competing this weekend in Chicago. Therefore, I can talk about Kanye West. For those who do not know, he is my favorite artist of

Welcome to Summerfest SZN in Milwaukee

Some people believe these next eleven days are the best eleven days of the year. Summerfest begins their 51st season later this afternoon, and the festival weirdly gets the best weather of the year in Wisconsin. It is weird how that works because many people

Freddie Gibbs’ New Song ‘Giannis’ Slaps My Face Off

To give you an idea of where we are with Giannis Antetokounmpo as a player and a human in my life, I will stan pretty much anything pop culture that he’s involved with. It could be the worst shit ever, and I’ll still go ‘Well,

Drake – Annoying Superfan or Passionate Fan?

Milwaukee Bucks lost their second straight game to the Toronto Raptors. It was not a fun game. In fact, I would rather stick needles in my dick than watch that game again. One of the more annoying parts of the evening was Drake, the world