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If You Watch Game of Thrones over Bucks, Get Lost

Sunday is shaping up to be an all-time day of television. First and foremost, you have the Bucks first playoff game on 4/14 Day in Milwaukee. That is extremely exciting for all of us locals. But it goes beyond that for other sports. The final

Giannis Needs to be Casted in Space Jam 2

Space Jam 2 is happening, folks. The announcement came yesterday from LeBron James who posted on social media a locker with his name, Bugs Bunny and Ryan Coogler who did Black Panther and Creed in the last couple of years. It’s very exciting news for

President Trump Receives Invite to Packers Shareholders

Yes, that is a real headline. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the President of the United States Donald Trump received an invite to attend Packers Shareholders meeting to discuss the national anthem and the player protests. Packers rebuked this certain shareholder from speaking about

Would Wisconsin Melt if Aaron Rodgers Dated a Pornstar?

As we had nothing to do yesterday with minimal sports on, the story came out that San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo went on a date with Kiara Mia, a 41-year-old porn professional. She’s still VERY active in the business and her Instagram story made it

Dennis Rodman, 2018 Political Figure.

I spent most of Friday afternoon while I worked listening to a podcast by Bill Simmons with 90’s legend Charles Oakley. It was an incredible podcast, and a true throwback to some of my original memories of pro basketball. Dennis Rodman is the first ‘known

Who Had a Worse Tuesday: Bryan Colangelo or Drake?

For a long time, I’ve said that Tuesday is the worst day of the week. There’s nothing to really like about Tuesday. You do not have anything to look forward to besides three more days of work. Many people probably complained about being back on

Cubs Fans Gender Reveal Fail Brings Me Great Joy

This is from Sunday, but I have to blog it. When a rival fanbase does something fucking dumb, I have to blog it. That’s the rules. We had a Cubs couple doing a gender reveal outside of Wrigley Field. For some reason, these two thought

Drake Causally Spending His Night Playing Fortnite

Drake is the one of the biggest, if not the biggest, superstar in the music industry at this point in time. That might crush people to read that but it’s true. Drake puts asses in the seats. Or in this case, he decides to play

Blame Arie, Not The ABC, For Showing the Live Breakup

There are 100 things to talk about for the blog and the podcast tomorrow. It makes me irrationally excited. When I have an opportunity to spew hot flames, I try to do it. I can’t believe that I’m going to lead off another Tuesday podcast

Justin Timberlake’s MKE Appearance Speaks Volumes

After his Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake added some more tour dates to his ‘Man of the Woods’ tour and included Milwaukee on the list for Friday, September 21st at the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center. This is the biggest, current act that’s going to