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The ChallengeCap: New Format Knocks Out Another Contender

This season of The Challenge is doing the opposite of what it usually does in a season. Due to the need to win a Purgatory, some stars are leaving earlier than expected. We already saw contenders like CT and Ashley get bounced. Then we see

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 8: Contenders Need to Make Their Move

MTV is using its head. The Challenge is being watched and talked about more people. Here at SnoTapWI, we’re treating it like a sport. CBS Sports, SB Nation, Barstool Sports, and others are doing the same. MTV knows their ratings are likely better than what

ChallengeCap: The Return of Barbie Beast

The Challenge has given us many great nicknames over the years. This is a case for why The Challenge is like pro sports with all of the nicknames given. One of the best ones is The Barbie Beast about Jenna. She is not the brightest

PGA 2K21 & Tony Hawk Pro Skater Makes Me Want Play Video Games Again

When the quarantine began, I mentioned how I thought about buying a video game system. The idea of video games would help me pass the time as boredom struck. I can honestly say there were less than five times where I needed something to do.

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 7: Show Reverts To Old Tricks

At the start of The Challenge, they pitched a perfect game for the first few weeks. They had shows where we saw the actual challenge take place, the tribunal, and the final mission. The last couple of weeks that hasn’t been the case. This makes

The ChallengeCap: Drama Sticks to Challenge Crew like Magnets

Drama dominates The Challenge every year. Some years, the drama is more significant than others. Right now, it is at its normal level for The Challenge. We are not at the point where the drama seems bigger than the game. What I like is that

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 6: The New Challenge Bad Boys

When reality shows are on for a long time, they have to keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant. We’ve seen this with Bravo’s The Real Housewives series phasing out some of the older, tenured women. Vanderpump Rules is doing the same thing this season. The

The ChallengeCap: The Throwdown Heard Around The World

We are back with a ChallengeCap after taking a week off. What a Challenge episode. This is a great season thus far. They’re throwing 101 right now. I’m enjoying what is going on this season. The biggest takeaway from the episode is that everyone is

The Challenge Power Rankings Wk 5: Contenders Continue to Fall

The Challenge seasons are unpredictable. We always know about contenders, but how it takes shape is never figured out right away. It is very rare in a Challenge season that we figure out how this will all break down by the end. Sometimes, the contenders

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 4: The Rookies Are Here to Stay

For a show like The Challenge, we see different types of rookies all the time. Sometimes, those rookies are going to be into until the very end. Other times, rookies struggle to get their footing, and the veterans replace them quicker than Nany changes the