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Scottie Pippen Files For Divorce Due To Future

Scottie Pippen filed for divorce after it became apparent — at least to him — that his wife Larsa was hooking up with Future … TMZ Sports has learned. There’s certainly lots of smoke. Sources on both Scottie and Larsa’s side tell us … she’s

Don’t Know Why I Enjoy ‘Divorce’ So Much

HBO is currently through their fall programming with Westworld, Insecure and Divorce. Like the cool kid finally with HBO after years of not having it, I try to watch as much as I can. I was in on Westworld before the show started and I

Bryan Cranston Just Chillin at Lakefront Brewery

Our brewer Evan gave Bryan Cranston an exclusive Lakefront beer sampling this evening! #lakefrontbrewery #bryancranston #breakingbad #milwaukee #craftbeer A photo posted by Lakefront Brewery (@lakefrontbrewery) on Oct 23, 2016 at 12:36am PDT This is casual. Former Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston hanging out at Lakefront

Wisconsin Woman Smears Peanut Butter On Cars To Protest Trump

As part of a nutty protest against Trump supporters, a drunk Wisconsin woman smeared peanut butter on cars she mistakenly thought belonged to people attending a rally for the GOP nominee. Instead she had vandalized cars belonging to members of the local Tomorrow River Conservation

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Has Everyone Going Crazy

I’m not going to pretend to be a Star Wars fan, but I know a popular thing in culture when I see on. Star Wars franchise has another movie coming out this Winter. This is the first standalone Star Wars movie in the movie franchise’s

Ken Bone’s Legend Grew As The Day Went On

What an electric day it must have been for Ken Bone. Can you imagine what his life has been like since like 10:00 pm last night? Like his phone blowing up left and right with interviews, people he hasn’t met and his friends just all

Kenneth Bone is an Overnight Star

"Alright, welcome to the bone zone, fuckers." — Ryan Broderick (@broderick) October 10, 2016 What a legend. Kenneth Bone is the only bright spot in what Twitter told me was a terrible debate. Bone looked like a sitcom character or something you see on

Jared Cook Makes You Never Want BW3’s Again

This happened Tuesday when I went to eat @BWWings How Sway? How? 😷 — Jared Cook (@JaredCook89) October 7, 2016 We’ll get to NFL Picks later this afternoon, but first, we have a chicken wing crisis in Wisconsin. I’m not kidding when I say

Recommend Watch of the Week: Westworld

Yes, I know there are many great television shows on at this day and age, but they keep churning out new ones. Westworld has my full attention on HBO. Sure, the critics were all over the map with this first episode. Me personally, I liked

SnoTap’s Old Movie Reviews: Spy, About Alex, Wall Street & The Place Beyond The Pines

Everyone reads movie reviews of movies that are out in theaters. We read about movies we want to see, and movies we don’t want to see. Well, are there ever movies that slip through the cracks? Like ones you have intended to see but never