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Am I Idiot For Not Knowing Who BTS Is?

Last night, we had a good TV night because you had your usual Sunday shows like The Leftovers, Silicon Valley and the premiere of Twin Peaks, Celtics-Cavs and Billboard Music Awards. I put the last two in heavy rotation early in the night. As they’re

NBA’s Twitter Account Disrespects Dave Chappelle

I get that it’s hard to run a Twitter account. I’m sure it’s really really hard to run a professional sports account whether it’s with a team or the organization. I try my hardest to be fair, but some things just go too far. Case

Eric Thames Enjoyed WWE NXT Takeover With Kevin Owens

While Milwaukee Brewers did not play on Saturday afternoon, the team enjoyed a night in Chicago. Most specifically, Eric Thames, who hung ringside at WWE NXT Takeover with WWE superstar Kevin Owens. I’m a former pro wrestling fan. I’ve had a torrid affair throughout the

We Must Stop Male Rompers From Ever Existing

The word ‘Trigger’ gets thrown around a lot. Probably too much if we’re being honest but when I heard there was a Kickstarter for male rompers, it triggered me. There’s no way around it. I’m personally offended. I like to think that I am at

Bad News Guys, We Can’t Eat Avocado Toast

Pardon me for being late to the party for the first couple blogs of the day, but it was a travel day for your boy. Twitter was on fire on Monday and the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory slowly died down because there were more important

There’s A Major Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Happening

Good morning on a Monday. I didn’t expect to write about Avril Lavigne, but here we are. There’s a big time conspiracy going around the internet this weekend about the former pop wannabe punk superstar being actually dead and replaced by a clone. It’s a

Lonzo Ball’s Rap Game Defines Big Baller

Another week, another story about the Ball family. This time it’s involving Lonzo, and a freestyle rap song leaked out yesterday featuring Ball rapping over the ‘Free Smoke’ beat from Drake’s ‘More Life.’ And let’s all be honest with ourselves here, it’s complete fire. Lonzo

Chris Bosh Getting Sued By Porn Company – A Real Headline

Professional athletes and the world of porn are very common. It’s sort of unspoken unless you’re Bibi Jones wearing Rob Gronkowski jersey or Lisa Ann talking about all of the different athletes she’s helped get out of slumps (To be fair, she’s pretty discreet yet

Aaron Rodgers’ Kentucky Derby Suit Was Flames

Aaron Rodgers is a regular at the Kentucky Derby. The recently single Packers quarterback’s first event out since his breakup with Olivia Munn. There weren’t many pictures of Rodgers, but Yahoo! News Katie Couric grab a photo with Packers quarterback and New England Patriots quarterback

Big Baller Brand Screams Bust For Ball Family

I told myself that I wouldn’t talk about LaVar Ball too much. I meant that. He hasn’t been featured on the site very often since I made that declaration. But he released Lonzo Ball’s first shoe this afternoon to the sweet tune of $495. Yes,