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MOVIE REFS PODCAST Ep 8: The Greatest Game Ever Played

SnoTapWI Network · The Movie Refs Episode 8: Greatest Game Ever Played The Greatest Podcast Ever Recorded examines the Greatest Game Ever Played, a 2005 film starring Shia LeBeouf about the 1913 US Open. Sam and Tony also talk watching Tom Brady golf, and the


SnoTapWI Network · Movie Refs – Episode 7: Moneyball No high priced free agents on this Podcast. Sam and Tony breakdown the concept of Moneyball in real life, and how it applies to modern-day baseball. Just who does Billy Beane think he is? Also, the

The Movie Refs: Episode 6: Secretariat

Is horse racing a dark horse to be the first sport to return to full capacity? Pun Intended. Tony and Sam take a look at Disney’s Secretariat and find it hard to throw flags on an actual good movie. The two also discuss sports gambling,

MOVIE REFS PODCAST: Episode 5 – Field of Dreams.

If you podcast it, they will listen. Tony and Sam look back at Field of Dreams and dream of baseball (and really any live sport) being played once again. The movie refs move from football to baseball covering this 1989 classic starring Kevin Costner and

MOVIE REFS PODCAST: Episode 4 – Draft Day

SnoTapWI Network · Movie Refs: Episode 4 – Draft Day Sticking with the NFL Draft theme, Tony and Sam throw an excessive amount of flags on the 2014 film, Draft Day, featuring Kevin Costner. They examine draft protocol and life as a fan of the


The Movie Refs return for episode 3 where they break down the 90s kids favorite, The Sandlot. Tony and Sam have their first guest for today’s show! Milwaukee Bucks’ video and display technician Brin Riley joins The Movie Refs. She is an avid baseball fan

Movie Refs – Episode 2: Kingpin

The Movie Refs, Tony and Sam, are back for their second episode. This one, they talk about the 1996 ‘classic’ Kingpin starting Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson. Tony and Sam break down this weird, slapstick sports movie. The guys wonder how a person couldn’t figure

Introducing The Newest SnoTapWI Podcast: Movie Refs

For the first time in a long time, SnoTapWI is adding a new podcast to the family. I’m fired up to introducing ‘Movie Refs’ hosted by Tony Cartegena and Sam Zwick. The podcast is already live on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere else you find your