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SnotapWI Star Ratings: No Adams, No Clark, No Problem For The Packers

Green Bay Packers are red hot. They’re the best team in the NFC through the first three games of the season. The offense has scored 122 points through the first three games of the season. They’re averaging 41 points per game. This offense took things

PackCap: Offense Stays Hot and Beat Saints For Second Straight 3-0 Start

Green Bay Packers are a good team. If you didn’t know the Packers were good yesterday, you should know now. Green Bay went into New Orleans playing a team that wanted to bounce back like they typically do. New Orleans had no lost back-to-back games

SnotapWI Packers Preview Game 3: Green Bay at New Orleans

Green Bay Packers get ready to take on the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night on NBC. The big game to finish the full day of football. There is not much better than getting the Sunday night spot. Al and Cris talking about your team

Can People Wait A Week To Say Drew Brees Is Washed?

One of the fascinations with the National Football League media this season and seasons before it was to spot the washed quarterback. The quarterback doesn’t have it anymore. Week one, it was Tom Brady after his loss to New Orleans. This week, it is Drew

Aaron Rodgers Speaks His Mind on Mental Health

Aaron Rodgers is never a guy to mince words. He is the type of athlete that you love if you want to hear from your athletes. He is always thoughtful, respectful, and understanding of the situation. Is he polished? Yeah, at times, but Rodgers also

National Media Refuses To Admit Packers Were Right This Offseason

Green Bay Packers are 2-0. It is not a fraudulent 2-0 either. They look like a juggernaut on offense. Packers have put up 85 points in the first two games. They look absolutely electric. Yet still, some national media members are holding on to the

Did Aaron Rodgers & Scott Stapp of Creed Become Best Friends?! YEP!

Creed is one of the bands that everyone knows and most people laugh at them. Why? Well, their songs were ridiculous even for the 2000s standards. They blended sounds od grunge with Christian rock. ‘Higher’ and ‘Arms Wide Open’ are both songs that you probably

THE DAILY TAP: Packers Fans Can’t Get Cocky After Saints’ Loss

SnoTapWI Network ยท Packers Fans Can't Get Cocky After Saints' Loss | The Daily Tap 922 Charlie, the lead podcaster and writer for SnotapWI, talks Packers and Brewers on The Daily Tap’s Tuesday edition for September 22nd. Charlie talks about why Packers’ fans should not

Packers Might Be The Only NFL Team To Receive Good Injury News

The story of Week 2 in the National Football League has been injuries. The whole conversation is around how injured the league is. My buddy Eric talks about how people complaining about 2020 being terrible tend to forget that this stuff happens in other years.

SnotapWI Star Ratings: Green Bay Rolls Over Detroit In All Facets

Star ratings are the SnotapWI rating system to see who played well and who didn’t for the Green Bay Packers. The group of players is based on performance, but it is not only players. We can also look at position groups, broadcasters, coaches, and anything