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LaFleur-Shanahan Appear To Have Real Beef

As the week went on, the Green Bay Packers media started to ask Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur about the offseason and if he had beef with Kyle Shanahan, his friend, after what happened with the San Francisco 49ers and Aaron Rodgers. Before

The Best Victory Monday In Awhile

If you know me, I like to try new things on the blog. On the podcast last week, I announced that I would be scaling back on my blogs. When I said that, I didn’t know what that was, to be honest. It felt forced.

Aaron Rodgers’ Reaction To The Game-Winner Says It All

Aaron Rodgers has haters. He always has, but this year is a little different. This year, people are coming out of the woodwork with something to say. The big thing for critics to say is that ‘Rodgers is not invested.’ Saying that he is only

Note To Self: Don’t Freak Out About Elgton Jenkins

If you were to think about worst-case scenarios for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Elgton Jenkins not being able to play would be one of them. Jenkins is one of the best players on the Packers period. It’s not the best offensive lineman or

Packers Have Two Of The Top-Graded PFF Rookies On Both Sides of the Ball

It’s very early in the NFL season. We’re two weeks in. People are already rushing to judgment on so many times. MVP races, Super Bowl contenders, teams who might suck, and anything else. When you see certain stats or numbers, you take them a little

Joe Barry Gets a Mulligan For Me For This Thing & Here’s Why

Death, taxes, and Packers fans hating their defensive coordinator. It’s a way of life. The last time that the Packers fans liked their defensive coordinator is probably Fritz Schumer in the mid-90s. Joe Barry was a guy that people met with criticism when hired as

Aaron Rodgers, Like Always, Has a Message For The Haters.

Aaron Rodgers always hears the haters. He just does. Some people like it. Some people absolutely hate it. I think those that hate it, don’t like the Packers typically. Rodgers talked about the haters in his press conference last night after the game saying ‘It’s

Aaron Rodgers Looks Like a Boss With Jones’ Sombrero On

Aaron Rodgers finally looked like he had a little fun out there on Monday night. Coming off the Green Bay Packers win against the Detroit Lions, Rodgers and Aaron Jones met with the media after the game. He and Jones were the stars tonight, so,

Packers Find Their Swagger In Second Half Bounce Back | The Daily Tap Podcast

Tapping The Keg Podcast Network ยท Packers Find Their Swagger In Second Half Bounce Back | The Daily Tap The Daily Tap today features all Packers. We do not talk about anything else. Just Packers for nearly 45 minutes. Charlie talks about why time factored

KwikTrip Trolls Packers’ Fans Who Don’t Know The Schedule

KwikTrip is an American establishment. There are not many places that are better than KwikTrip. My wife goes out of her way to make sure she goes to a KwikTrip if she’s traveling and it’s a long journey in the state of Wisconsin. That’s dedication