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2018 Packers Free Agent Watch: Quarterbacks

Welcome to the newest series on SnoTapWI, Packers Free Agent Watch. What we’re going to look at is three to five options at most of who Green Bay could potentially sign in the offseason. Would we have done these type of posts if Ted Thompson

How the Vikings QB Decision Shapes the NFC North

With Minnesota eliminated from playoff contention, the hard part of the season starts for Vikings general manager Rick Spielman. He has to decide on which quarterback to take for the future. This is a momumental decision to make for Spielman and his team. In a

Philly Fans Didn’t Disappoint With Celebrating the Super Bowl

Do you think anyone is at work today in the city of Philadelphia this morning? I mean, how great were the videos out of Philly last night? They were all perfect. We received so much content from the Philly faithful who were celebrating their victory

Vikings Fans In Philly Make Me Want To Puke

Minnesota Vikings fans have invaded Philadelphia and I’m not okay with it. Obviously, I’m cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles today. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, but holy shit, I need a Eagles worse than I actually I thought I did. Seeing them dress the Rocky statue

John Malkovich Gets You FIRED up for Jaguars-Patriots

I’m on a bit of a struggle bus this morning. I’m not going to lie to you here. But hearing John Malkovich set up the upcoming Jacksonville-New England AFC Championship Game made me recover instantly. Like this is one of the best teases I’ve seen

Mike Zimmer and the Vikings Start the Excuses Early

Mike Zimmer is already lining up some of the excuses of why Minnesota might not win on Sunday. We’re starting with the turf as being an issue. Given what happened in the Atlanta game, Zimmer is telling his players to be ‘wary of the conditions’

Did the Vikings Break Their Football Curse Last Night?

Minnesota Vikings won in what will be known as the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’, and it seems people are on the bandwagon more than ever. But what I’m wondering now is the curse that’s on their football team officially over. Like this kind of shit doesn’t happen

Jalen Ramsey Is My New Favorite Player

As you may have seen in the last couple days, I’ve become quite the Jacksonville Jaguar backer. Why? Well, they have a certain swagger about them that I fucking love especially Jalen Ramsey. He’s a top five pick who acts like he’s a best player

Minnesota Miracle Felt Like a Packers Loss

Well, shit. Minnesota Vikings looked completely dead in the water. They were down by one point on their own 39 yard line, and it appeared like heartbreak showed up again for Vikings fans. Instead, the complete opposite happened as Case Keenum found Stefon Diggs and

Daily Tap 1/12/18: Big Bucks Weekend

We’re live with the Daily Tap for Friday, January 12 where we get you ready for the weekend. It’s a fun one this week folks. People underrated the first couple month of January being some of better weekends of the year. There’s much to talk