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Brent Musburger Shares My Romo Criticism

If you’ve read my blog posts throughout the years, you know I’m a big Brent Musburger guy. I enjoyed him until he finished up last season, and Saturday nights are still not the same. Chris Fowler is okay, but he’s almost too polished out there.

Star Ratings: Bengals-Packers

Green Bay Packers survived the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-24 in overtime yesterday. Green Bay had their first overtime win since 2007, and Aaron Rodgers cured a lot of demons on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time the Packers star quarterback beat Cincinnati, won a game

Tony Romo Falls Short of the Hype

For two weeks, I saw on Twitter and on podcasts the media give Tony Romo all of the kudos in the world. Therefore, I looked forward to him calling the Cincinnati Bengals-Green Bay Packers game. I would get to see firsthand of what kind of

Donald Trump Amplified the Sports Culture War

When I heard President Donald Trump’s comments on Friday night, I did a double take but did not expect to have what happened on Saturday to Sunday with the owners and players being united as one. This topic stayed with me all weekend including a

Is Detroit A Legitimate Threat To Green Bay?

Detroit Lions lead the NFC North after two weeks in the season with a 2-0 record, and they’ve looked good doing it. Detroit beat up on Arizona especially in the second half, and their defense took care of business handling the meek New York Giants

NFL in Los Angeles Takes Another L

In the first weekend where Los Angeles had two NFL teams for the first time since 1994, it went off with a whimper. Not only did both the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers lose their home openers, but their attendance was woeful. Between the two

Injuries Pile Up As Falcons Dismantle Packers

Going into Sunday’s game, many people thought things may be different between Green Bay-Atlanta. This was the third time in a year these teams would be playing each other, and the Packers were hellbent to change things. That did not happen. Rather, the Falcons put

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Atlanta

Green Bay heads to Atlanta, Georgia for the third time in less than a calendar year. Packers are hoping that third time is a charm after losing two straight against the Falcons last year. In the regular season, the two teams played an absolute classic

JJ Watt Brought Back JACKED UP on Thursday

Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals played their annual primetime game that no one cares about on Thursday night. Texans became victorious in an ugly 10-9 road win to give Deshaun Watson his first win as an NFL quarterback. But the highlight of the night had

Twitter Suspends Packers Writer Aaron Nagler

If you checked out writer Aaron Nagler’s Twitter profile on Wednesday, you would see that he got suspended from the social media channel. People did not know exactly what Nagler did to earn himself a suspension from the social media company. This morning, we