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Why the Packers Lacked Firepower on Sunday

On Wednesday, Matt LaFleur had an exit interview. Besides the discussion about Mike Pettine, the talk about the Packers ‘lacking energy’ against San Francisco 49ers drew some eyeballs. Now, that can be coach speak and things that aren’t exactly accurate. But from a casual observer,

LaFleur Makes First Big Coaching Decision By Keeping Pettine

At the beginning of the day, it did not sound like Mike Pettine would have a job at the end of it. Green Bay had their exit interview with Matt LaFleur. When asked about Pettine, LaFleur said ‘We’re evaluating everything at this point.’ This sounded

Here For a David Bahktiari-Led Lineman Chug Contest

David Bakhtiari is the king of chugging beers in the National Football League. We know that after his performance at the Milwaukee Bucks games (Side note: How many chugging moments are they’re going to be this year now that it went viral last night? It

SnoTapWI Star Ratings: Packers-49ers

Green Bay Packers are done for the season. They made it to the final four but came up short. A theme that is consistent over the last 10 years. The only way this game is remembered fondly is if the San Francisco 49ers run through

PackCap: The San Francisco Steamroll

Green Bay Packers will not be making a trip back to the Super Bowl. Instead, they’ll be watching another one from the comfort of their couch, in Miami or on vacation somewhere. San Francisco will be doing the honors instead. The 49ers shoved the ball

Time For TV News To Ditch ‘Packers Fan Reaction’ Pieces

When the Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs, TV news wants you to know they’re everywhere. It is an all hands-on deck situation in the newsroom. Packers are treated like royalty and the top story. I’m unsure what could knock the Packers down to

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. San Francisco

Green Bay Packers aren’t supposed to be here. No one expected the Packers to be playing for a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. As Davante Adams said yesterday, ‘All the pressure is on San Francisco.’ He is right. Packers are coming to

“Great Call, Kid” – A New Great Rodgers Quote

Aaron Rodgers is a quotable dude. We all have heard some of his great things throughout the years. FOX’s Erin Andrews tried to get him to create a motto for the postseason. To which, Rodgers laughed at it and ignored it. But it makes sense

Davante Adams Also Had Enough With The Haters

Last week, we had a blog post about how Aaron Rodgers was done with the haters. This is alluring to Rodgers getting frustrated with the media who kept knocking the Packers for their ugly winning ways. Another guy that is fed up with the haters

Star Ratings: Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay Packers continue to find a way to win games. This has been such a good season. It might not be the most exciting version of the Packers, but weirdly, this has been so rewarding as a Packers fan. When you’re not the best