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Aaron Rodgers Delivers Epic Game of Thrones Rant

TELL EM WHY YOU MAD, KING! Aaron Rodgers did not like the ending of Game of Thrones like most people. Someone in the Wisconsin media asked him his thoughts about after OTA’s today, and you can tell Rodgers was waiting to have a conversation about

Josh Jones Packers Trade

Josh Jones Wants Out of Green Bay

Green Bay Packers begin OTAs today and Josh Jones will not be there. According to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, Jones is seeking a trade from the Packers as he sees his playing time dwindle with the additions of Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage. This isn’t a

Packers Continue to Add Secondary Depth

You never know which player will make a difference for a football team. The rosters are so deep that anyone could make an impression and work their way to be a member of the organization. Green Bay Packers continue to make small moves throughout the

Everyone Got Rodgers’ Game of Thrones Cameo Wrong

Game of Thrones wrapped up their second-to-last episode last night. People felt all over the place about it. I will not spoil it for you, and let you draw your own conclusions. Rumors came out earlier last week that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

David Bakhtiari is Bucks’ Beer-Chugging Mascot & I Love It

Offensive linemen are the best. I am biased because I am a lineman at heart and some of my best friends are also former lineman. We stick together, and we do things that no one else would do. Last series, David Bakhtiari chugged a beer

Aaron Rodgers Seems Fired Up About New Packers Offense

I am not a futures bettor, but I might become one if I keep having bad beats like I had the last two nights. I probably should though. Before the NBA season, I texted my SnoTapWI associates that I liked Giannis Antetokounmpo to win NBA

Packers Add Two Interesting Talents to Fill Out Roster

Green Bay Packers have their 90-man roster for Training Camp. Things could change leading up to July, but Green Bay added two more players that they would like to get longer looks at this summer into the fall. Both carry some interesting attributes and could

Ted Thompson Deserves All The Accolades

Ted Thompson will be honored into the Packers Hall of Fame this weekend. It is a great honor. Some make light of the Packers Hall of Fame, but honestly, it is a historic place with memorable people that helped mold the Green Bay organization. It

What We Missed in Wisconsin This Week

What’s going on, Tappers? Sorry for the lack of posts and podcasts this week, I’ve been out on business for the day job over the last two days. I always hope that when I’m out on business that I can keep feeding the SnoTapWI machine.

Trading Mike Daniels Would Be Foolish for the Packers

There are times where sports columns are created out of thin air. We rush to judgement because all the puzzles pieces fit together. Case in point, the recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s piece on Mike Daniels. They lay out of why Daniels is the odd man