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Star Ratings: Bengals-Packers

Green Bay Packers survived the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-24 in overtime yesterday. Green Bay had their first overtime win since 2007, and Aaron Rodgers cured a lot of demons on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time the Packers star quarterback beat Cincinnati, won a game

Donald Trump Amplified the Sports Culture War

When I heard President Donald Trump’s comments on Friday night, I did a double take but did not expect to have what happened on Saturday to Sunday with the owners and players being united as one. This topic stayed with me all weekend including a

Is Detroit A Legitimate Threat To Green Bay?

Detroit Lions lead the NFC North after two weeks in the season with a 2-0 record, and they’ve looked good doing it. Detroit beat up on Arizona especially in the second half, and their defense took care of business handling the meek New York Giants

Injuries Pile Up As Falcons Dismantle Packers

Going into Sunday’s game, many people thought things may be different between Green Bay-Atlanta. This was the third time in a year these teams would be playing each other, and the Packers were hellbent to change things. That did not happen. Rather, the Falcons put

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Atlanta

Green Bay heads to Atlanta, Georgia for the third time in less than a calendar year. Packers are hoping that third time is a charm after losing two straight against the Falcons last year. In the regular season, the two teams played an absolute classic

Twitter Suspends Packers Writer Aaron Nagler

If you checked out writer Aaron Nagler’s Twitter profile on Wednesday, you would see that he got suspended from the social media channel. People did not know exactly what Nagler did to earn himself a suspension from the social media company. This morning, we

Mike McCarthy, A Proud Anti-Wave Supporter

There were a ton of things said as always with Mike McCarthy’s postgame press conference. But nothing was more important than McCarthy coming out against the wave. This made the happiest yesterday afternoon. I wanted to shout ‘yaaas queen’ like a I belonged on Broad

Star Ratings: Seahawks-Packers

For those that are new, star ratings features the major players from last night’s football game, and it puts them into different categories ranging from ‘five stars’ to ‘one star’. This is based off restaurant ratings when a reviewer is taking a look at new

Packers Defense Shows Its Teeth & Leads The Way

Green Bay Packers defense had a rough 2016 season especially to finish the year where Atlanta blew out the NFC North champion in the NFC Championship game. Packers made a few changes to the defense, and while some of those players didn’t make a significant

SnoTap Packers Preview: Seattle vs. Green Bay

Preview and picks season are back. Every Friday, we will have the previews of the Packers and Badgers games for that week barring any weird starts, and in that case, the preview would be the day before or day of. We’ll do the picks that