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Is Davante Adams The Most Underrated WR in NFL?

Davante Adams does not get the love from the national media. Why? I’m not really sure. Adams replaced Jordy Nelson seamlessly and has been one of the best receivers in the game for the last two years. Yet the recognition hasn’t been there. It could

Someone Help Brett Favre with History

Brett Favre has been in the news cycle here in town all week. Why? Well, Brett played in the AmFam Championship celebrity foursome with Jack Nicklaus, Toby Keith, and Andy North. Favre had a chance to speak with the media after the round and he

Aaron Rodgers Wins Packers Photo Day

Aaron Rodgers and his mustache is a love story. We have seen the mustache get brought out for Movember, the final team luncheon of Training Camp and just whenever he feels like it. Personally, I am a big fan of it. To me being able

Is the NFC North The Toughest Division in Football?

Football is right around the corner. I start to get an itch for football right around the last couple of weeks in July. I cannot help it. Call me Uncle Rico, call me a meathead, but there is always a few days in early August

Favre’s Hacked Instagram Post: An Investigation

Brett Favre is one of the best to play the game. You know that I know that. He retired then unretired once in 2008 and would contemplate it every year after that before officially hanging it up in 2011. Since then, Favre has become an

Packers Add Yet Another Tight End To Their Roster

Green Bay Packers and tight ends do not mix together very well in the last 10 years. They became something that fans loved but they never saw any real production on the field. Green Bay became this graveyard for tight end production. Jermichael Finley is

Packers Asking Rodgers To Do Less Is a Good Thing

Aaron Rodgers is used to having all the freedom in the world at the line of scrimmage. Sometimes, this led to some amazing things for the Packers offense. Other times, it did not work out very well for the team. There were obvious run situations

Flashback Friday: Aaron Rodgers’ First Touchdown Pass

You may have noticed last week we did a ‘Flashback Friday’ post with Reggie White, and it did pretty well. Therefore, we’re going to roll it back. This time with Aaron Rodgers. This week, we had a video posted of Rodgers’ first-ever touchdown pass against

Josh Jones’ Time in Green Bay is About Done

Green Bay Packers had a visitor at their mandatory minicamp that they did not have last time the team got together, Josh Jones. He showed up but did not practice due to a hamstring issue. Whether you buy that he actually has a hamstring issue

Trevor Davis Hype Train – Are You On Board?

There are always training camp and minicamp all-stars in the National Football League. Usually, these players are playing against the second and third teams of the team they’re on. Also, these players tend to be undrafted rookies or a street free agent the team picked