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Does Ty Montgomery Have a Role with 2018 Packers?

Ty Montgomery started out 2017 with a ton of promise. Many people thought he might be the next ‘big thing’ with the Green Bay Packers. Montgomery received a ton of hype heading into the season, and he fell flat. Some of it was due to

2018 Packers Free Agent Watch: Wide Receivers

Wide receiver is going to be a big discussion in the offseason. Hell, it already is with people trying to say Jordy Nelson is washed up, or trying to make the case why both Nelson and Randall Cobb should be off the team. Wide receiver

2018 Packers Free Agent Watch: Quarterbacks

Welcome to the newest series on SnoTapWI, Packers Free Agent Watch. What we’re going to look at is three to five options at most of who Green Bay could potentially sign in the offseason. Would we have done these type of posts if Ted Thompson

How the Vikings QB Decision Shapes the NFC North

With Minnesota eliminated from playoff contention, the hard part of the season starts for Vikings general manager Rick Spielman. He has to decide on which quarterback to take for the future. This is a momumental decision to make for Spielman and his team. In a

Minnesota Miracle Felt Like a Packers Loss

Well, shit. Minnesota Vikings looked completely dead in the water. They were down by one point on their own 39 yard line, and it appeared like heartbreak showed up again for Vikings fans. Instead, the complete opposite happened as Case Keenum found Stefon Diggs and

Per Report, Green Bay Isn’t Heading to London

In October, I’ll be heading to London with my family for 10 days at the beginning of the month. I haven’t thought yet about what happens with the blog, podcast and other things when I’m gone. I’m already looking forward to watching the Brewers playoff

Should Packers Pursue Scot McCloughan?

On Wednesday, Eliot Wolf signed a deal with the Cleveland Browns to join John Dorsey and Alonzo Highsmith in what’s becoming ‘Green Bay East.’ Packers still have a nice roster of personnel people, but they need to add a few new bodies as that’s priority

Don’t Judge Mike Pettine on Rex Ryan or Cleveland

Green Bay Packers hired Mike Pettine to be the defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. People should be really excited for this hire. For those who don’t remember, Pettine worked as a defensive coordinator for the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills before taking

Grading the 2017 Packers: Wide Receivers

Hope to be a little farther on this process, but I didn’t end up writing about it over the weekend which is what I should have done with wide receivers and tight ends. We’ll try to wrap this up by the end of next week