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An Inexperienced Packers Staff Doesn’t Worry Me

Green Bay Packers coaching staff met with the media yesterday gearing up for the start of the NFL new year. The NFL Scouting Combine will be next week, and the NFL new year will kick off 10 days later on March 13th. Matt LaFleur and

Need to See Tae Adams & Ocho Cinco Go At It

Twitter is still cool, sometimes. Sure, there are parts that are a ragging cesspool. But other parts can be cool like how Davante Adams and Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson got themselves into a Twitter spat. Adams tweeted out that ‘I’m still open’ which is

Are the Packers and Antonio Brown a Match?

Green Bay Packers are heading into one of the more important offseasons in franchise history. This will be the first time in a long time that Green Bay tries to avoid missing the playoffs for a third straight year. They’re expected to be very active

Aaron Rodgers Wants to Play in London

Green Bay Packers are the last team to not play in London. If the franchise quarterback has anything to say about, he wants the team to head overseas sometime soon. Rodgers had an interview on NFL Honors with the NFL UK, and he talked about

Rodgers and Favre Missing From NFL 100 Ad

NFL 100 ad was one of the better ones of the Super Bowl. It’s apparent that the league will be going all out for the 100th anniversary. I doubt they’ll make teams dress like they were back in the old days like they did for

Packers Receive Respectable Super Bowl 54 Odds

One of the things that people look to after the Super Bowl is the odds for next season’s Super Bowl. Some bet it as a strategy I’m sure. I am nowhere near that kind of degenerate to lay money down in February to only probably

Packers-Bears Kicking Off the 2019 NFL Season?

On Thursday night in the first game of the NFL season, it is usually the Super Bowl winner hosting that game. It appears that the league could be changing that policy next season. It will be their 100th year as an establishment. My guess is

Brett Favre & Aaron Rodgers Connect Again at NFL Honors

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers got together again for NFL honors. Favre presented the ‘NFL moment of the year’, and Rodgers won it for his dramatic comeback against the Chicago Bears. Rodgers and Favre shared some laughs together along with a great picture that will

Julius Peppers Thanks Green Bay in his Retirement Post

I still remember when the Packers signed Julius Peppers. Packers signed him on a Saturday morning. I was still sleeping from a long Friday night then starting hearing my phone go off like someone was dying. No one died, rather, Green Bay signed a free

Do People Care About Jeff Janis’ Packers Takes?

Jeff Janis is a beloved cult hero. From the JANIS drops that Bart Winkler and the boys at 105.7 FM The Fan put together to the dramatic playoff Hail Mary catch where everyone yelled to their buddy, ‘I TOLD YOU HE SHOULD BE PLAYING MORE!’