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MVS Dusting Dudes In a Fedora is Next Level

As most NFL players are this time of year, Marques Valdez-Scantling is putting in that work. He is getting ready for another season with the Green Bay Packers. One of the biggest lightning rods in all of Wisconsin sports, but one of the better guys

Inject Jim McMahon’s Pro Packer, Anti-Bear Comments Directly in My Veins

Jim McMahon is an interesting cat. If you know anything about him, he is a guy that would not have made it in the social media world. I always said this about Brett Favre. But MacMahon might have been worse. He is one of the

Packers Get Forgotten Among The NFC’s Best Offenses Which Surprises No One

Look, I like the no respect card. It’s overdone. People play that card way too much. But sometimes, you need to speak up when it is just egregious. Yesterday, the GetUp crew is talking about Kyle Pitts to Dallas. Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys might move

Rodgers Answers The Haters & Raises a Couple Of Questions | The Daily Tap

SnoTapWI Network · Rodgers Answers The Haters & Raises a Couple Questions | The Daily Tap Aaron Rodgers finally spoke to the media after a hiatus in his first day of Jeopardy guest hosting. Rodgers silenced those who think there is some big issue with

Want to Thank the Bears For Not Doing the Sam Darnold Deal

Chicago Bears are all in with Andy Dalton. We will debate on whether it’s a good move or not come November or December. It could be. Dalton is a guy that has gotten teams to the playoffs in the past. But the 2020 season did

Jeopardy Contestant Bringing Up Bad Rodgers’ Memories Is Very Mean!

Nothing is bigger in the local sports world than Aaron Rodgers hosting Jeopardy. It could be the gap in coverage right now with sports. Brewers’ Opening Day happened so now they go back to being background noise until summertime unless they get hot. Bandwagon Bucks

After All These Years, Green Bay Will Finally Go International

Green Bay Packers have never left the United States. Green Bay is one of the only teams to have never played an international game in the National Football League. With the NFL rules, Green Bay will be required to play an international affair. How it

What Packers Fans Are Missing With Kevin King’s Return

Kevin King is back with the Green Bay Packers. You would have thought the State of Wisconsin was changing all their tap beers to Budweiser with the way Packers’ Twitter reacted. Kevin King is not a popular player. Partly, it is due to the NFC

Randy Moss Tells The Amazing Story Of Why He Mooned Packer Fans

Randy Moss is a legendary Packers killer. I remember when Moss tore up the Packers on a Monday Night Football game. It was the first game where I can remember I went to bed early because of the damage that Moss and Randall Cunningham did

Andy Dalton Gives the Packers Nothing To Worry About in NFC North

Andy Dalton is the new Chicago Bears quarterback. After making multiple attempts at Russell Wilson and maybe a couple of other ones at Deshaun Watson, Dalton is Chicago’s choice to be the starting quarterback. This is move is not the desired one. In the 24/7