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Packers Should Explore Trading for J.J. Watt

Green Bay Packers do not do a lot of trades. People have this fascination with trades and think Green Bay Packers’ general manager is just sitting in his desk chair looking at social media. That is likely not the case. Gutekunst has numbers in mind

Nothing Like An Aaron Rodgers’ Motivating Speech to Get The Day Started

Aaron Rodgers turned the page to this week against the Houston Texans. Green Bay will come to the locker room and get ready to play football again. For Rodgers, he mentioned that the team ‘needed to get their ass kicked’ after the disappointing loss to

Packers Fans Don’t Complain As Much As You Think

During and after a tough loss for the Green Bay Packers, there is a great deal of complaining online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (Can you complain on TikTok? I don’t know). It is everywhere. Some use the term ‘Toxic’ which gets overused like gaslighting. It’s

Packers Need More From Their Pass Rush & Smith Bros.

Green Bay Packers cannot seem to rush the passer. After being very successful at it last season, Green Bay is failing at it. Green Bay specifically paid Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, and drafted Rashan Gary in the first round to make a pass rush happened.

Jordan Love Isn’t Some Pawn After Every Bad Loss

Sometimes, it is easy to spot a trend. A trend that could be happening in real-time. Green Bay Packers lost on Sunday for the first time all year. It was a bad loss. No doubt about it. One of Aaron Rodgers’ worst games of his

Mike McCarthy Stands With His Old Team By Also Losing 38-10

I have to give it up to Mike McCarthy. Yes, the finesse king himself in Dallas. McCarthy lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 38-10. A one-time rival that Dallas would never lose to, they lost by 28 points. Arizona threw themselves back in the playoff hunt

SnotapWI Star Ratings: Nothing Went Right For the Green Bay Packers

Star Ratings are easy when Green Bay wins. This is the opposite of the local radio hosts who hope for destruction because the phone lines will right up. Finding a five-star Packers player is pretty hard to figure out this week. There is absolutely none.

PackCap: Packers Get Trounced In Tampa For First Loss of the Year

There is a reason that there is only one undefeated team ever in the National Football League. It is very hard to do. Not many teams can accomplish this feat or even make it halfway through the season without a loss. For the Green Bay

Who Won The Week For Wisconsin? Bye Weeks Take The Crown

Last week, we started a new segment called ‘Wisconsin Week One Winner’ or something like that. After reading the title a few times, I hated it and finally found how I would like to call it each week. For those that didn’t read this blog

SnotapWI Packers Preview Game 5: Green Bay at Tampa Bay

Years ago, they called this matchup the ‘Battle of the Bays.’ This was a real rivalry in the 90s and 00s when Tampa and Green Bay were both in the NFC Central. These were the two best teams in that division for years. Who can