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Rodgers’ Play-action Struggles Shouldn’t Worry You

Aaron Rodgers has things to improve on from last season. Hell, all quarterbacks do. Even Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, the two best quarterbacks going in the game, have things they should be improving on for next season. One of the big things for Rodgers

Lane Taylor Returns to Packers Giving Additional O-Line Depth

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Lane Taylor still did not know where he might be playing next year. Taylor was one of the few guys from last year’s Packers team that went unsigned through most of the offseason. Packers and Taylor agreed to a pay

A Reminder To All: Athletes Aren’t Robots

Social media is one of those inventions that we’ll wonder about for generations to come. There are some great things about it. And there are some not-so-great things about it either. It seems like everything good has a negative correlation. For example, it is cool

Rate This Packers’ Gold Concept Jersey

In my almost 32 years of living, I’ve never seen Green Bay in a yellow jersey. It is an interesting question to ask Mark Murphy about. Why hasn’t Green Bay had one yellow jersey? Honestly, the color is more gold than it is yellow, but

James Jones Predicts MVP Season For Aaron Rodgers

Former Packers wide receiver James Jones loves two things. One is breaking news. Two are making predictions about the Green Bay Packers. Last year, Jones thought the Packers would go 13-3 in 2019. This year, JJ is calling his shot with Aaron Rodgers. Jones predicts

Aaron Jones’ Monster Year Needs A 2020 Sequel

Aaron Jones met with the media yesterday. Jones is one of the premier players with the Packers and in the NFL. He added the NFL part last year with his monster season. If you’re a good fantasy football option, people know you more than the

Adrian Amos Is Not a Fan of 4th & 15 Onside Replacement

Adrian Amos, Green Bay Packers safety, met with the media on Wednesday morning. Amos discussed a wide range of topics with reporters. One thing brought up to him was the 4th and 15 onside kick proposal. If you’re not familiar with it, teams are proposing

Rodgers Rates as Top Rated Playoff QB of Last Decade

Aaron Rodgers is a good playoff quarterback. Despite what some in the media might tell you, Rodgers does well in the postseason. Pro Football Focus, a site that people love and hate depending on the content, rated Rodgers the best playoff quarterback in the last

ESPN’s Prediction Model Predicts a Tough Packers Year, Should You Believe It?

Green Bay Packers are going to have haters to start the season. That’s okay. It happened last year too. Last year, it is the rookie head coach working with Aaron Rodgers. How would it work? People were penciling in the Chicago Bears winning the NFC

Coming Soon: Davante Adams’ Workouts with Baby

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams is spending this offseason a little differently than last season and those before. Adams is a proud new father. He had his daughter, Dajia, in September. Adams is getting to spend all sorts of time with his daughter