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Packers Inch Closer to Playing Foreign Game

It appears that once and for all, the Green Bay Packers, will play a foreign football game. Many people have spoken out about the Packers not playing overseas. Green Bay would not give up a home game to do it. And the opposing teams were

Is the 12th Pick Too High to Draft a Tight End?

Green Bay Packers will have selected their two first round picks by this time next week. We will know what the Packers are doing with those draft picks. After a spend-heavy free agency, Green Bay turned the draft on its head. People thought the Packers

Grading The Green Bay Packers 2019 Schedule

Green Bay Packers schedule is out and ready for all the public eye to see this morning. People are making their plans to visit Lambeau Field, decide what road trip they might take or anything else about the impending 2019 NFL season. A few things

Rate David Bakhtiari’s Bucks Game Beer Chug

Who knew what was in the water in Milwaukee on Wednesday with professional athletes, but chugging was the thing to do. At the Milwaukee Bucks game, David Bakhtiari checked out the game along with many other Wisconsin athletes. Bakhtiari got featured on the big screen,

Greg Jennings – Read The Room, One Time For Me

I am confident that Greg Jennings is the least self-aware person of all time. Jennings decided to visit the City of Milwaukee for the Detroit Pistons-Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs. First, I had no idea that Jennings had any relationship with Wisconsin

Quarterbacks Visiting The Packers Means Very Little

Early on Monday morning, everyone lost their mind when a report came out that Drew Lock, the Missouri quarterback standout, would visit the Green Bay Packers on Monday. People raised an eyebrow as Lock could be available around the 12th overall pick for the team.

Ty Montgomery Officially Says Goodbye to Green Bay

Green Bay Packers drafted Ty Montgomery in the third round in 2015. He played a vital role in the Packers in the ‘Run The Table’ year where they needed a RB, and Montgomery stepped up. People thought he would be the answer to the team’s

Aaron Rodgers’ Injury Changes My View of 2018 Season

Aaron Rodgers decided he was not done giving key nuggets to the media on Tuesday. Rodgers let Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher know that he suffered a tibial fracture along with a sprained MCL in the first game of the season. For those unfamiliar with

Cole Madison’s Return Gives Packers Extra Draft Pick

Green Bay Packers drafted Cole Madison in the 2018 NFL Draft in the fifth round. Madison did not play a single game for Green Bay. In fact, he barely showed up in Green Bay. Madison was dealing with personal problems. Later, the team revealed Madison

PODCAST: Aaron Rodgers Comes Out Swingin

Daily Tap returns for another edition. Thanks to those who played SnoTapWI Madness and congrats to Treb and Eric. Charlie is here to talk about the Aaron Rodgers interview heard around the state yesterday. Why he thinks Rodgers did it, why Rodgers is putting the