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Packers Excitement Meter: Lancaster Shows Out Again

Packers season is officially cooked. They were eliminated from the playoffs finally after the Chicago Bears beat them, 24-17, at Soldier Field. It’s only the fifth time in Aaron Rodgers’ career that he’s lost to the Bears. Chicago wins the NFC North, and will be

Case For & Against Rodgers Playing Out The Season

Aaron Rodgers is officially in limbo. He could either play out the season, and make it the first time since 2016 he played the full season, or take the next two weeks off to get ready for 2019. Rodgers said he would like to continue

Khalil Mack’s ‘Back Sack’ Wasn’t That Cool

Look, I know what you’re thinking… ‘You’re just a jealous Packers fan.’ Not true. I respect what the Bears did and are doing this season. Khalil Mack is a machine, and yes, the Packers were in on him yet they could have never paid him

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Chicago

Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are in different spots than usual this season. Packers are hanging on by the skin of their teeth for a playoff spot while Chicago is comfortably heading to the playoffs barring a disaster in the final three weeks of

John DeFilippo Isn’t Another McCarthy

Minnesota Vikings made a move yesterday to fire John DeFilippo, the offensive coordinator of the team. This was due to Mike Zimmer having issues with the way the offense did not run the ball enough and their general disagreements with each other. Both sides of

Vikings Open Door for Packers Playoff Run

Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks met in a Monday night showdown pitting the two current Wild Card teams in the NFC. If Minnesota won, they had a real chance at getting the five seed, and if Seattle won, they all but locked up playing as

Packers Excitement Meter: The Atlanta Bounce Back

Green Bay Packers responded to their coach being fired like most of it expected them. They played really well and won the game without any question about it. Packers won 34-20 over the Atlanta Falcons yet the game was much of a blowout than the

Packers National Anthem Singer Screws Up Badly

To sing the National Anthem at a pro sports event would be tough without question. There are some sports where it might be a bit easier. Take an NBA game on Monday or Tuesday when there aren’t many people there, the pressure isn’t that significant.

Kingsbury Stays in College Putting Packers & NFL on Pause

Kliff Kingsbury is one of the hottest names in football for a head coach or offensive coordinator. Why? The evolution of the spread offense in football. It’s grown to rapid proportions. Kingsbury worked with Patrick Mahomes, the best young quarterback in the NFL, and he

Are Nick Saban & the Packers Really a Good Fit?

There’s some palpable buzz around Nick Saban potentially being the next head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Jonathan Jones of Sports Illustrated suggested it yesterday breaking down why it all makes sense. Through his writing, I can say there is some truth to what