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Aaron Rodgers Sounds Off On Critics

Rodgers went full Jim Mora today. #youthinkyouknow — Aaron Nagler (@AaronNagler) September 22, 2016 (h/t Aaron Nagler for the video) Aaron Rodgers met with the media on Wednesday and let the media have a piece of his mind. Many people will consider him to

The Internet’s Funeral of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is dead according to the Internet. Everyone believes the Packers quarterback will never return to prominence according to all of the different articles on Tuesday. It’s almost like writers competed to see how could they make it sound more like Rodgers is an

Jordy Nelson’s Farm Flakes Are A Thing

Jordy Nelson's new cereal with @plbsports — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 20, 2016 Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson doesn’t have many sponsorships, but when he does, they are about as family friendly as possible. Continuing with that theme, Nelson has his own cereal

Tapping The Keg Podcast Episode 204: Why Week 2 Doesn’t Matter

Murph joins us to rehash what happened in the Green Bay-Minnesota game. He explains why the game doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I try to provide some optimism while Mitch tries to make sure we don’t see some of the problems with

Star Ratings: Packers-Vikings

Star ratings returns for another season. Those not familiar with it, we look at how the Packers performed this week with five stars being the best and one star being the worst. Five Stars Stefon Diggs – Primetime games can make stars out of players.

Vikings Dump Packers, 17-14

One of those games where it was clear Green Bay didn’t have it. Packers lose for the first time this season, 17-14 to their hated rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. This is the first time Vikes won consecutive games versus Green Bay since their Favre era.

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Green Bay Packers head to the road again to take on defending NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings. This is one of the better rivalries in the National Football League currently even though it’s been more lopsided than you think. Green Bay is 10-2-1 since 2010

Mike McCarthy’s Metrodome Dig Was Classic

McCarthy with the subtle dig at the pumped-in-noise in the old Metrodome… — Aaron Nagler (@AaronNagler) September 15, 2016 Props to Aaron Nagler for catching this one. Mike McCarthy busting out the jokes at his Wednesday press conference about the piped in sound at

It’s A Disgrace Darren Sharper Is A Hall of Fame Nominee

When the list of names came out for the NFL Hall of Fame last night, former Packer, Viking and Saint Darren Sharper’s name was listed. Sharper is currently serving time for raping multiple women in multiple states. Sharper will likely spend most of his adult

Mike Zimmer Doesn’t Know His Starting QB For Sunday… Suuuuuuure

#Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, who your QB is? “You’ll have to wait til Sunday.” Do you know? “No comment.” — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) September 14, 2016 Is Mike Zimmer the worst liar in sports history? I mean that’s probably Rafael Palmeiro, but that’s not here