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Wait… John Harbaugh Hasn’t Signed His Extension?

John Harbaugh could win an award for ‘Turnaround of the year’ and ‘not being stubborn with your quarterback.’ Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens were 4-5 heading into the bye. With Harbaugh’s final year in his contract and a new general manager, there was much uncertainty if he

Do the Packers Have a Pat Fitzgerald Obsession?

Obsession is a strong word. But it feels like that’s what we’re seeing with the Packers and Pat Fitzgerald. On Monday after Northwestern came back from a 20-3 deficit, Fitzgerald basically laid it out clearly that he would not be interviewing for the Green Bay

2018 Packers Grades: Quarterback – Aaron Rodgers’ Mediocre Season

Class is officially in session. We’re going to give out grades for the entire team. We’ll start with the quarterbacks and work our way through the team as the year went on. Now, I’ll not take you through the game film. But we are going

The Race to be the Next Packers Head Coach

Right now, it’s a race to get a head coach in the National Football League. There are eight open coaching spots. That’s a fourth of the league needing a new coach. Green Bay is one of those eight teams. Now, it’s the most or second-most

Packers Fans’ Rooting Guide for AFC Playoffs

The AFC always features a rooting guide for Packers fans. Sometimes, it’s ‘Who will make the best Super Bowl matchup.’ Other times, it’s just a rooting guide like this one. AFC is more fun than it’s been in the last several years. Forever, it’s been

Packers Fans’ Rooting Guide to NFC Playoffs

Since Green Bay did not play the playoffs, here we are with a rooting guide. I’d love not to write this next year. I’d love to do a power ranking of teams I want to see the Packers to play off a bye when they

Rodgers-Cobb Emotional Hug Was Sunday’s Only Memorable Moment

Football is a team sport. That’s obvious to anyone who has played or watched the game. People forget that watching professional athletes. They do not know about the relationships forged over the years on the field and off the field. The Packers photographer Evan Siegle

Packers Players Shouldn’t Get Their Philbin Wish Granted

If you go into the Green Bay Packers locker room and ask ‘Who do you want to coach the team next year?’ The answer is Joe Philbin. He is a well-liked guy throughout the locker room. Packers veterans want him to be the guy especially

Caldwell & Pagano Shouldn’t Freak Out Packers Fans

The first couple names have surfaced in the Packers coaching search, and the names are underwhelming. This caused some panic through the Packers nation because the names aren’t these hot shot coordinators or coaches. Instead, they’re Jim Caldwell, former coach of the Detroit Lions and