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Weekend Watchlist: 9/6 – 9/9

Welcome to paradise. The first weekend where we’re we get college and pro football rolling at the same time. NFL is back. Football is back. Happy to be a part of it. Weekend Watchlist breaks down the 10 best things to watch this weekend including

The Packers’ Mascot is a Giant Cheese Monster

Chicago Bears’ media team decided to do cartoons to showcase each matchup of the year. Bears have a ferocious bear as their cartoon character fitting the part. When they went to do Green Bay, the decision was this glowing, yellow monster that people expected to

Jake Kumerow Might Be Heading for a Redshirt Year

Packers Training Camp star Jake Kumerow made the roster, despite, hurting his shoulder in Week 2. Kumerow called the injury a ‘stinger’, and the reports were he could be back with the team by Week 3. Packers need the roster space, and instead of cutting

Bears Acquire Khalil Mack in a Monster Deal

I woke up today to grab my phone after a night out. I had 18 text messages from my friends in a group chat about Khalil Mack joining the Chicago Bears. At that point, I wondered if I should either start drinking or head back

Gutekunst Finds a Suitor for Brett Hundley

Brian Gutekunst is not afraid to wheel and deal. After he dealt for a linebacker this week, he kept the phone buzzing and moved Brett Hundley to Seattle for a sixth-round pick. Now, the podcast this week went back and forth on the three quarterbacks

Packers Smartly Break The Bank for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers secured the bag. Yes, Green Bay paid him a handsome salary over the next six years. The contract will go until Rodgers is 40 years old. As you know, it is a gaudy number with the Packers quarterback making 176 million dollars over

Jake Kumerow, The Hardest Bubble Candidate

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jake Kumerow is sitting directly on the bubble. He isn’t halfway there. He’s right on the damn thing to make the Green Bay Packers roster. Some wonder how this is possible. Kumerow got the Aaron Rodgers endorsement throughout Training Camp,

Trevor Davis Steals a Roster Spot

Green Bay Packers drafted wide receiver Trevor Davis a few years ago. The moments for him and few and far between. He did have a clutch punt return for a touchdown versus Cleveland last year to save Green Bay frome embarrassment. Davis is primarily used

Detroit Lions Potentially Talking with Khalil Mack? How?

The internet is full of rumors. We cannot believe every one that we hear because if we did, you end up looking like someone sharing fake Facebook stories. That said, we had a radio guy from Detroit saying that Khalil Mack and his agents were

Give All The Rodgers-Favre Mississippi Footage

OH MY GOD. Aaron Rodgers revealed on Wilde and Tausch on Tuesday morning that he spent some time in Mississippi with Brett Favre. Yes, you read that right. Rodgers and Favre hung out like bros over the summer. We heard absolutely nothing of it. I’m