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Grading the 2017 Packers: Wide Receivers

Hope to be a little farther on this process, but I didn’t end up writing about it over the weekend which is what I should have done with wide receivers and tight ends. We’ll try to wrap this up by the end of next week

Packers Begin Their External Search for Defensive Coordinator

Many Packers fans were bummed to see Packers assistants be the favorites for the defensive coordinator position last week. Darren Perry was the leader in the clubhouse at that time, but it appears Green Bay is ready to begin their external search for their next

Joe Philbin’s Return is a Positive Sign for Packers

Even though the general manger hire took all the headlines, people might forget Green Bay also made a move at offensive coordinator. The team brought back Joe Philbin, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and last worked on Indianapolis’ staff as an o-line

Stop Acting Like Brian Gutekunst is a Ted Thompson Clone

When you hear people react to the new Packers general manager, Brian Gutekunst, people are going to ignorantly call into sports radio programs and say that ‘This is a terrible move as nothing will change and the beat goes on.’ That’s such a laughable take,

SnoTap’s AFC Playoffs Rooting Interest Index

The AFC is a little different than the NFC. We do not have an obvious enemy there like we do with Minnesota. Some might say New England, but I’m not that kind of guy as you’ll see. To me, the AFC Playoffs could be very

SnoTap’s NFC Playoffs Rooting Interest Index

Welcome to the first edition of the SnoTap Rooting Interest Index. In the past, I’ve created something similar for playoffs that do not involve the teams I cheer for and it’s mostly been the Brewers. Since Green Bay is no longer playing football, we created

Grading The 2017 Packers – Running Back

The running back position became a strength for the Packers in 2017. That’s something I don’t know if anyone saw coming. They did draft three running backs, but no one knew if they were actually going to pan out. Just because you draft heavy at

Clinton-Dix Comments Miss The Mark

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix had a tough season to say the least. The former first round pick took a major stepback this season compared to have a Pro Bowl year in 2016. What happened with Clinton-Dix? That’s an answer only the Green Bay safety knows but

Grading the 2017 Packers: Quarterback

Welcome to the Packers 2017 grades where we’re going to look at each position on the Green Bay roster for the most part. How grades will work is we’ll look at a player’s year and determine if they deserve a grade for the season. Even

Don’t Read Into Alonzo Highsmith’s Comments

The first domino has fallen in the Green Bay Packers organization since Ted Thompson being reassigned to a new role with the team. Alonzo Highsmith will be moving on with John Dorsey at the Cleveland Browns where he will be taking a role as the