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Adrian Amos Has No Time For Hurdles

Adrian Amos played his first game as a Green Bay Packers player on Friday night. It had to be a special night for Amos being home in Baltimore to start his 2019 season. There are ton of Bears’ haters that are ready to see Amos

Do the Packers Have A Top-Ten Defense?

For most of training camp, we have a conversation about the ‘hype train’ for different players. Well, have you heard of the hype train around the Packers defense in general? People are very excited about this defense. And for good reason, they’ve added some key

Aaron Rodgers Joins The Tony Brown Fan Club

You rarely see offensive players praise defensive players in training camp. The same goes for defense to offense. In many ways, the defense or the offense is your only opposition for a couple of weeks. Aaron Rodgers met with the media yesterday and discussed how

I’m Retiring From Greg Jennings & You Should Too

Greg Jennings, the former Green Bay Packers player and noted president of the I Hate Aaron Rodgers Fan Club, was at it again on Monday. I’m not going to link to what he said and I’m not even going to discuss what he’s talking about

Oren Burks’ Injury Creates a Significant Void In Packers D

Green Bay Packers are dealing with their first major injury of the year. Oren Burks, the starting middle linebacker, went down with a torn pectoral muscle in the game against Houston. On Saturday, Green Bay thought that Burks would be out for the year, but

Aaron Rodgers’ Stache Spells Trouble For the NFC North

There is something about a good mustache that’s always great to me. Why? I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I cannot grow a mustache, and when my facial hair gets long, a mustache is never on the table. Aaron Rodgers

Five SnoTapWI Takes About Packers Preseason Game 1

Preseason football is one of those things that I always have trouble with as a fan. As a writer, I know that people crave knowing about what happened in the game, so, I’m forced to watch most, if not all, of the game when I

Packers Have a New Horn That Sounds Too Familiar

The experience at Lambeau Field is a great one. There isn’t a bad time when you’re cheering on the Packers in Green Bay. Typically, I’m at Lambeau once a year for a game. I’ve been very fortunate in that regard. Last night in the first

Allen Lazard Flexes on Lonnie Johnson After TD Catch

Green Bay Packers beat the Houston Texans, 28-26, in the first preseason game of the year. Not many people played in said preseason game, but there were some learnings to take away from it. There’s nothing to overreact about but there was a cool moment

Jace Sternberger Fires Back in The Perfect Way

Jace Sternberger took a big hit on Monday in practice from Texans cornerback Lonnie Johnson Jr. He became the new enemy of the Packers fans and players. Sternberger did not practice yesterday as I believe they’re still evaluating him for a concussion. He did take