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Gary and Sternberger To Wear Popular Packers Numbers

There are only so many numbers that a Packers player could wear in the upcoming season. Numbers are also a funny thing because it is not like college where the guys can wear whatever they want or they get a special number like how all

Jace Sternberger Has Star Potential for the Packers

I promise you that is not sour grapes. Let’s face facts – most tight ends that end up being stars get drafted in second and third round. This is not to say that T.J. Hockenson will not be not be a star. But the recent

Elgton Jenkins Provides Much-Needed O-Line Support

Many NFL Draft experts believed the Green Bay Packers were going to draft an interior offensive lineman. They need support at the guard position. When the Denver Broncos drafted Packers Twitter favorite Dalton Risner, people believed they might look for a guard in the later

Nolan Murphy’s NFL Draft Guide: Day 2

Day 1 is done, and we are on to Day 2. Nolan Murphy’s Draft Guide featured not only what he thought the Packers might do in Round 1 but also in Day 2 and moving forward. Murph nailed the idea of Packers general manager Brian

Savage Szn: Packers Get An Exciting Option at Safety

When the Seattle Seahawks announced that they would be trading down, I said to Nolan Murphy ‘It could be the Packers here.’ That is what actually happened. Whether Green Bay was trying to get Noah Fant which didn’t work or the plan all along was

Packers Bet on Potential With Rashan Gary

Before the Green Bay Packers picked at number 12, we didn’t know what the team might do for a draft pick. With the free agent signings they made this offseason, Cole Madison returning, and a new coach, the choices could be anything. Green Bay decided

Nolan Murphy’s 2019 NFL Draft Guide

For the first time since the “Long Night” better known as the 1980’s the Green Bay Packers find themselves late to party. No date to the dance and watching from the sidelines as the state of Wisconsin rejoices in watching championship contenders in the Brewers

Packers Inch Closer to Playing Foreign Game

It appears that once and for all, the Green Bay Packers, will play a foreign football game. Many people have spoken out about the Packers not playing overseas. Green Bay would not give up a home game to do it. And the opposing teams were

Is the 12th Pick Too High to Draft a Tight End?

Green Bay Packers will have selected their two first round picks by this time next week. We will know what the Packers are doing with those draft picks. After a spend-heavy free agency, Green Bay turned the draft on its head. People thought the Packers

Grading The Green Bay Packers 2019 Schedule

Green Bay Packers schedule is out and ready for all the public eye to see this morning. People are making their plans to visit Lambeau Field, decide what road trip they might take or anything else about the impending 2019 NFL season. A few things