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Aaron Jones, the Soccer Player, Gets Flooded With Tweets

People on Twitter are so goddamn dumb. Pick your poison when you’re talking about the stupidness of some people. Usually when we are talking about dumb Twitter, it’s the idiots who are doing things politically, but this time, it’s people tweeting at Philadelphia Union player

Rodgers Continues To Give Dallas’ Nightmares

All things considered, Packers fans would have probably been okay with a lost on Sunday afternoon. Green Bay had multiple injuries to deal with, the referees cost them four points and there were two missed extra points. Yet somehow, someway, Aaron Rodgers found a way

Will Montgomery or Adams Play on Sunday?

Green Bay Packers are some of the best rope-a-dope artists in the business. They keep things very close to the vest. It’s why my podcast partner calls it ‘Red China’ because he feels that things are kept in great secret. The question comes up about

WSW: The Great, The Average & The Heartbreak

This was not a weekend to be quiet on the blog posts. I apologize for that, but I took myself a trip up north with the lady friend and was away from the action for the whole weekend. I did my best to keep myself

Packers Are Doing The Right Thing Even If They Can’t Win

Right now, the nation is at a fever pitch with football. People are saying they do not want to support the team or the players after the anthem protests on Sunday. President Donald Trump wants you to know that kneeling is not an option when

Packers Offensive Tackle Injuries Plague Team

Every year, we see Green Bay’s team end up being hurt in some capacity. I think this is more of a football thing then a Packers thing, even if others believe the contrary. Every year, it seems like one spot on the field has more

Star Ratings: Bengals-Packers

Green Bay Packers survived the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-24 in overtime yesterday. Green Bay had their first overtime win since 2007, and Aaron Rodgers cured a lot of demons on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time the Packers star quarterback beat Cincinnati, won a game

Donald Trump Amplified the Sports Culture War

When I heard President Donald Trump’s comments on Friday night, I did a double take but did not expect to have what happened on Saturday to Sunday with the owners and players being united as one. This topic stayed with me all weekend including a

Is Detroit A Legitimate Threat To Green Bay?

Detroit Lions lead the NFC North after two weeks in the season with a 2-0 record, and they’ve looked good doing it. Detroit beat up on Arizona especially in the second half, and their defense took care of business handling the meek New York Giants

Injuries Pile Up As Falcons Dismantle Packers

Going into Sunday’s game, many people thought things may be different between Green Bay-Atlanta. This was the third time in a year these teams would be playing each other, and the Packers were hellbent to change things. That did not happen. Rather, the Falcons put