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Vita Vea Potentially Returning for Tampa Isn’t As Bad For Packers As You Think

When Green Bay and Tampa Bay met in the regular season, Vita Vea was not in the starting lineup. The mammoth defensive tackle did not play because he fractured his ankle the game before against Chicago. Many people thought that the subtraction of Vea could

Packers Have Their Own Sea Shanty And It’s Complete Fire

As you may know, every trend starts on TikTok now. That’s where if you want to be early on something, you do it on TikTok and get a bunch of fake engagement because they try to boost their own metrics a la Facebook circa 2014

SnotapWI Star Ratings: Packers Prove Too Poweful Against Rams

Green Bay Packers knew that the quest for another Super Bowl would not be easy. It is the NFL Playoffs. Things are difficult by nature. Los Angeles Rams were not an easy opponent, but Green Bay made it look that way. Packers sweat a little

Packers Rout The Rams and Get One Step Closer to the Super Bowl

All week, people talked about the Los Angeles Rams’ defense. They were the best in the league. Packers might struggle with them. What would Aaron Rodgers do if Jalen Ramsey shut down Davante Adams? All of these things were said. While people forgot that the

This Packers’ Playoff Trailer Makes Me Want To Run Through a Brick Wall

LET’S GOOOOOOOO! Happy Friday to all of the Tappers out there. Hope it’s been a good weekend. We have playoff football on Saturday with the Green Bay Packers taking on the Los Angeles Rams. Hype videos are always good. During their national championship run, LSU

Five Questions About Rams-Packers’ Playoff Clash

Green Bay Packers start their potential Super Bowl run on Saturday afternoon against the Los Angeles Rams. This is the first time these two are meeting in the playoffs since 2002. That game did not work out well for Green Bay, so, let’s hope this

COVID-19 Interrupts Packers’ Plans to Use Jared Veldheer

Green Bay Packers have been fortunate to not have a lot of COVID-19 issues this season. The only thing they dealt with was A.J. Dillon in the early part of November. This led to Jordan Love, Krys Barnes, and a few others going into the

Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re on Favre Watch Again

Brett Favre is not a faceless retiree. We see him in a lot of different places. Favre has a radio show on SiriusXM. He also golfed with the president. Aaron Rodgers and Favre talk fairly often it seems about different stuff throughout the weeks. But

Aaron Rodgers Spills The Beans About Being A Jeopardy Guest Host

Aaron Rodgers did a shortened version of his usual Tuesday thing with Pat McAfee. With Green Bay playing a day early, it meant that Rodgers met with the media today versus Wednesday. He didn’t have much time, but it was a good listen as always.

Brian Gutekunst is a Magicigan & Somehow Signs Jared Veldheer

Brian Gutekunst is not done making moves. Even though the Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs, the top-seeded team in the NFC, they’re not settling. Case in point yesterday when the Packers announced that they’re signing Jared Veldheer. They had Jared on the team