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Why Aaron Jones’ Deal Makes Sense for the Packers

Aaron Jones is still a Green Bay Packers player. That’s a sentence that I don’t think a lot of us would have said a few weeks ago. But Jones is a Packer for another four years and 48 million dollars. Jones is only getting $13

Despite Their Confidence, Questions Remain on Green Bay Hosting an NFL Draft

Green Bay Packers want to host an NFL Draft. It is the only big event that Green Bay can host in the NFL calendar. They cannot host the Super Bowl. While Lambeau Field would be very cool for the biggest game of the year, the

Two Available Wide Receivers Pique Packers’ Fans Interest

NFL free agency is less than a week away. At this time next week, we will likely know where some guys are going. Although NFL reporters have mentioned to not expect as much immediate movement as we’ve seen in the past. Due to the funds

Aaron Jones Could Return To Packers But It’s Only Due To COVID Cap

Aaron Jones did not get the franchise tag yesterday. Anyone who paid attention to these kinds of things is not surprised that Jones did not get a tag from the Green Bay Packers. It did not make sense for Green Bay to make that kind

Don’t Expect a Corey Linlsey Reunion With His Deal Expected to Be ‘Monsterous.’

Corey Linsley will not be a Green Bay Packer around this time next week or a week after. Linsley is going to get paid by one of the teams with a lot of cap space in the National Football League. A report came out yesterday

Connecting The Dots For Zach Ertz-Preston Smith Swap

The NFL offseason has become like the NBA. There is no way to fight what has happened here. That’s the reality of the situation. The NFL kingmakers saw what good business the NBA offseason was and they brought it into their sport. That’s why they’re

Matt LaFleur Owning His Mistakes Matters to Players & Fans

Matt LaFleur will be under more of a microscope in Year Three than he was in Year Two. Why? Well, he had two of the best years in coaching history, and now, people will expect him to deliver on a Super Bowl title. Is that

What Aaron Rodgers Is Doing For Small Businesses Is Truly Inspiring

Aaron Rodgers is continuing his goal of trying to help small businesses during the pandemic. Rodgers started out learning about what he could do through Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy. Rodgers donated $500k to the Barstool Fund, but the Packers’ quarterback wanted to take it

Packers Made The Right Move By Not Overpaying JJ Watt

JJ Watt could have gone back to the State of Wisconsin. You could see the video. Watt working out in the middle of winter with ‘I’m Coming Home’ blaring in the background. But that did not happen. At least this time around. Watt took a

Packers Having to Play at Kansas City Again Is Absolute Garbage

At the end of the NFL season when the noise started to pick up about the NFL adding a 17th game, I told you that the Green Bay Packers were likely playing the Kansas City Chiefs. I did the math and figured out that Chiefs