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Where Do The Packers Rank in Top NFC & NFL Teams?

If you’ve read me for a while, I’m anti-power rankings for the most part. Sure, we do fun stuff like ‘SnoTapWI Top Five’s’ but the concept of power rankings bothers me. Why? Well, people use them for clicks and debates without any real substance behind

Lambeau Leap Gets Added Back For Madden 21′, Now Keep It.

You may remember, you may not that I do not play video games anymore. I hung up the controller around 24. Don’t tell my fiancee this, but when we get a house, I’m probably adding a system when I have a basement to myself. Since

SnoTapWI Top Five: Packers’ Hype Trains To Support

What is a hype train you might ask? Well, let me tell you, friend. It is when you think a player is going to have a great year and you’re jumping on his hype train. I also like using the term ‘island.’ A while back

Eric Bledsoe Showing Love to Za’Darius Smith on Instagram

When the Packers were getting ready for their playoff game, Za’Darius Smith showed up dripped out with a Milwaukee Bucks jersey. He didn’t wear Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 34 though. Rather, he wore Eric Bledsoe’s number six. Both players are from Alabama. Eric Bledsoe returned the favor

Leaving Za’Darius Smtih & Preston Smith Off Top EDGE Rushers Duos is a Crime

Pro Football Focus giveth and Pro Football Focus taketh away. In our piece about A.J. Dillon yesterday, I mentioned how Pro Football Focus can be viewed as something you either like when it goes well for you or hate when it doesn’t. Today, we’re back

Pro Football Focus Expects Big Things From A.J. Dillon

Are you getting on board the A.J. Dillon hype train? Right now, the train that I’m riding is the Jace Sternberger hype train but might have to a share in Dillon’s as well. Dillon is looking like a freak with five percent body fat and

Aaron Rodgers’ Quarantine Beard is Better Than Yours

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having an interesting offseason. He came off a 13-3 season where there were some doubters, but most people liked where the team was going. Then, Green Bay drafted a quarterback when everyone thought that a receiver was the

Why Not Everyone Agrees Two Preseason Games is The Right Move

National Football League is starting to look at their upcoming season, and some tweaks are being made. They’re looking at how could things be easier on the players headed back to their facilities. With there being no OTAs or any sort of training sessions leading

Things You Hate To See: Dalvin Cook to Hold Out

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is holding out for more money. The Vikings running back will not be playing at his current contract. He wants to be paid heading into the last year of his rookie deal. Cook is hoping to make money similar

Packers Produce Powerful ‘Enough is Enough’ Campaign

Many people wondered if the Green Bay Packers would say anything about the killing of George Floyd. Many teams made statements. Prominent players did as well. But nothing from the Packers. Fans were starting to get itchy about the subject. Packers hit a home run