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NBC’s Brett Favre at Lambeau Day Is Fake News

We all miss sports. You miss sports. I miss sports. NBC is trying to make it easier for us. They will have football games all week. That is music to some people’s ears. Honestly, it is music to my ears. I’ve been streaming so much

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Packers Seasons

SnoTapWI top five returns with another edition on our hands. Today, we are talking about our favorite Green Bay Packers seasons. I thought about this one whilst doing the podcast last night. Your boy got nostalgic about Fall 2011. Trust me when I say, Fall

Wide Receiver Is Still a Priority For Packers

Green Bay Packers signed a wide receiver on Tuesday afternoon. They added Devin Funchess to their receiver room. But that does not mean Green Bay is done with the receiver position. Green Bay knows that this is arguably one of the best receiver drafts of

Devin Funchess Gives Packers The Receiver Depth They Need

Many Green Bay Packers fans wondered when their team would pull the trigger and sign a wide receiver. Green Bay ran into a problem that has plagued them in the past where they had a receiver room that was far too young. Head coach Matt

Big Fan of The Davante Adams-Jumpman Partnership

Yesterday, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams made a bit of news. He would be joining the Jordan brand as an NFL sponsor. To me, Jordan brand sponsorship is one of the more elite things to be asked to do. Jordan’s brand does not

Jameis Winston Should Consider a One-Year Stay in Green Bay

Jameis Winston is still looking for a job. The problem is there are not a lot of starting options left. The one in New England remains the only one available at this point. Other than that, Winston would have to latch on somewhere with a

Former Packer Brady Poppinga Delivers An All-Time Bad QB Take

Brady Poppinga is an odd duck. He has always been that way. My friend Mike and I used to make fun of Poppinga back in the day. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is his friend, but it always seemed like one of those friendships was Rodgers made

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Current Wisconsin Athletes

Another new blog post? Another new blog post! This time in the world of lists. We all love a good list. Just like we all love a good online quiz. I’m here to give you the list of my favorite current Wisconsin athletes. Some might

Todd Gurley’s Release Shines Light On Jones’ Negotiations

Todd Gurley is no longer a member of the Los Angeles Rams. He will be joining the Atlanta Falcons per reports this morning on a one-year deal. Gurley got paid majorly for the running back position. He and Ezekiel Elliott reshaped the market for running

Clay Matthews and The Middle Linebacker Question

On Thursday afternoon, Los Angeles Rams released Clay Matthews. This sparked immediately attention from Packers fans. Some wanted Matthews back. Others would rather not see a return. My biggest issue with Matthews in his last couple of years with the Packers is he never faced