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Can Green Bay’s Run Defense Survive Without Clark?

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Kenny Clark will miss some time with a high ankle sprain. It doesn’t appear it’s season-ending, but Clark will probably be out for two or three weeks at a minimum. That’s a bummer considering Clark was playing at an All-Pro

Star Ratings: Ravens-Packers

What a colossal mess the Packers have on their hands currently with this team. Green Bay got shut out for the first time since 2006 with an embarrassing home loss to the Baltimore Ravens. They head to .500 with the loss, and there are real

Mike Daniels Wants You To Know He Didn’t Pee His Pants

Every now and again, a football player has to pee their pants. It’s not uncommon actually. Dudes will go because it’s pretty hard to take off all of the equipment just to pee. That said, you have to be careful of the color of the

Packers Players Continue to Take Shots at Marty B

The Marty B saga with the Green Bay Packers hasn’t exactly died down this week. I assume after this week, people will move on to other things especially in that locker room, but it’s evident that it’s still striking a nerve with players. In the

Jones’ Injury Opens Door For Williams And Monty

Aaron Jones had a decent rookie season heading into Sunday’s game against Chicago. Jones sprained his MCL, and he will miss three to six weeks which puts him at least out until mid-December and quite possibly the season. This changes what Green Bay will be

Star Ratings: Packers-Bears

This was a pretty solid win by the Green Bay Packers. I know people want to make light of the Chicago Bears, but at the end of the day, they’re a frisky team. Chicago beat Pittsburgh at Soldier Field, and they nearly beat Atlanta, Minnesota,

Martellus Bennett Continues On His Throne of Lies

After all of the bluster this week from Martellus Bennett of having a shoulder injury, he played in his first game as a New England Patriot on Sunday evening. Bennett had a couple catches including a big one for 27 yards. He explained after the

Aaron Rodgers Comes Out In Support of Dr. McKenzie

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get into the mud usually, but he felt compelled to say something on Friday night. He wrote a long Instagram post detailing that Dr. Pat McKenzie of the Green Bay Packers is one of the best in the business. Rodgers became vocal

No, Aaron Rodgers Can’t Opt Out Of His Contract

Colin Cowherd is an interesting figure in the Packers world. He had some strange issues with Aaron Rodgers especially during the 2010 Super Bowl run. He sort of became the more nuanced version of Skip Bayless when it came to hating the Packers quarterback. He

Martellus Bennett Is A Lying Fraud.

I’m willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. I’m a nice guy like that. I’m not going to completely overreact to one thing or two things, but then we have what the fraud known as Marty B did today. He signed with the