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Green Bay’s Eliot Wolf Conundrum

Reports came out yesterday longtime Packers personnel Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst will both interview for the San Francisco 49ers General Manager job this week. This news shouldn’t be a surprise to Packers fans who’ve seen Reggie McKenzie and John Dorsey both go to different

Odell & The Boys Spent Their Day Off In South Beach

So OBJ, Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis flew to Miami last night, went clubbing, and are on a boat. Living life. #Giants — Justin Witmondt (@JustinWitmondt) January 2, 2017 This picture surfaced late this morning of Odell Beckham Jr of New York

Star Ratings: Packers-Lions

Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions lost some of their luster when Washington fell to New York. It meant both teams would be in the big dance versus the ‘win and get in.’ Packers struggled in the first half as Lions controlled the football. But as NBC

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Detroit

It all comes down to this for Green Bay Packers. They win, and they’re in. If they lose, we’re probably talking about one of the more disappointing Packer teams of the last 20 years. Sure, if Washington loses, Packers could still get in with a

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Do Or Die For NFC North

While everyone else is taking the week off, the Tapping The Keg boys are back for the final episode in 2016. Here’s what we have for the week. 6:00-19:00 – NFC North Championship Game preview. We look at all the different angles with some thoughts

Did Green Bay Learn Anything From Lions-Cowboys?

By now, you’ve heard that Green Bay and Detroit will play for all the marbles on Sunday night at Ford Field. The game will have a significant amount of hype because it’s the biggest game on the Week 17 slate and carries the most weight.

Open Letter to Mike McCarthy

I’d like to apologize to Mike McCarthy. I’m sorry. I wrote after Tennessee game that you should be clearing out your office at 1265 Lombardi Avenue. I didn’t stick with the process (shouts to Joel Embiid) and thought the messaging had gone stale. I pride

Star Ratings: Vikings-Packers

Green Bay Packers are still feeling high off their Saturday victory against Minnesota Vikings knocking them out of the playoffs. It’s incredible to see the fall from grace for Minnesota. People crowned their defense like the second coming of Christ earlier this year. Same goes

Davante Adams, Big Fan of “Tuggys”

GREAT TEAM DIVISION WIN!! And a tuggy from 12 for my bday?! 24 how could I ask for more?!!! Thanks for all the love.. — Davante Adams (@tae15adams) December 24, 2016 Davante Adams is a slow-rising social media superstar. He had a funny moment last

Packers Gives Fans An Early Present Beating Minnesota

Merry Christmas to all you tappers out there. You get a couple blogs from me this merry morning. Green Bay Packers added one more game to the wagon with another dominating performance at home thrashing Minnesota Vikings, 38-25. The game wasn’t as close as the