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Star Ratings: Packers-Titans

You always remember the worst games, right? Green Bay played a horrific game on Sunday giving up 47 points and looking like they quit from the opening snap. Once again, Packers gave up a huge play to start the game, and they were down multiple

Mike McCarthy’s Time In Green Bay Is Over

I like to think I’m a rational Packers fan. Some might agree with that, others might see it differently. I really try hard not to be a prisoner of the moment and avoid overreactions. This isn’t an overreaction… Mike McCarthy should be fired as head

Pathetic Packers Lose To Titans, 47-25

Everyone tried to wrap their brains around how Green Bay lost to Indianapolis last week, and this week, we found the answer. Green Bay isn’t a good football team. They have some talent, and some great individual players but that’s what Green Bay is currently…

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Tennessee

Fading in the First Half This is an interesting trend to watch for the remainder of the year. Michael Cohen of the Journal Sentinel did a great job rifling through the numbers to find Green Bay’s defense majorly struggles at the end of the first

Starks and Cook Would Be Huge Lift To Packers Offense

Reports came out yesterday that running back James Starks and tight end Jared Cook were full participants in practice. That’s great news for Packers offense which has seen its ups and downs in the past couple weeks. To get two capable starters back in the

Tapping The Keg Podcast Ep. 211: Justifying Mike & Ted’s Hot Seat

What a podcast. We taped this before the election was decided so we do a little choose your own adventure to begin. Charlie recaps his time at Lambeau with some memorable moments like the guy who kept looking at butts. We move on to talk

Packers Remaining Season Oddsmakers

Green Bay Packers are 4-4 in the first nine games. This is the worst start for a Mike McCarthy-led team since 2009. Green Bay is squarely out of the playoffs in the NFC logjam. This season isn’t over by any means though. Three teams last

SnoTap’s Star Ratings: Colts-Packers

Five Stars Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – It was poetic to see Ha Ha Clinton-Dix having a big game against Indianapolis. Ryan Wood wrote late last week how Clinton-Dix lacked ‘splash plays’ this season despite having a quality start to the season. He got a couple

Already Sick of Lambeau Squirrel

Lambeau Squirrel had 2 tds today.. Certainly celebrating by downing some nuts with the squad tonight #GetANut — Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) November 7, 2016 I’m going to sound like the old guy in the room, but Lambeau Squirrel is going to be so tiresome

Green Bay Packers’ Milwaukee Problem

On Sunday, I attended my annual Packers game with my girlfriend. I usually pick one game out a year to go, and we landed on Indianapolis Colts due to the early November date versus Houston in December. We knew it would be a Milwaukee game