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David Bakhtiari Enjoyed His Fourth Of July

As I enjoy an extra day off, I’m reflecting how Fourth of July might be my favorite holiday besides Christmas and Thanksgiving. It might be Thanksgiving, Fourth and Christmas in that order for me. The Fourth of July is much more than one day, rather,

Brett Favre’s Arm Still Has Some NFL Throws Left

Steve Stricker brought out the big guns earlier this weekend before they teed off at the American Family Championship in Madison. Brett Favre, Derek Jeter and Darius Rucker were all a part of the experience. Obviously, the fans were most excited to see the former

Letroy Guion Continues To Prove Lack of Worth

In March, I asked the question about Letroy Guion’s worth. He received a four-game suspension and had no idea why Packers wanted to bring him back. But they did. The guy is like a cat and has multiple lives. We shall see if Guion gets

Randall & Dupre Make Waves At Packers Camp

I’m trying to wonder how much people care about Packers Mini-Camp. I could see it being something that we want to discuss because it’s Green Bay Packers and they rule the the local sports Internet. That said, I could see people not giving a shit

Don’t Sweat Aaron Rodgers’ New Contract

It’s already begun. Stories upon stories about Aaron Rodgers needing a new deal to replace his former contract. Lines about ‘What must Rodgers be thinking?’ when a quarterback gets an astronomical amount of money, or an elite player makes the top dollar. When asked about

Aaron Rodgers Joins Instagram With Hilarious Video

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a one social media guy until last night before the start of the NBA Finals. Rodgers announced his arrival to Instagram by creating a laugh out loud funny black-and-white where he showed his patent mid-range jumpers whilst wearing

Can We Stop Obsessing About Ty Montgomery’s Number?

Green Bay Packers are in their silly season when it comes to news. Things are coming across the wire at a rapid rate with OTA’s, but the stories itself are not much. I get it especially if you’re doing something Packers-specific. That said, I’m so

Rodgers Hooks Up Lineman With Offseason Gifts

Green Bay Packers are going through OTA’s currently so everyone is back in the great state of Wisconsin including Aaron Rodgers. This is the first time most of this year’s team will get together and start gelling together as one. There are a few mini

Josh Jones Hype Machine Starts Today

Green Bay Packers are in OTA’s to really launch the 2017 NFL season. It’s always an exciting time to be a Packers fan, but I feel like this year is the culmination of the last couple plus some pieces were added to the roster that

Hate That Aaron Rodgers Got In Retweet Game

For a couple years, we went away from ‘Hey if we get 5,000 retweets, we won’t have to take a final!’ At least, it felt like that then it started popping up again. Kids took it to another level though. A smarter level. They went