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Star Ratings: Packers-Bears

Packers-Bears is a great rivalry, and there have been better games to reflect that in the past five years. Green Bay currently has their number as this is their 12th win in the last 14 tries versus Bears. This came down to the wire when

Jake Ryan’s Packers Logo Goes Missing

When you play in -10°… — Jake Ryan (@JakeRyan_47) December 18, 2016 This is one of the colder games you’ll see as a football fan. It’s the coldest game ever at Soldier Field, and Green Bay made sure their names are in the record

Too Close in Chicago; Packers Survive Scare, 30-27

Whew. That was a close one. Green Bay Packers saw the seas part in front of them. Minnesota getting drubbed at home by Indianapolis by multiple touchdowns, Detroit not mustering any offense against Giants defense meaning if Green Bay beat Chicago, they would control their

Don’t Expect Eddie Lacy’s Return To Green Bay

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy did a couple things with Campbell’s Chunky Soup this week, and people asked him if he wanted to return to Green Bay Packers. Obviously, Lacy would keep that option open. He’s a free agent at the end of

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Pack Attack is Back, Jack

Podcast returns for another week where we get way too excited about Packers chances after throttling Seattle Seahawks. We look at Aaron Rodgers’ MVP chances, Packers playoff hopes and what we’ve seen recently. We also look at Bucks struggles, and what can be done. Charlie

Randall Cobb Calls Seattle, “Front Runners”

DON’T HURT EM RANDY! Randall Cobb of your Green Bay Packers had some thoughts about the Seattle Seahawks, and the way the team handled themselves on Sunday afternoon. We have said this rivalry matters for the last couple days, and this is an official statement

Cliff Avril, Noted Nut Puncher, per T.J. Lang

There were some funny moments in last night’s Packers game. We’ll get to another one later this afternoon. FOX Sports told us the Walter Payton Man of the Year nominees this year for Seattle and Green Bay are Cliff Avril and Jayroe Elliott. Not more

Star Ratings: Seahawks-Packers

Packers made believers out of everyone this week. The national media, local media and everyone else knows Packers are back. This team showed its teeth in the best way dismantling the Seahawks by 28 points. This is Seattle’s worst loss since 2011. There are two

Giants Beat Cowboys AKA Packers Get Zero Help

Not everything is all nice and rosy with Green Bay Packers. Every team that’s ahead of them found a way to win on Sunday afternoon and night, therefore, they need some help. New York Giants capped it off with a 10-7 victory against Dallas Cowboys.

Pure Domination: Packers Roll Over Seahawks, 38-10

All week long, my feelings towards Packers-Seahawks were very positive towards the home team. Not sure if it’s the emerging MVP Aaron Rodgers playing at GOAT-like levels again, a defense whose finally found rhythm or the fact Seattle is full of pretenders when they are