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Packers Continue To Bolster D With Quinton Dial Addition

Green Bay Packers are not screwing around this year. Other teams might be but not the Packers. It’s clear they mean business. After signing Ahmad Brooks from San Francisco, Green Bay dipped back into the San Fran honey pot by adding Quinton Dial, a former

Will Russell Wilson’s Woes vs. Packers Continue?

Russell Wilson is getting a lot of positive noise to start the season. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is being put in MVP conversations given his current offense, and their easier schedule. Yet, the Green Bay Packers stand in his way in the game number one

Aaron Rodgers’ Opinion of Kaepernick Shouldn’t Surprise You

In an interview with ESPN, Aaron Rodgers talked about a wide-range of topics. It was a fascinating chat that I recommend y’all check it out because there are ton of tidbits worth gnawing on. The biggest one for the national media was Rodgers voicing support

Aaron Rodgers Brings Back The Stache

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to be having more fun as the Packers quarterback this August. Maybe I’m wrong or looking too far into it, but the QB1 seems genuinely pleased with how things are going thus far plus he’s been interacting with

Matt Stafford Makes Aaron Rodgers’ Banking Account Bigger

Detroit Lions announced on Monday night that Matthew Stafford will be the richest player in the National Football League. You heard that right. Matthew Stafford will make all of the money with a five-year extension to keep with him with the organization. Let’s forget how

This Olivia Munn-Nick Swardson Picture Hurts The Heart

Minnesota Vikings fans are always the little brother to Green Bay Packers. It pisses their fans off to hear this, but it’s true. Both teams found success in the last two decades, but Vikings could never emulate what the Packers have done throughout the years.

Aaron Rodgers Did Not Like GOT’s Hail Mary

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers might be leading to charge when it comes to Game of Thrones fandom. It’s a hit with professional athletes, just like it is for all of us. On one of the most intense Thrones episodes of their series, we

Chris Simms’ Packers Prediction is a Fire-Red Take

You ever see takes on the Internet, whether it be from a writer or an analyst, and you just know they’re purely trying to get attention? It happens all of the time, and that’s why saying the most outrageous things possible gets you headlines. It’s

Three Key Things From Eagles-Packers

Preseason results are meaningless for the most part. They tell us next to nothing. Green Bay loses 24-9 last night, and people are worried about the defense all of the sudden. With Packers winning, people will think this is the start of a Super Bowl-caliber

Packers Finally End Ties With Letroy Guion

It’s about time. Green Bay Packers finally announced today that they are parting ways with Letroy Guion. It’s amazing that it took this long for Green Bay to rid themselves of the defensive tackle problem child who refuses to grow up. I’m not sure why