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New Fan Trend: Throwing A Dildo On The Field

In the least surprising news of the day, Bills Mafia started a new trend by throwing a dildo onto the field while New England was driving for yet another touchdown. My roommate and I were watching the game, and sure enough, we spotted what looked

Packers Lose a Good Old Fashioned Shootout, 33-32

Tough loss for Green Bay. This game went back and forth for the entire four quarters. It really came down to ‘Whoever had the last with the ball would win the game.’ What’s funny is the secondary wasn’t the problem, rather, the young inside linebackers

Jared Abbrederis is Cut; A Nation Weeps

Green Bay Packers announced yesterday they reached an injury settlement with former Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Jared Abbrederis. Green Bay had put the young wideout on Injury Reserve with a tight contusion. This is an injury that Abby thought would take about one month to

SnoTap Packers Preview: Packers-Falcons

Green Bay gets a chance to show what it can do against a real team. This team is an offensive juggernaut looking to prove this isn’t another fluke year where Falcons start hot and finish cold. They are currently on a two-game losing streak. Packers

Aaron Rodgers Recalls His First Meeting With Brett Favre Differently

Jeff Pearlman has a new book out titled ‘Gunslinger’ about Brett Favre, and many Packers, ex-Packers are claiming things said in the book are untrue. We’ve seen this with Pearlman’s book before when he did a similar type of book on Walter Payton. It’s not

Tapping The Keg Podcast Episode 209: Slumpbustin’ Bears + World Series Preview

Mitch and Charlie recap the Packers big win over Bears and what it means for the offense. We look at how they might be able to keep things up versus Atlanta. We move to baseball with World Series and break down who we think has

Packers Secondary’s Injuries Keep Comin’

Green Bay Packers announced Damarious Randall will miss four to six weeks with his groin injury. He had surgery on it over the weekend. Randall could be back for the Washington game in a month. Even though Randall had a tough start to the season

Packers Fill Up IR – What Happens Now?

Green Bay Packers announced Chris Banjo and Jared Abbrederis are both headed to the IR with minor injuries to free up some more roster space. Is this a bit of a dirty practice? Yes, yes it is. But at the same time, it really helps

Hate This Move By This Packers Fan at Seattle-Arizona

Hey @packers 👀 👀 👀 — SNF on NBC (@SNFonNBC) October 24, 2016 Many people will say ‘THIS IS HOW GREEN BAY DOES IT! WE TRAVEL SO WELL!’ But to me, this is primetime pinhead activity. I can’t stand when people wear jerseys of

Taking Green Bay’s Temperature After Week 7

Star Ratings didn’t make an appearance on Friday morning. That’s on me. There wasn’t enough time on Thursday night. To replace it, we’re going to see how Green Bay is doing on all things offensive, defensive, special teams as well as look where they stand