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ESPN’s Prediction Model Predicts a Tough Packers Year, Should You Believe It?

Green Bay Packers are going to have haters to start the season. That’s okay. It happened last year too. Last year, it is the rookie head coach working with Aaron Rodgers. How would it work? People were penciling in the Chicago Bears winning the NFC

Coming Soon: Davante Adams’ Workouts with Baby

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams is spending this offseason a little differently than last season and those before. Adams is a proud new father. He had his daughter, Dajia, in September. Adams is getting to spend all sorts of time with his daughter

Jordy Nelson Shoves Chris Simms in a Locker

Jordy Nelson, former Packers wide receiver, joined A.J. Hawk and Pat McAfee on their Friday show. Nelson is hanging out with Hawk at his place. The boys got a workout in like the old days. It is fair to say that McAfee and Hawk are

Is Green Bay’s 2020 Offseason One of the Worst in NFL?

On Thursday, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell gave out his rankings for the offseason. It is not a surprise to me to see Green Bay towards the bottom. Packers rank 27th out of 32 teams. Many people did not like what Green Bay did this offseason. And

Yelich, Giannis, Rodgers All to Appear on ESPN Wisconsin’s Radiothon

ESPN Milwaukee is teaming with Milwaukee Bucks forward Pat Connaughton on Thursday. Connaughton will be doing 11 hours of radio with the ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison crew. During the eleven hours, there are going to be wall-to-wall great guests. Further, every dollar donated to

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Wisconsin Sports Jerseys

The middle of the week is always the slowest for sports content. This seems to be a theme. We get this roller coaster right. Lots of content Monday and Tuesday then nothing Wednesday and Thursday then a tick up on Friday and Saturday. But you

A Reminder: Kenny Clark Is Good At Football

Kenny Clark is due for payday. He knows it. Packers fans know it. And everyone at 1265 Lombardi knows it. The big question this summer will be ‘Will the Packers sign Clark to a long-term contract?’ Many want the Packers to give Clark the bag

SnoTapWI Top Five: Takeaways From Aaron Rodgers Press Conference

Aaron Rodgers met with the media on Friday. This is the first time Rodgers had spoken with anyone since the Packers drafted Jordan Love. Rodgers typically meets with the media around this time every year. People got all excited to twist his words like Mike

Aaron Rodgers’ Press Conference Is Not a Big Deal, Guys.

Aaron Rodgers is meeting with the media at 2:00 pm this afternoon. This will be the first time that Rodgers speaks publicly after the Packers drafted Jordan Love. People are overreacting to this. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is treating this like a sporting

Packers Conducting a Fun Experiment With James Looney

Green Bay Packers play the role of a mad scientist when it comes to one player on the team. During last season, Green Bay asked James Looney, a defensive lineman, if he would be interested in moving to tight end. Looney accepted the position change.