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NFL Team Asking Guice About Sexuality is Wildly Inappropriate

National Football League finds a way to show its ass at least once a week. And this is one of the worst in recent weeks. An NFL team asked first-round prospect Derrius Guice if he ‘liked men’ during his NFL Combine questions. That’s appalling. ALmost

Mike Daniels Supports Wilkerson’s Visit

Packers are going to be visiting with former Pro Bowler and New York Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson today. He plans to visit other teams, but many hope that they are not going to let him leave Green Bay without a contract. Wilkerson chose Green

Preparing Myself to Hate Kirk Cousins in a Week

Kirk Cousins appears to be Minnesota-bound. The free agent quarterback could be a Minnesota Viking by next week. I wish I would have took the Vegas odds on this because they were pretty nice a few weeks ago. All reports indicate that Cousins could land

Need the Packers to Draft Quenton Nelson

There are certain players in an NFL Draft that are cant-miss, and everyone knows it. Still due to their position or not filling a need, they fall down a draft board then three years later, people go back and say ‘Wow, he was the best

David Bakhtiari’s Offseason Role: #Agent69

Green Bay Packers have some personalities on their roster. One of the best ones is David Bakhtiari. He always tends to have some gems on Twitter. And folks, he’s back at again in the offseason. Last year, he locked his Twitter account when the follower

Green Bay Should Pay Aaron Rodgers Whatever He Wants

This headline might be redundant but it’s true. Aaron Rodgers deserves as big of a paycheck as he wants from the Green Bay Packers. If the star quarterback would like to go the Tom Brady route and save some money in order to sign free

I Feel Sorry For Cowboys Fans

Oh poor, insecure Cowboys fans. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that you still care so much about a divisional playoff round game from four years ago. It’s sad that a franchise with five championships care so much if their star receiver caught the ball at

Why Didn’t the Packers Make a Play for Marcus Peters?

When news came out that Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters was on the market, my ears perked up. He may have a little too much swagger at times, but Peters is a type of player that would look great in the Green and Gold.

Randall Cobb Currently Training With Johnny Manziel

This is something I wanted to blog over the weekend, but I didn’t find any evidence of it besides Instagram stories. Randall Cobb is spending some of his offseason working out and getting ready in southern California. Don’t blame Cobb for getting away from Wisconsin

‘Bring Ya Coats’: Gimme All Damarious Randall’s Swagger

For a long time, SnoTap wanted to have a stake in doing t-shirts. We never really got it off the ground for a variety of reasons. If we did, ‘Bring ya coats’ would be on a t-shirt so far, you wouldn’t believe. Green Bay Packers