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Trevor Davis Hype Train – Are You On Board?

There are always training camp and minicamp all-stars in the National Football League. Usually, these players are playing against the second and third teams of the team they’re on. Also, these players tend to be undrafted rookies or a street free agent the team picked

Vikings Front Office Continues to Light Money On Fire

Minnesota Vikings remind me, at times, like The Joker in The Dark Knight. The scene where The Joker is cackling as he is about to light the money on fire is the part that reminds me of Minnesota. It fits in a way because they’re

Chicago Bears Carry Unhealthy Adrian Amos Obsession

The great Mariah Carey has a song titled ‘Obsessed’, and in that song, she has a line that says ‘Why are you so obsessed with me.’ The same could be said with Chicago Bears fans when it comes to Adrian Amos, former Chicago Bears player

Flashback Friday: Reggie White Dominated The League

Yesterday on Twitter, I found two great NFL clips that were worthy of blog posts. Will this Flashback Friday be a regular thing we put on the site? Who knows but these clips are too good not to share out with the Tappers. The first

Packers Poke Fun At Their New Head Coach’s Injury

Green Bay Packers are going through a significant change in their organization. Gone are the days of Mike McCarty, and head coach Matt LaFleur entered the ring as a head coach. The vibes from the early Packers camp have been good. These guys seem to

Aaron Rodgers Puts Beer-Chugging Debate to Bed

Aaron Rodgers has a way with words. He usually knows what to say at the right time to get his point across. Rodgers did just that on Tuesday afternoon. Green Bay is currently going through their OTAs, and the reporters asked him about the slow

Jordy Nelson Retiring As a Packers Gives Us All The Feels

Jordy Nelson is one of, if not, the most popular Packers player not named Aaron Rodgers in the last decade. He is beloved by people all over the state. People are very fond of him. Why? Well, he is a stand-up family man who works

Aaron Rodgers Delivers Epic Game of Thrones Rant

TELL EM WHY YOU MAD, KING! Aaron Rodgers did not like the ending of Game of Thrones like most people. Someone in the Wisconsin media asked him his thoughts about after OTA’s today, and you can tell Rodgers was waiting to have a conversation about

Josh Jones Packers Trade

Josh Jones Wants Out of Green Bay

Green Bay Packers begin OTAs today and Josh Jones will not be there. According to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, Jones is seeking a trade from the Packers as he sees his playing time dwindle with the additions of Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage. This isn’t a

Packers Continue to Add Secondary Depth

You never know which player will make a difference for a football team. The rosters are so deep that anyone could make an impression and work their way to be a member of the organization. Green Bay Packers continue to make small moves throughout the