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Outside Linebackers Running Thin for Green Bay

Green Bay Packers learned today that Nick Perry will not play in Sunday’s game versus Seattle. He has multiple broken fingers, and Perry hopes he can play with a club in the coming weeks. To make matters worse, Clay Matthews is taking a few days

Kevin Harlan Narrates Another Streaker On The Field

Kevin Harlan proving once again why he's the 🐐. (Video via @R0BaTO) — Mike Lavieri (@mlavieri) December 6, 2016 If you watched more than one minute of the Colts-Jets game tonight, I feel sorry for you. The egg that New York laid tonight was

Star Ratings: Texans-Packers

I said all week, “If you can’t beat Texans at home, you’re not a playoff team.” That’s how people should have looked at this Houston Texans-Green Bay Packer game. It was a true test to see if Packers could do their job and handle business

Marquette King Continues To Be The Best

Marquette King out here swaggin on the penalty flag give this man the MVP — Rob Perez (@WorId_Wide_Wob) December 5, 2016 Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King is one of the new NFL personalities in the 2016 that the Internet has grown to love dearly. King

Cam Newton Missed First Snap For Dress Code Violation

At the start of the Sunday Night Football game between Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks, Derek Anderson of all people stood behind center, instead of Cam Newton. If you had Anderson in back-up quarterback fantasy, he threw an interception in his only play of the

Gritty Packers Grind Out a Snowy Win, 21-13

Aaron Rodgers interviewed by CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson after the game, and the quarterback said ‘We had a lot of grit to win this game.’ Now, we love to make fun of the word ‘grit’ or ‘gritty’ because it’s a cliche word people use too

Tapping The Keg Episode 214: Badgers Unlikely CFB Playoff Hopes

Tapping The Keg podcast takes you into the weekend with the usual weekly greatness. We start talking about what Packers have to do to beat Texans along with thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and the new ‘folk hero’ Aaron Ripkowski. We look at the College Football

SnoTap Packers Preview: Houston v. Green Bay

Game two of the playoffs starts at noon at Lambeau Field where it will be Packers weather as the cliche term goes with highs in the 30’s and the tundra beginning its hibernation process. Green Bay Packers welcome Houston Texans to town for their first

Vikings Fall Cowboys, 17-15 & Now 6-6

Uh oh. Minnesota Vikings lost another game tonight to Dallas Cowboys, 17-15 as Sam Bradford missed a game-tying two-point conversion with 25 seconds left. Vikings looked listless again on offense, and they had way too many miscues to deserve to win this game, yet the