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How Sam Shields Release Impacts Packers Defense

Green Bay Packers made the inevitable move yesterday releasing Sam Shields, their former star cornerback. Packers owed Shields nine million dollars next season, and the player still had concussion-like symptoms five months after his last one suffered in the first game of the season causing

PODCAST: Best Sports Year Ever + Bucks’ Fox Valley Move

Welcome to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. This is a shorter than usual podcast, but it’s worth your time I promise. We talk about the Super Bowl after a few days of digesting it and look at how this game changed so quickly.

James Starks Release Means Nothing For Packers RBs

Green Bay Packers made their first move of the offseason by releasing running back James Starks on the non-football injury list. Starks never recovered from a concussion he suffered in an early morning carwreck after Seattle Seahawks game. Before Starks’ injury, the writing seemed on

Bill Belichick Lives The No Days Off Life

There were many good things about New England Patriots parade. So many good things. We had Gronk celebrating like a frat boy per usual. The most Roger Goodell slander of all-time and Bill Belichick leading a chat. The last part might have been the most

No, Chip Kelly Shouldn’t Be Alabama’s OC

The news of the day was Atlanta Falcons announced they are hiring Steve Sarkasian to replace Kyle Shanahan who took the San Francisco 49ers gig. Sarkasian had employment with Alabama Crimson Tide to be their new offensive coordinator, but Sark bounced to take an NFL

Feel For Falcons Fans This Morning

I’m trying to hard to picture what things must be like for Atlanta Falcons fans this morning. We can make jokes about Falcons fans not having this strong base, but there are still fans out there. I have to think most of them are not

Tom Brady’s New Commercial Is The Best

Tom Brady is a goddamn animal. He wins the Super Bowl for the fifth time, but before he does that, he films a local commercial where he’s putting his five Super Bowl rings in case. Now, see where this is weird is the fact New

Former Badgers RB James White Is Super Bowl Hero

Even if you don’t like New England Patriots, Wisconsin Badgers fans were graced with a cool moment watching James White have an all-time performance out there with 14 catches for 110 yards, six rushes for 29 yards and three total touchdowns including the game-winner. Funny

Patriots Win Super Bowl In All-Time Comeback

Wow. It’s hard to believe what happened on Sunday night. New England Patriots came back from being down 28-3 in the third quarter to beat Atlanta Falcons in overtime and win Super Bowl LI in one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. What an

Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer Is Awesome Again

Conan O’Brien is not the same late night host and has the same following as he did when he first began at TBS. That being said, the clueless gamer he does before Super Bowl is A-plus stuff. That’s something that was good in 2014 and