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People Magazine Is A Complete & Utter Joke

People Magazine is not known for their sports coverage. They can’t decide if there’s going to be a news magazine or gossip rag. That’s why I love US Weekly. They know exactly what they are and stay in their lane. But that’s not the MO

What Packers’ Signing of Bene Benwikere Means

Green Bay Packers made an interesting move on Tuesday by signing former 2014 Carolina Panthers draft pick Bene Benwikere and added him to the practice squad. The name might sound familiar as he played quite a bit for the Super Bowl 2015 Panthers, and he

Anthony Lynn Opens His Press Conference Saying San Die–LA!

Who knew Los Angeles Chargers would give me so much to blog about. It seems like time and again, they are doing things to put themselves on my radar. Case in point, we had nearly an all-time flub by new head coach Anthony Lynn who

BREAKING: OBJ’s Lambeau Hole Is Fixed

Over the past weekend, it appears the maintenance crew at Lambeau Field repaired the hole left by Odell Beckham Jr. after the Giants loss to Packers in the final home game of the season. I’m a little upset they replaced it so quickly. That’s a

Available Rivers Hurts Romo’s Trade Market

Yesterday, a reporter from the Bay Area dropped a nugget that Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers doesn’t want to play in City of Angels. He’s been outspoken about this before, and it appears like Rivers might be heading for the trade block. Chargers will

Ranking The Best Packers Non-Super Bowl Playoff Wins

Someone tweeted out after Green Bay beat Dallas in thrilling fashion, ‘This is the most thrilling Packers game since ____.’ I thought about this for awhile and remembered how many bad losses that have ended Packers seasons were such good games. Like Arizona 2009, San

Star Ratings: Packers-Cowboys

What a win. Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys have met eight times in the postseason. There have been so many classics, and this one will fall under it as well. Nothing will beat the Ice Bowl because it was for a championship, but the

Idiot Cowboys Fan Breaks 70′ TV After Loss

I’m going to sound like an old man here, but the younger generation is the worst. Some Cowboys fan knew he would go viral if he broke a 70′ inch television. From what I can gather, it’s an older TV, but it’s just one of

Crying Jordan Zeke Shoveling L’s = Great

You know Crying Jordan should have died a long time ago. It really should have. Any meme has a shelf life, yet Crying Jordan continues to live on. The thing is about the meme is many people know it exists, but folks have gotten to


What a goddamn game. Mason Crosby had two 50-yard field goals to take the lead then win the game for Green Bay Packers. He just snuck in a 56-yard field goal then as the 51-yarder looked like it would hook, it didn’t. Instead, it fell