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What a goddamn game. Mason Crosby had two 50-yard field goals to take the lead then win the game for Green Bay Packers. He just snuck in a 56-yard field goal then as the 51-yarder looked like it would hook, it didn’t. Instead, it fell

Sean McVay Makes Me Feel Like A Loser

If you didn’t hear, the other NFL Los Angeles team hired their new head coach. Sean McVay takes the reigns from Jeff Fisher, and he’s the ripe age of 30. Yes, you heard that right. He’s 30 years old holding one of the best jobs

LA Chargers Clowned For Their New Logo

Los Angeles Chargers had a rough day on social media. First, there were articles written about how no one wants the team in Los Angeles. That’s harsh way to enter into your new digs. To make matters worse, Chargers released a brand new logo only

Packers Fans, Let Michael Cohen Do His Job

Podcast partner Mitch Ross pointed out to me that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Michael Cohen’s Twitter mentions were on fire. I didn’t know why so I took a look, and sure enough, Cohen reported Geronimo Allison got caught with marijuana back in September. News came

PODCAST EP. 220: Big Week for Internet Crybabies

Let’s do this damn thing for another week with the podcast boys. This week, we discuss Internet crybabies in all sorts of forms. We had people who were crying about Randall Cobb pushing off during that Hail Mary. We had people crying about how long

Packers Offense Can Survive Without Nelson

News came out on Monday afternoon that Jordy Nelson fractured two ribs, and it would take an ‘incredible effort’ to play on Sunday. If Nelson plays, it might only be as a decoy. If anything, Green Bay can hope he’ll be ready for Super Bowl

Star Ratings: Giants-Packers

As the week went on, I felt good about Packers chances to move on in the playoffs. The narratives surrounding Giants and their success at Lambeau Field was overplayed due to the New York-driven media and their quarterback’s last time. I didn’t expect this to

Odell Beckham Jr. Shows You His Anger

Let it be known, I like Odell Beckham Jr. I had no issues with him on the boat. I did say, that ‘Packers players could take it as a sign of disrespect’, and ‘This might not play well in the media.’ Beckham Jr. had such

Aaron Rodgers’ Hail Mary Mindset

Jared Cook dropped a pass over the middle that would have ended the first half. I looked at the clock – six seconds on fourth down…. It’s Hail Mary time. Aaron Rodgers goes to his right and launches it in the air like he’s done

BOAT RACE: Packers Advance To Divisional Round

At the start of this game, it felt like the demons of Giants at Lambeau Field were creeping in. Giants led 6-0 and were dominating the football game. It looked like New York was ready to rule the roost again. But Aaron Rodgers, as he