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Grading the 2017 Packers: Quarterback

Welcome to the Packers 2017 grades where we’re going to look at each position on the Green Bay roster for the most part. How grades will work is we’ll look at a player’s year and determine if they deserve a grade for the season. Even

Don’t Read Into Alonzo Highsmith’s Comments

The first domino has fallen in the Green Bay Packers organization since Ted Thompson being reassigned to a new role with the team. Alonzo Highsmith will be moving on with John Dorsey at the Cleveland Browns where he will be taking a role as the

Thompson’s Health Should Not Be Part of the Conversation

Bob McGinn is one of the most respected sportswriter to ever write about the Green Bay Packers. He’s in the Hall of Fame, and a true professional. That said, I feel like he went way too far with discussing Ted Thompson on Monday. McGinn put

Ted Thompson’s Legacy Is Better Than You Think

While Dom Capers getting released was not surprise, Ted Thompson leaving the general manager position did register as a surprise. It came late in the evening that Thompson would be getting a new position in the organization. This is something I mentioned last week, and

Dom Capers Finally Gets The Boot To No One’s Surprise

Dom Capers is no longer part of the Green Bay Packers. In a move that should have happened a year or two ago, Capers finally got let go by the Green Bay Packers whose had them on their staff since 2009. Capers became the main

Best & Worst in Wisconsin Sports in 2017

Wisconsin sports did not have themselves the type of year that we may have wanted especially with the Green Bay Packers. There were a few of us (Me included) who thought the Packers could go into Minneapolis and play in the Super Bowl in front

Packers End 2017 In Most Disappointing Fashion

Green Bay Packers ended the season at 7-9. I feel like none of us could have seen that coming when the season began. Then again, none could have believed that Aaron Rodgers would get injured again like he did in 2013. Add to the fact,

Five Things to Watch with Packers-Lions

Let’s be clear, this game is going to suck. There’s no way around it. This is the most meaningless Packers game in years. Even in 2008, Packers-Lions met in the final game of the year, but Detroit was 0-15. Even in 2006 when Green Bay

Packers Continue Weekend Spending & Ink Linsley

Green Bay Packers keep spending money over the holiday weekend. Corey Linsley is the latest player to get a deal from the team. Green Bay gave him three years 25 million dollars this morning. That’s a good move by the Packers as he could be

What’s Next For Jordy Nelson & Randall Cobb?

Earlier this week, we talked about changes that might be coming for the Green Bay Packers in 2018. One of those invovled Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb’s future with the team. This was before Davante Adams signed an extension that will put him at 14