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The Daily Tap: Bucks Surviving Without Middleton

On The Daily Tap today, Charlie talks about Milwaukee Bucks surviving without Khris Middleton as they’re 3-0 without him. Charlie mentions the competition and how things might be that way for his duration of the injury. He also talks about Jim Boylen being a baby

The Daily Tap Podcast: Packers’ NFC Check-In & MUBB-UW Fizzles

The Daily Tap is live for Monday with Charlie. He’s talking about how the rest of the NFC looked while the Packers were on a bye, recapping the Marquette-Wisconsin game and Wisconsin rapid-fire with the other sports going on. Charlie discusses the Vikings and Niners’

PODCAST: Packers Might Be Best Team in NFC

Daily Tap’s Tuesday edition is here. Charlie talks about his Packers takeaway from last night’s classic between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Why Charlie thinks the Packers might be the best team in the NFC plus why the Niners look beatable. The podcast

Daily Tap Podcast: Packers’ Players Redemption Song

Daily Tap is live today as Charlie is talking about the Packers’ big win against the Carolina Panthers. Charlie explains why it was a redemption game for certain Packers players – Kenny Clark, Blake Martinez, and Davante Adams. He talks a bit about Matt LaFleur’s

DAILY TAP PODCAST: Giannis’ National Media Wake Up Call

Daily Tap is back for its Thursday edition. Charlie talks about how the national media woke up about Giannis Antetokounmpo on Wednesday night. The Greek Freak dominated and showed why he’s the MVP of this league. Charlie also talks about some of the other headlines

Daily Tap Podcast: McCaffery & Panthers Pose Challenge For Packers

Daily Tap is back for the Wednesday edition. Charlie talks about why both Packers and Panthers’ rushing attacks could be on full display Sunday. Charlie also discusses the first night of college basketball discussing Marquette’s win plus Markus Howard getting the scoring record. He also

Daily Tap Podcast; Packers Lay Egg in L.A.

Daily Tap discusses the Packers’ rough game in Los Angeles, Milwaukee Bucks’ successful weekend and Lorenzo Cain winning a Gold Glove. Charlie talks about the Packers’ rough loss in Los Angeles and where to go from here. He looks over what happened today from the

DAILY TAP PODCAST: Why LA Chargers Should Scare You

Thursday’s Daily Tap podcast features an in-depth look at the Packers matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers, concern about the Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin’s worst take. Charlie talks about why the Chargers matchup worries him. He looks at what the Packers can do offensively against

DAILY TAP PODCAST: Packers’ Trade Deadline Decisions

Daily Tap podcast’s Tuesday edition features a ton of talk about the Green Bay Packers making a move at the trade deadline. Charlie breaks down the top players that could potentially fit with the Packers roster. Charlie also explains why they have to check the

Daily Tap Podcast: Bucks Start Season Off Right

Daily Tap podcast presented by Big Heads Media is back for a special Friday podcast. Charlie explains how he was dealing with computer issues all week preventing him from podcasting and blogging. The show begins with a talk on how Bucks came back against Houston