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This version of The Daily Tap features Charlie talking for the first 18 minutes about Kobe Bryant. He explains why this death hurt us, as sports fans, so much. He explains why he had to podcast today and talk about Kobe. Charlie also does talk

THE DAILY TAP: Seahawks Are Comin’ To Lambeau as Saints Falter

The Daily Tap begins their Monday show by discussing the Green Bay Packers playoffs opponent which is the Seattle Seahawks, not the New Orleans Saints. Charlie talks about why he doesn’t take the Seahawks’ win that seriously from Sunday plus a few thoughts on the

The Daily Tap Podcast: Wisconsin Sports Get Off on Wrong Foot

The Daily Tap celebrates its third anniversary. Charlie talks about the Wisconsin Badgers’ Rose Bowl loss(0-12 mins), Milwaukee Bucks (12 to 19 mins) and Marquette Golden Eagles (19 to 25 mins) on today’s show. Charlie talks more about the Badgers turnovers than anything else. He

The Daily Tap Podcast: Packers Wake Up When It Matters

The Daily Tap for Monday features Packers, Bucks and gambling talk. Charlie talks about the Packers waking up at the right time. Aaron Rodgers’ bad day, the use of a scat bat and one mediahead who thinks Rodgers could go off in the playoffs. Charlie

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Packers’ One Seed Motivation

The Daily Tap podcast is here for its fired-up Monday edition. Charlie gets you ready for Packers-Vikings as he talks about the big matchups on both sides of the ball. He explains why this is the biggest game of Kirk Cousins’ life and how Green

THE DAILY TAP: Big Sad About Bucks Streak Ending

Milwaukee Bucks could not win forever, could they? Charlie talks about it in this edition of The Daily Tap. He goes over what went wrong in the Dallas game. Why the Mavs seemed out to prove a point about their team without Luka Doncic. Bucks

THE DAILY TAP: Packers Fans Don’t Know How To Win Ugly

Charlie is back for the Monday edition of The Daily Tap. He discusses how Green Bay Packers fans do not know how to win ugly. He explains why Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre are to blame. Charlie gets into the Packers-Bears game a little bit

The Daily Tap Podcast: Are Chicago Bears Really Back?

On the Thursday edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie discusses the Bears-Packers matchup. He looks at why the hype around Mitch Trubisky could be fools’ gold and why Green Bay can find pockets against this tough Bears defense. Charlie also talks about the disgust of

The Daily Tap Podcast: Packers Attempt To Stop Rushing Redskins

The Daily Tap’s Thursday edition previews what the Washington Redskins bring to the table when they head to Lambeau Field this weekend. Charlie discusses how they can slow down their rushing attack. Charlie wonders why Detroit keeps running their mouth to the Bucks plus some

The Daily Tap Podcast: Questions About Brewers Grow as Moose Departs

The Daily Tap podcast’s Tuesday edition features an angry Charlie depressed over the news about Mike Moustakas. He wonders why they did not give him the fourth year among other things. Charlie also explains why it’s okay to be mad about decisions even if they