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PODCAST: March Madness Viewing Guide Day 2

Charlie is back with another Daily Tap. Sorry for the delay, folks. We had some fun at the SnoTapWI offices. Here are the games to watch and the first part of the podcast we chat about what happened on Thursday. 1. Wisconsin-Oregon 2. Arizona State

PODCAST: Madness Viewing Guide Day 1

This is the Daily Tap special edition for March Madness. We’re going to be doing viewing guides each day of the tournament for the first two weeks of March Madness. We’re going to rank the best games of the day. 1. Murray State vs. Marquette

PODCAST: How to Properly Watch March Madness

Daily Tap returns with your host Charlie talking about how to properly watch March Madness. Charlie gives a few pointers on how to properly do March Madness. Why all bosses should end the work week at 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon in Wisconsin. How do

PODCAST: MU & UW’s Bracket Breakdown

Daily Tap is here to help you fill out your brackets from a local perspective. Looking at the bracket breakdown for both Marquette and Wisconsin. Why what Marquette did in November and December led to them getting a five seed plus why Charlie thinks Murray

PODCAST: Meltdown at Madison Square Garden

Daily Tap is on for a Saturday edition. One that Charlie thought would be talking about all of the hoops games during Friday’s session, but it turned into another edition of Marquette therapy hour as the Golden Eagles were robbed at Madison Square Garden. He

PODCAST: Ethan Happ’s Complicated Legacy

Charlie returned to the SnoTapWI offices to deliver Thursday’s Daily Tap where he talks Ethan Happ, Marquette’s revenge and reaction to the Packers free agency moves. Charlie begins with Ethan Happ as he believes the legacy of the Badgers player is a complicated one. And

PODCAST: Packers Make Statement in Free Agency

Green Bay Packers make all the moves in Free Agency and Charlie is here for it. Another edition of the Daily Tap as Charlie reacts to all of the Packers free agencies signings of Tuesday by the Packers. Why this is a statement by the

PODCAST: Don’t Worry About Packers Free Agency… Yet

Welcome to Tuesday’s Daily Tap. Charlie might become an Indianapolis resident with the way his first night went. He talks about his experience and if you wonder why the sound is off, he’s in a hotel. Podcast goes to local talk with Green Bay Packers

Daily Tap: What The F*** Is Wrong With Marquette?

Daily Tap is live for the Thursday edition. Charlie tries to figure out what’s wrong with Marquette as he breaks down all of the possible angles plus some suggestions for Saturday’s game. Podcast moves on to talk about the legend John Kuhn retiring from football

PODCAST: Packers Free Agents – The Price Must Be Right

Daily Tap returns for another edition with your host, Charlie. Why Packers fans need to be thoughtful about reacting to sticker prices for Packers free agents. After a team hasn’t spent in years, don’t be shocked at some of the market value for these players.