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Daily Tap: Packers Aren’t Losing A Popularity Contest

Daily Tap, Milwaukee’s near-daily sports podcast giving you all you need to know in 20 to 30 minutes. Charlie talks about the Bucks-Raptors Game 4. Why he thinks there will be a Giannis revenge factor, what will Bledsoe’s minutes look like? Is this a must-win?

PODCAST: Resilient Bucks Come Up Short

Daily Tap, your one-stop podcast for all the Wisconsin Sports, is back for its Monday edition. Charlie gives the Tappers an update on a crazy week for him then it’s Bucks time. He breaks down Game 3 discussing Giannis’ struggles, why he’s proud of the

PODCAST: National Media Realizing Bucks’ Dominance

Daily Tap’s weekend edition is finally here. Charlie takes you through game number two for the Milwaukee Bucks against the Toronto Raptors. He explains why the Bucks are building something special with their team and players around them. Charlie gets into the nitty gritty of

PODCAST: No, NBA is Not More Popular Than NFL

Daily Tap returns for their Tuesday edition of the show with your more perked up host, Charlie. The topics today start out chatting about the NBA vs. NFL. Why the argument is ridiculous from an entertainment side of things, but why Charlie thinks the focus

Don’t Play The ‘No Respect’ Card With Bucks

Today’s Daily Tap podcast features one topic and one topic alone talking about the Milwaukee Bucks and making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Charlie talks about why the ‘No respect’ card should not be played if you’re a Bucks fan. Also, the coolness of

PODCAST: Time to Close Out Boston

Tapping The Keg podcast featuring Charlie and Mitch Ross are back for their weekly podcast on the SnoTap Network. This is a Bucks basketball heavy podcast with nearly 40 minutes of the show talking about the NBA and more specifically the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie and

PODCAST: Bucks Break Boston’s Spirit & Take 3-1 Lead

This is the Daily Tap for Tuesday, May 7th where Charlie is talking about the Milwaukee Bucks big win against the Boston Celtics on Monday night. He talks about Giannis being a beast especially in the paint and the fourth quarter. How the bench stepped

PODCAST: Can Bucks Do the Unthinkable?

The Monday edition of the Daily Tap for May 6th is here. We’re chatting about the Milwaukee Bucks-Boston Celtics Game 4, lookahead for the Brewers’ week and the Ted Thompson Hall of fame day. Charlie wonders what type of whistle will the Bucks see in

PODCAST: Giannis Turns Kyrie into Cryin’ Kyrie

Daily Tap is here for you and your weekend listening. Let’s talk about the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers and Kentucky Derby. Charlie chats about the Bucks big Game 3 victory and looks at what the Bucks had to do to win this one. He discusses

PODCAST: Don’t Be Doom & Gloom, Bucks Fans

Daily Tap returns with another edition chatting about the Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 and why it’s not over for them at all. But Budenholzer needs to increase minutes for stars, or the fans will turn on him quickly. Charlie discusses the Brewers passing their first