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Daily Tap: Raptors are Bucks’ Biggest Threat

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Tap. Charlie is your host where Wisconsin sports are talked first, national second. Charlie opens the show talking about the Bucks-Raptors game from Saturday night. Milwaukee needs their second banana when playing the Raps. Why Budenholzer might

Daily Tap: Why Everyone Wants to be the Next Packers HC

On today’s Daily Tap, Charlie celebrates one year doing the Daily Tap. He looks back on different moments throughout the year. The topics today feature why Green Bay is the most attractive job available, why do people care about Mike McCarthy and what Bucks fans

Podcast: Recapping The WI Sports Holiday Week

This is the longest Daily Tap of record at 35 minutes. SnoTapWI usually go 20. We promise this isn’t an every day thing. But Charlie had to get so many things off my chest. Here’s the topics in order w/ timestamps – Packers chat (5

Daily Tap: Bucks = Best Team in the League?

Charlie returns for another edition of the Daily Tap. We start out talking about the Bucks, then Aaron Rodgers and little Badgers football recruiting to wrap up the show. Charlie discusses why he thinks the Bucks are the best team in the league at this

Daily Tap: How Do the Packers Become the Next Saints?

Daily Tap is back for the Tuesday edition as the Packers fallout continues for another day. Charlie chats about how some Green Bay Packers fans will point to the fact the NFC-leading New Orleans Saints were 7-9 for three years from 2014-2016 and hope the

Daily Tap: Waving Goodbye to Packers Season

Charlie Tritschler is back for another edition of the Daily Tap. He chats about the Packers and a little bit about the Bucks. Your Wisconsin sports news in 20 minutes or less (Usually). Charlie reflects on another tough Packers road loss. He looks at the

Daily Tap: Packers-Bears Rivalry Back?! It Never Left

Daily Tap returns with Charlie bringing the heat on a Thursday. He talks about the Packers-Bears rivalry. He goes through explaining why the Packers-Bears are still rivals even with some thinking the rivalry has been amplified. Charlie delivers some crazy stats about the Bears though.

Daily Tap: Packers Playoff Run or High Draft Pick?

Daily Tap returns for another edition of the podcast. Charlie Tritschler brings you a good one today talking Packers, Bucks and Brewers. With the Packers, Charlie breaks down the condrumnum facing Packers fans whether to cheer on the team or hope for the tank. Why

Daily Tap: WI Sports Five Minute Man

Daily Tap is back and back with a quicker than usual Monday podcast for y’all. Charlie goes five minutes on the Packers, Bucks and Marquette-Wisconsin covering as many topics as he can in a short period time. For those who enjoy things that finish faster

Daily Tap: Making Sense of Mark Murphy

Daily Tap is back for another edition of the Wisconsin sports podcast. Charlie loads up and gets ready to talk about all things Packers yet again. He breaks down the Mark Murphy presser and comes away with thinking a little better of him. Why much