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PODCAST: Have You Given Up on the Brewers?

Daily Tap is back for the Monday edition. It is presented by the SnoTapWI network. Charlie starts the show talking about Milwaukee being unable to handle scooters in their city as Mayor Tom Barrett plays the role of Dad. Charlie chats about the Milwaukee Brewers’

PODCAST: Understanding What Family Night is All About

Daily Tap is back for a Saturday edition presented as always by SnoTapWI Network. Charlie discusses Family Night and he explains how a conversation with a friend last opened up his eyes regarding it. He discusses the importance of it even it seems like ‘just

PODCAST: SnoTapWI Celebrates Its Birthday

Daily Tap is back for another edition on the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie celebrates the birthday of his baby, SnoTapWI. He talks about what’s coming up in Year 9 then why this thing is so important for him. Sports does get talked about but not until

PODCAST: Free Talk Weds -> Deadline Day, Cocky Bakhtiari & Hannah B

Daily Tap podcast is back for another edition on Wednesday presented by SnoTapWI. Charlie talks about a variety of topics in a free talk format. He discusses the deadline a little bit, and why there is a promise of anger from him if not much

PODCAST: The Unpredictable Brewers Trade Deadline

Daily Tap podcast is back for Tuesday and always is presented by and the SnoTap Network. Charlie starts the show explaining how he is not having a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and making changes then he gets into baseball. A lot of baseball. The show

PODCAST: Brewers Show They Belong in Playoff Race

Daily Tap podcast presented to you by the SnoTapWI Network is back at it again with a Monday edition. Charlie talks about the Brewers-Cubs series in great detail. Why he thinks it is a sign of them belonging in the NL Central race as well

PODCAST: Brewers Playoff Run Starts Tonight

Daily Tap on SnoTapWI Network is here for Friday’s edition. Charlie is previewing the Brewers and Cubs series live from his couch. To Charlie, this is the start of the playoff run for Milwaukee, and why they might be sellers if the Brewers get swept

PODCAST: Daniels’ Decision Was a Good One by Packers

Daily Tap Podcast is back for another edition and always presented to you by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie explains why Mike Daniels move was the right one to make. He goes into how he was wrong in April, why the foot injury played a major

PODCAST: Wisconsin Not Being Lineman U is a Joke

Daily Tap podcast presented by SnoTapWI Network is back at it again. Charlie talks about a variety of things on this Wednesday. One of the topics is ESPN’s recent article about ‘Position U’ determining which schools have produced the most talent at each position. Charlie

PODCAST: Are You Buying Back Into The Brewers?

Daily Tap presented by SnoTapWI network is back for its Monday edition. Charlie talks about the Brewers’ great weekend in Arizona, and why he thinks people could be back in on the team. Charlie discusses how the bullpen seemed to reshape itself and tries not