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Daily Tap: An Inside Look at the Fiserv Forum

Daily Tap comes at you on a Monday with topics about Charlie’s experience at the Fiserv Forum yesterday, Khalil Mack rumors get louder and bigger then beating up on Chris Archer was fun. We look at what it’s like to head into and around the

Daily Tap: Brewers Just Saved Their Season

And here we thought that the Packers would be the team talked about in great detail. Instead, we’re chatting about the Milwaukee Brewers getting live reaction after the 15th inning walkoff stunner. I’ve never seen anything like that. Baseball is amazing plus I love Corbin

Daily Tap: Packers Bubble Watch

Daily Tap – Your Wisconsin sports podcast that is done in 20 minutes or less. We talk about the Packers bubble players, and who could make or miss the team with tonight’s game in Oakland. Then it’s moved on to chat about why people treat

Daily Tap: Randall Cobb Trade Rumors – How Real Are They?

Daily Tap is live for a Thursday. Happy to talk with you today about Randall Cobb trade rumors, Ohio State’s flubs Urban Meyer decision and Brewers get an encouraging start from Freddy Peralta. Starting with the Packers, we look at how real the rumors are

Daily Tap: Packers Preseason Preview Game 2

Daily Tap is your source for Wisconsin sports in 20 minutes or less unless we get talking about television. We chat about the Green Bay Packers second preseason game with Aaron Rodgers playing and how he moves the needle for preseason games. We look at

Daily Tap: The Return of Ryan Braun

Daily Tap is live for the day. Your daily dose of Wisconsin sports in 20 minutes or less. We chat about how I’m 30 years old now and how it’s not affecting me today as much as I thought it would. We talk about Ryan

Daily Tap: Packers’ Hard Knocks Storylines

Daily Tap is live and brought you to you by SnoTap Gaming. Sign up today and get all your fantasy needs for $3.40 - Let’s chat about what Hard Knocks would look like if they were in Green Bay for the month of August. Let’s

SnoTap Summer Jam, a Special SnoTap Network Production

In case you missed it over the weekend, we did a special edition of the Daily Tap with Mitch Ross from Tapping The Keg and Nolan Murphy join me to chat about the Brewers. Is it World Series or bust for the team if they