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PODCAST: Packers Need to Take Advantage of Eagles

Daily Tap, your Wisconsin sports podcast, is here for its Tuesday edition. Charlie pops the tab on another Packers’ opponent, this time, the Philadelphia Eagles. He discusses their injuries on defense and how it could affect Jim Schwartz’s playcalling. Dealing with Carson Wentz and why

PODCAST: I’m Bad Luck at Brewers Games

Daily Tap’s Thursday edition features Charlie discussing why he’s been bad luck at Miller Park this season as he saw the Brewers lose yet again at the stadium. Charlie discusses sports fandom at an old age as he and his buddy meet a unique individual

PODCAST: Packers Can’t Sleep on Denver

Charlie is back with the Daily Tap presented by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie has a new segment called ‘Popping the Tab’ which focuses on the next Packers opponent. He talks about the Denver intangibles, Chubb/Miller vs. Bulaga/Bakhtiari, Flacco being a statue and much more. Brewers

PODCAST: Packers & Brewers Make a WI Sports Winning Sunday

Daily Tap is here for the Monday edition where Charlie is talking all about the Packers and the Brewers winning on Sunday. He goes over the Packers game starting with the offense, then the defense and finishes with a bit of special teams talk. He

PODCAST: Christian Yelich Injury Crisis Hotline

Christian Yelich goes down with a devastating knee injury to end his season. Charlie reacts on this edition of the Daily Tap presented by the SnoTapWI Network. Charlie talks about the injury itself, can the Brewers rally around it and win one for Yeli then

PODCAST: Popping The Tab on Vikings-Packers

Daily Tap is live for another edition of the podcast that gives you all your local Wisconsin sports in less than 30 minutes. Charlie is here with you and ready to deliver another edition of the show. He introduces a new segment about opening up

PODCAST: Keeping My Brewers Promise

Daily Tap, your local Wisconsin sports podcast in 30 minutes or less is back for another Monday. Happy Overreaction Monday to you and yours. Charlie talks about a promise he made on an older show about the Milwaukee Brewers and how he’s keeping it for

PODCAST: Packers Victory Friday Feeling

Daily Tap, your Wisconsin sports podcast in 30 minutes or less, is here for its Friday edition. Charlie is talking about the Green Bay Packers hard-fought victory over the Chicago Bears last night. He talks about if the defense is for real and what he

PODCAST: How to Manage 2019 Packers Expectations

Daily Tap podcast presented by the SnoTapWI Network brings you another edition chalked-full of Wisconsin sports goodness. Charlie talks about managing expectations for the Packers season. Why Game 1 isn’t the end of the world. Charlie also discusses ‘Audible-gate’ and how it is a non-issue.

PODCAST: Reacting to All Packers & Brewers Moves

Daily Tap is here for a Sunday edition. Yes, a Sunday edition for SnoTapWI Network. Charlie is breaking down roster moves for both the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers. He goes over what the Packers did for the 53-man roster from quarterback, wide receiver,