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Podcast: Don’t Blame This Year on Brian Gutekunst

Daily Tap is back for another edition of the Wisconsin’s daily sports podcast talking Packers and Bucks today. Before Charlie gets to WI topics, he chats about the Rams-Chiefs game like any American citizen who watched that game. Packers talk heads to Charlie coming out

Daily Tap: Mac & Rodgers Need to Grow Up

Charlie Tritschler is back with the SnoTapWI fire for this week. Fresh batch of Daily Tap hitting your eardrums talking mostly Wisconsin sports. Charlie discusses the current situation with Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. Why this could be a Rodgers-driven story, what Rodgers and McCarthy

Podcast Doubleheader: Therapy + Watchlist

Friday’s are for the Weekend Watchlist, but when you have the Green Bay Packers playing on Thursday Night Football, you probably need a separate podcast. That’s why I taped two shows for your eardrums on Friday. Yes, you get two podcast today. Enjoy it. Special

Daily Tap: Packers-Seahawks – Who’s the Bigger Fraud?

SnoTapWI brings you another edition of the Daily Tap with Charlie talking about Wisconsin sports in less than 20 minutes. The podcast talks about the Packers-Seahawks matchup, Craig Counsell getting robbed Manager of the Year and Badgers big win. Charlie looks into the details of

Daily Tap: Sorting Through NFC Playoff Picture

Daily Tap is back for the Tuesday edition where Charlie sorts through the NFC playoff picture, Giannis missed free throw issues and petty beer woes. Charlie explains why this week is huge for the Green Bay Packers. How the Packers need to go 1-1, and

Daily Tap: Time For The Aaron Jones Takeover

Charlie gets you all of the WIsconsin sports news you need to start your Monday off right talking Packers, Bucks and Badgers. Charlie discusses what he saw from the Packers who got a great performance from Aaron Jones. Why Jones needs to be the focal

Daily Tap: Are Bucks the new Warriors?

Daily Tap is back. Your one-stop podcast for all Wisconsin sports in less than 20 minutes. Charlie talks about the comments made by Steph Curry about the Milwaukee Bucks. Why those need to be taken carefully, and where should Bucks fans put expectations for the

Daily Tap: Aaron Rodgers’ Mediocre 2018 Season

Charlie is back with another of Daily Tap on this Election Day and the start of the college basketball season. They’re a lot to talk about today. Charlie explains why voting matters and you should do it to lead off the show. The podcast talks

Daily Tap: Mike McCarthy Ain’t It, Chief

Daily Tap, Wisconsin’s daily sports podcast welcomes you into a therapy session led by Charlie Tritschler. He walks through his personal thoughts related to the Packers and where they’re at right now. Why Charlie believes it’s time for McCarthy to go and how did this

Daily Tap: Bucks Return to Beantown

Daily Tap is your Wisconsin sports podcast that covers all the WI sports, and today we talk Bucks, Brewers and Packers. Charlie takes a look at the five things he’s watching for tonight when the Milwaukee Bucks head into Boston to take on the Celtics.