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PODCAST: SnoTapWI’s Favorite SB 53 Prop Bets

Charlie returns for another edition of the Daily Tap. This time, the free talk has one topic and that’s prop bets. Charlie talks about how he sees this game playing out then basically bets with how he sees the game going. He does offer a

Podcast: Bucks-Raptors – Biggest Game of the Year

Charlie is back for another edition of The Daily Tap where he talks about the Bucks-Raptors game tonight. This is the biggest game of the Bucks year and potentially, the biggest one in a long, long time. Charlie discusses how the Bucks can try to

Daily Tap: MKE, Basketball Capital of the World

Daily Tap is back for the Tuesday edition. Your host Charlie talks about why Milwaukee is the capital of the basketball world right now with the success of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Marquette Golden Eagles men’s and women’s basketball programs. Charlie discusses why the

Daily Tap: Bucks Deserve National Media’s Respect

Daily Tap kicks off a snowy Monday for those in Wisconsin. Topics today are Bucks getting no love from the national media, Thon Maker wants out and Brewers On Deck Headlines. Charlie doesn’t like to pull out the ‘no respect’ card but after this weekend,

Daily Tap: FTW -> Cold Weather, Hot Hoops

Here’s the free talk schedule for this week. The Daily Tap’s weekend show is 10 to 15 minutes of Charlie going off the cuff talking about whatever is on his mind. Topics this week: Marquette wins, Wisconsin wins, Bucks Won, Brewers on Deck, A-holes that

PODCAST: Everybody Hates Khris

Daily Tap is back with your host Charlie talking Khris Middleton hate, David Stearns extension and a good night in college hoops for Marquette/Wisconsin. Charlie dives into #BucksTwitter’s recent aggression towards Khris Middleton and asks himself why. He talks about his personality and how the

PODCAST: Packers are Too Valuable for International Game

Daily Tap is back for the Tuesday edition. Charlie talks about Packers getting snubbed again for an international game, Packers new QB coach, Giannis dominates Luka and a take on the overtime rule in the NFL. Charlie provides a reason why the Packers keep getting

PODCAST: How High is Marquette’s Ceiling?

Daily Tap starts your Monday off right. Charlie is back to talk local and national sports in less than 25 minutes. Podcast begins with chatting about Marquette after their latest big win. Charlie wonders how high their ceiling should be? He also discusses why there’s

Daily Tap: What Should Replace the Bradley Center?

Daily Tap is back for another edition with your host Charlie. The topics today include discussing what should go in the Bradley Center space, Packers hiring Nathaniel Hackett and the state of Badgers basketball. Charlie chats about the potential options with the Bradley Center space.

Daily Tap: Packers’ Coaching Staff Looks for Fresh Start

Daily Tap is back for a Monday with Charlie taking you through the local topics on the world. He talks about the Packers coaching staff and how it’s taking shape in Week 1 of Matt LaFleur being the head coach, Charlie looks ahead to this