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PODCAST: Did Marquette Peak Too Early?

Daily Tap is here for your Monday blues. Charlie is talking hoops throughout the show here discussing Marquette, the Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin Badgers. Each had an interesting weekend. For Marquette, Charlie worries if they peaked too early. The case for it and the case

Daily Tap: Eric Bledsoe Secures The Bag & Goes Off

Daily Tap comes to you on a Saturday to talk about all of the Bucks things that happened yesterday. Charlie recaps a wild Bucks-Lakers game where Milwaukee found a way to win thanks to Eric Bledsoe. He discusses the latest hot streak for Bled and

PODCAST: The 4 Worst Things About Badgers-Hoosiers OT

Daily Tap is live for another edition where Charlie is talking about the four worst things about Wisconsin and Indiana’s overtime periods last night, Bucks West Coast trip and the NFL Combine. Charlie picks out the four worst things about two truly brutal overtime periods

Jason Kidd Deserves Little Credit for Bucks Success

Welcome to the Daily Tap podcast! It is 20 minutes of Wisconsin sports talk served up to you. Daily Tap is live for Tuesday as your host Charlie talks about Jason Kidd’s place with Milwaukee’s success this year, Bucks getting it done without Giannis and

PODCAST: Bucks Need Playoff Wins to Earn Respect

Daily Tap is live for Monday where we’re talking all things local hoops starting with the Milwaukee Bucks then Marquette Golden Eagles and wrapping up with the Wisconsin Badgers. Colin Cowherd is the latest national media member to take shots at the Milwaukee Bucks calling

PODCAST: Bucks or Brewers – Whose Bandwagon is Bigger?

Daily Tap is live for its Wednesday edition. Charlie discusses who has the bigger bandwagon in the City of Milwaukee right now with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Milwaukee Brewers. With both teams rocking at an unprecedented clip, Charlie analyzes which team has more fans

PODCAST: The Return of Milwaukee’s Moose

Daily Tap returns for a Monday edition. Charlie gets you ready for your Presidents Day edition where he talks about the return of Mike Moustakas, Bucks at the All-Star Game and how did this weekend affect Marquette and Wisconsin. Charlie discusses why bringing Mike Moustakas

PODCAST: Golden Eagles Up; Badgers Down

Daily Tap is back in action for another edition with Charlie hosting the show. Topics today include Marquette and Wisconsin’s Big Tuesday nights, why the Packers shouldn’t pursue Antonio Brown and does Indiana scare you as a team to contend with the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie

PODCAST: The Joy of National Marquette Day

Charlie is back in the saddle for another edition of the Daily Tap. The topics today include Marquette’s day on Saturday with their big win against Villanova, Brad Davison and him being a dirty player and a dangerous week for the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie discusses

PODCAST: NL DH Rule Coming to Baseball

Charlie opens up today’s Daily Tap reflecting on the tough loss that Marquette suffered tonight at the hands of St. John’s. Why the Johnnies continue to be a bad matchup for Marquette. Charlie does give them praise on how they fought back along with some