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Tapping The Keg: Choosing The Next Bucks Head Coach

Tapping The Keg is live for this week. We chat about the Milwaukee Bucks head coaching search, Milwaukee Brewers west coast swing and the new strip club in downtown Milwaukee plus some Aaron Rodgers contract talk at the very end. We explore the ideas of

Tapping The Keg: What’s Next for the Bucks?

Milwaukee Bucks season is done and where do we go from here. (0-28 mins) Green Bay Packers draft recap (29-45 mins) and quick notes about the Brewers (45 mins – fin). Mitch and Charlie put a bow on what happened with the Milwaukee Bucks. Why

Tapping The Keg Podcast: NBA Playoff Confidence Meter

Tapping The Keg podcast comes to you in a unique form. We had to tape the podcast with my cellphone. Obviously, this is not a great experience, but we hope you enjoy it anyways. Sorry for the technical difficulties, and we’ll be back at full

Tapping The Keg: First Week Brewers Observations

Tapping The Keg podcast is live for Thursday. We spend the time on four topics with two of them taking up the lionshare of our conversation. We chat about my upcoming trip to Vegas for a bachelor party. We chat about future bets to make

Tapping The Keg: SnoTapWI’s Brewers Preview

Bucks weekly check-in,, Brewers preview and Odell Beckham Jr. to the Packers are the hot topics this week. Before we got started, we chatted a bit about Sister Jean and the Final Four (0-3 mins). Then we wrapped the Bucks week with an impressive win

Tapping The Keg Podcast: The WI Pro Sports Panic Meter

Tapping The Keg podcast returns for another week of fun and hijinx. We get a little sad since all of the professional sports teams we root for have something to panic about. For the Packers, it’s worry about the secondary. Why Packers fans shouldn’t have

Tapping The Keg: SnoTap’s March Madness Bracket Guide

Tapping The Keg podcast is a weird listen. We taped it on Monday night where we talked about potentially Green Bay having interest in Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins who both end up signing not in Green Bay. Packers free agency talk (4-18 mins). We

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Bucks’ Therapy Hour

Tapping The Keg is live this week with a great podcast to talk you through the sports wee. (4-19 mins) We provide you with an optimistic view on the Milwaukee Bucks. Why fans shouldn’t be doom and gloom at this point because March could be

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Embrace Being Happy, Bucks Fans

Tapping The Keg returns for its usually weekly edition. Too bad, we taped during Milwaukee-Washington, but the thought stands be happy about being a Bucks fan. People’s cynicism bothers Charlie, and he calls out fans for not embracing this basketball team. College Hoops, Brewers and

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Projecting Giannis’ MKE Future

Tapping The Keg is back again. Your weekly wrap up with Charlie Tritschler and Mitch Ross talking about all of the Wisconsin sports that matter from the week that was. We chat about the state of Giannis Antetokounmpo looking at all of the different things