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PODCAST: How High is Marquette’s Ceiling?

Daily Tap starts your Monday off right. Charlie is back to talk local and national sports in less than 25 minutes. Podcast begins with chatting about Marquette after their latest big win. Charlie wonders how high their ceiling should be? He also discusses why there’s

Daily Tap: What Should Replace the Bradley Center?

Daily Tap is back for another edition with your host Charlie. The topics today include discussing what should go in the Bradley Center space, Packers hiring Nathaniel Hackett and the state of Badgers basketball. Charlie chats about the potential options with the Bradley Center space.

Daily Tap: Packers’ Coaching Staff Looks for Fresh Start

Daily Tap is back for a Monday with Charlie taking you through the local topics on the world. He talks about the Packers coaching staff and how it’s taking shape in Week 1 of Matt LaFleur being the head coach, Charlie looks ahead to this

Daily Tap: Introducing Free Talk Weekends

Daily Tap is back on the weekends. Yes, you heard that right. With Pardon Murph’s Fantasy on hiatus until the football season, we needed a little bit of weekend content. That’s where Charlie steps in. Free Talk Fridays were a thing this summer and they’re

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Get Excited About Matt LaFleur

Tapping The Keg is back for another edition. Episode 319 focuses on the Packers hiring of Matt LaFleur, Bucks at the halfway point and a variety of Brewers topics. Charlie and Mitch Ross start with drop retirement and introducing a new drop to our mix.

Daily Tap: The Greek Freak vs. The Beard

Daily Tap is live for another edition. Charlie opens the podcast discussing tonight’s big Bucks matchup between Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden. Why the matchup is a bad one for each of their opposing team and why the second banana of each team will be

Daily Tap: Well Played, Packers. LaFleur is their Guy

Daily Tap is back for another edition. Charlie brings the local takes on the biggest sports stories in Wisconsin. He begins talking about the Green Bay Packers hiring Matt LaFleur. Charlie gets to brag that this was his guy from the start and how he

Daily Tap: Raptors are Bucks’ Biggest Threat

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Tap. Charlie is your host where Wisconsin sports are talked first, national second. Charlie opens the show talking about the Bucks-Raptors game from Saturday night. Milwaukee needs their second banana when playing the Raps. Why Budenholzer might

Daily Tap: Why Everyone Wants to be the Next Packers HC

On today’s Daily Tap, Charlie celebrates one year doing the Daily Tap. He looks back on different moments throughout the year. The topics today feature why Green Bay is the most attractive job available, why do people care about Mike McCarthy and what Bucks fans

Tapping The Keg Podcast: New Year, Same Podcast

Charlie and Mitch return to do the first Tapping The Keg of the 2019 year. The boys recap their New Year’s then dive right into the Wisconsin sports action. Charlie and Mitch go through the Packers coaching search. What are pro’s and cons of each