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Tapping The Keg: Brew Crew at the Break

Tapping The Keg is live for this week! This is a good one, folks. Charlie and Mitch are back for another edition of the podcast. We talk about Drake having the song of the summer with ‘In My Feelings’ and if the Super Bowl decides

Tapping The Keg: The Men of the Machado Watch

Tapping The Keg is live and we’re back in full force after a week off for the Fourth of the July holiday. Mitch and Charlie want you to stop thinking about the past and look towards the future. Not everything is better in the olden

SnoTap Summer Jam, a Special SnoTap Network Production

In case you missed it over the weekend, we did a special edition of the Daily Tap with Mitch Ross from Tapping The Keg and Nolan Murphy join me to chat about the Brewers. Is it World Series or bust for the team if they

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Free Talk Fridays

Tapping The Keg is back. Let me tell you, this is a Friday podcast. What do I mean by that? It’s a Happy Hour podcast with Mitch and I shooting the breeze for the whole show. We go 52 minutes talking about everything. Summerfest and

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Brewers Make a Big Statement

What a podcast. Hey Chicago, what do you say… The Cubs are going to lose this week. What a great week to be a Brewers fan. Mitch and Charlie dive into a host of things starting with talking about Milwaukee growing out of nowhere in

Tapping The Keg: Who Breaks MKE’s Pro Championship Drought First?

With the Washington Capitals on the verge of giving DC its first professional sports title in 25 years, Mitch and Charlie dive into which Milwaukee team has a better shot of doing it for the city they love. Before they do that, the podcast kicks

Tapping The Keg: It’s Not 2014, Brewers Fans

Tapping The Keg is live this week with fun topics for Charlie and Mitch to go over through their nearly 50 minutes. The boys talk about Brewers hot start and why they shouldn’t be compared to the 2014 team (8-24 minutes) The Calhoun’d of the

Tapping The Keg: Bud’s First Weeks + Brown vs. MPD

Tapping The Keg is fully loaded this week. First of all, let’s chat about the SnoTap Party that’s going down in a couple of weeks in June (0-5). Budenholzer press conference and what’s next for the Milwaukee Bucks this offseason(5-17). Sterling Brown getting ready to

Tapping The Keg: This Bud is for the Bucks

Mike Budenholzer is the new Bucks coach (0-25 mins) NBA Draft talk (25-30) Brewers chatter (30-45) Gym Etiquette. Welcome to Tapping The Keg for the Week for May 14th. The podcast gods blessed us with the news about Mike Budenholzer taking the Milwaukee Bucks head

Tapping The Keg: Choosing The Next Bucks Head Coach

Tapping The Keg is live for this week. We chat about the Milwaukee Bucks head coaching search, Milwaukee Brewers west coast swing and the new strip club in downtown Milwaukee plus some Aaron Rodgers contract talk at the very end. We explore the ideas of